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  1. Dark Souls
  2. Confirmed: Dark Souls 2!
  3. Pokémon X&Y post-launch discussion thread - AKA Jinx is Upset
  4. Persona 5 - Coming Winter 2014
  5. Suikoden II Let's Play - With Many Screenshots!
  6. Favorite RPG
  7. Ys
  8. RPG Maker
  9. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collectors Edition
  10. Best Handheld RPGs for PSP or DS
  11. Twitch Plays Pokemon
  12. Continuing the P3/Canon discussion
  13. Mass Effect Series [Spoilers]
  14. Locky Plays Mass Effect on Twitch!
  15. Seeking Input for My Senior Thesis on RPGs
  16. South Park and the Stick of Truth
  17. Dark Souls II
  18. pokemon XY battle competition! (sign up)
  19. The Xenosaga Topic of 2014
  20. PlayStation 2 JRPGs
  21. Final Fantasy vs. Other JRPG Series
  22. Breath of Fire 6 coming summer 2014
  23. Pokemon Cuteness Tournament
  24. SuikoDel
  25. What is your favorite general store in an RPG?
  26. Delablo III
  27. Shin Murder Tensei: Persona V
  28. Fire Emblem
  29. Might and Murder X: Legacy
  30. What makes an RPG?
  31. Tactical Grid RPGs
  32. Superbosses
  33. The Legend of Dragoon
  34. Legend of Legaia
  35. Let's Play Dark Cloud
  36. Best and Worst Endings
  37. Wild ARMs Series
  38. Greatest JRPG Villain(s)
  39. Atelier Escha and Logy
  40. Love Stories
  41. Best World Design
  42. What RPG do you want to see an HD remake of?
  43. NieR
  44. Random Encounters: Archaic nonsense or scrappy fun-time!
  45. Dungeon Design
  46. Persona 3 Vs. Persona 4
  47. Citizens of Earth
  48. Conception 2
  49. Suikoden II as a PSOne Classic
  50. Xenoblade Chronicles appreciation thread
  51. The Last Story (AKA my rant)
  52. Child of Light
  53. RPGs the Essentials
  54. The MMORPG Thread
  55. Spirit Pokemon!
  56. RPG that had the biggest impact on you.
  57. We can rebuild him, make him faster, stronger...
  58. Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
  59. RPG binges
  60. JRPGs With The Best Stories
  61. Common Battles in RPGs
  62. Sailor Moon Another Story
  63. Top Five favorite RPGs on the SNES
  64. Top Five favorite RPGs on the PS1
  65. Top Five RPGs on the PS2
  66. Shin Megami Tensei
  67. Do you always keep the main character in your party/highest leveled?
  68. Transistor
  69. Top Five RPGs on the PC
  70. Top Five RPGs on the GBA
  71. Top five RPGs on the DS
  72. Favorite Sidequest?
  73. Have you tried "Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits" on PS2
  74. Top five RPGs on the table top
  75. Who is your favorite teammates in Mass Effect 1
  76. Fairness in RPG gameplay
  77. Sword of Kings
  78. RPG's in which you can have a family
  79. Mugen Souls Z
  80. Mind Zero
  81. Choices in RPGs
  82. Random RPG Replay Urges
  83. Magic Knight Rayearth
  84. FYI: PSN flash sale
  85. Review: Atelier of Arland & Dusk Sagas
  86. Item Creation/Customization
  87. Which console had the best set of JRPGs?
  88. Xenoblade Chronicles X
  89. Which console had the worst collection of JRPGs?
  90. Gameplay vs. Story/Characters
  91. Angry Birds Epic
  92. The RPG Essentials Survey
  93. What do you want out of an RPG protagonist?
  94. "It's like Mario RPG."
  95. What do you want out of an RPG villain?
  96. Favourite RPG Antagonist
  97. Recommend classic RPGs (PS1 and back)
  98. Suikoden Creator hints at making a new IP targeted for the West.
  99. So who else tinkered around with RPG Maker?
  100. Recommended PSP RPGs
  101. Deus Ex
  102. Persona 5 Wishlist
  103. Fallout 3 vs. Fallout New Vegas
  104. Do you want to explore the whole world?
  105. Amazing stories
  106. Great characters
  107. Seven Deadly Sins of RPGs
  108. If you could revive one RPG series...
  109. The Last Story
  110. Tales of Xillia
  111. Natural Doctrine - A new, upcoming SRPG
  112. Persona questions from someone who hasn't played
  113. ToriJ reviews: Game of Thrones
  114. What game am I thinking of??
  115. Persona 4 Golden
  116. Xenosaga update...?
  117. The Guess the Overworld Game
  118. Speeding through
  119. Favorite World Map
  120. What was the first RPG you ever played?
  121. Which RPG should I play next?
  122. What's your SECOND Favorite RPG series?
  123. The Seven Virtues of RPGs
  124. Persona Q North American Release Date
  125. Do you enjoy healer/support characters?
  126. Best Tales Game?
  127. Calling all Fire Emblem: Awakening Fans
  128. What is the worst RPG you ever played?
  129. Record of Agarest War Zero
  130. Ni No Kuni
  131. Ys games
  132. Have You Played Any Xeno Games?
  133. Philosophical discussion: "Experience" in RPGs
  134. Guided Fate Paradox
  135. Tales of the Abyss
  136. Have You Played Any Star Ocean Games?
  137. Wild ARMS
  138. Your Top Ten RPGs of all Time
  139. Favorite non-Squenix RPG Soundtracks
  140. Top Five Non-Square/Enix/Squenix RPG series
  141. Overlooked PSP Suggestions
  142. Phantom Brave
  143. Yasunori Mitsuda vs. Nobuo Uematsu
  144. Have You Played Any Suikoden Games?
  145. Tell me of Hyperdimensional Neptunia
  146. Do You Bother With Superbosses?
  147. KH vs. Tales of... : The Rise of Action-RPGs,
  148. Xenoblade Remake announced for the 3DS.
  149. How do you pronounce 'Xillia?'
  150. Terra Battle
  151. Persona 5 News
  152. Moon Hunters
  153. Have You Played Any Tales Games?
  154. JRPGs and Western History
  155. Shinning Resonance
  156. Radiant Historia
  157. Possibility of a Xenosaga HD Collection?
  158. Fairy Fencer F
  159. Tales of Zestiria
  160. Darksiders II Review
  161. The Legend of Legacy
  162. Two NIS titles in developmenet for PS4 - One of which Disgaea 5
  163. Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave [A compilation of "Tales of" characters in one game]
  164. Wasteland 2 anyone?
  165. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Review
  166. EA Origin: Dragon Age - On The House
  167. Natural Doctrine
  168. Breath of Fire
  169. You HAVE to play this!
  170. Fantasy life
  171. Legend of Heroes
  172. Lords of the Fallen
  173. Odin Sphere
  174. Majora's Mask for the 3DS announced!
  175. Xenoblade Chronicles X entering final stages of development.
  176. Favorite Xeno Villains?
  177. This is the age for dragons and inquisitions, everyone inside the thread gogogo!
  178. Recommend me ARPGs (lootfest games)
  179. Dragon Age Newbie Questions
  180. Recommend me Vita RPGs
  181. Discuss Xenogears with me for the umpteenth time
  182. RPG's you want to play but cant :(
  183. Any good books on JRPGs (or Final Fantasy specifically)?
  185. Morrowind Review
  186. Persona 4 Golden, a rant
  187. Tales of Symphonia
  188. Tales of Vesperia
  189. Does anyone here play Fantasy Life?
  190. Fallout Review
  191. Favorite RPG setting
  192. What is the oldest RPG you own?
  193. RPG you felt had the best story.
  194. RPG you felt had the Best Gameplay
  195. Wolf Kanno's Bottom Ten JRPGs.
  196. The Anti-Fantasy
  197. Fun With Naming
  198. New Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer and Japan Release date.
  199. Blue Dragon ( xbox 360)
  200. Good Cast vs Not Bad Cast
  201. Unbeatable Boss battles?
  202. Fallout or Final Fantasy?
  203. Criminal Girls: Invite Only
  204. ITT: More persona 5 than you've seen before
  205. The Xenosaga Topic of 2015
  206. Ys series
  207. Sword Coast Legends (Baldur's Gate Fans Take Notice)
  208. Xbox 360 JRPGs
  209. There is no more addictive song than Gato's Song
  210. RPG and Action RPG
  211. Making a RPG
  212. Indie Game Cross Code
  213. Seven Dragon Saga (Icewind Dale fans take notice)
  214. Classic RPG playlist
  215. Give Leigh something new to play!
  216. Turn based RPG vs Action RPG?
  217. Favorite Dragon Age Romance?
  218. Persona 2 worth playing?
  219. Help me to choose plox
  220. Are RPGs (or some variant of RPGs) your favorite genre of game?
  221. Why is nobody talking about Pillars of Eternity?
  222. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
  223. Fable Trilogy
  224. 2015 marks the return of console JRPGs
  225. BALDUR'S GATE!!!
  226. Game reccomendation
  227. Persona
  228. Are there fans of the Mass Effect games here?
  229. Recommend an RPG for the the poster above.
  230. Tell Me of The Elder Scrolls Games
  231. Set Party or Use Them All?
  232. Tales Games
  233. Let's end it on this...
  234. Worst Endings in an RPG
  235. WRPG/JRPG Hybrids
  237. Your Preferred Pary
  238. Have you played a game in the Diablo series?
  239. UPDATE: Fallout 4 is CONFIRMED, video inside
  240. Favorite World Maps to Traverse
  241. Video Game Taste Test: Oreshika
  242. What is something you want that has never been done in a RPG before?
  243. Great Find
  244. Hardest Vintage RPG?
  245. My Review of the Enix Game the 7th Saga for the Snes
  246. Anyone ever play?
  247. If you could remake any RPG
  248. RPG i am making.
  249. Would anyone else be interested in this idea?
  250. Suikoden 3 coming to PSN Classics!