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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  2. How come Jolteon doesn't have a tail?
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  4. [Pokemon] HEY! You're not wearing shorts!
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  7. Pokemon Prism Review
  8. What Do You Want in Your Boss Theme?
  9. Persona 5 | Official Thread
  10. Tales of Berseria or World of Final Fantasy
  11. You found a Seed of Defense!
  12. Do you prefer turn-based or ATB combat?
  13. Torment: Tides of Numenera
  14. but it ugly
  15. Let's give this Mass Effect a go, then.
  16. Is Dark Souls a JRPG?
  17. Best line in a JRPG
  18. The "Beginner's" Guide to the Xeno Series
  19. Dragon Quest XI will have its release date announced 4/11
  20. Cosmic Star Heroine
  21. The defining RPG for every Era
  22. The absolute worst RPG of every generation.
  23. More JRPG Help!
  24. Darkness of SMT/Persona games
  25. Toughest RPG you ever played?
  26. Mass Effect 2 vs. Mass Effect 3
  27. Your top five favorite Non-Squenix Final Dungeons
  28. What is your current assessment of the RPG genre of today?
  29. RPG Classifications or "What the hell is an RPG?"
  30. The most importan RPG in your life...
  31. Children of Zodiarcs
  32. Which are some of your favorite demons/personas from the SMT franchise?
  33. SMT: Nocturne - Ending Choices
  34. Golden Sun
  35. Together We Ride!
  36. Blind Bloodborne playthrough thread HYPE
  37. Now that Death of a Fansite has been released
  38. Favorite Taste of Power
  39. Love the game, hate the soundtrack...
  40. Sad Boss Music
  41. Best Undertale Boss Theme?
  42. Favourite kind of mage?
  43. Who did you main in Death of a Fansite?
  44. Which RPG Game would you love to see get a Remaster/Remake?
  45. Top 150 SMT Songs As Voted By Fans
  46. Top Five Favorite Character Customization Systems
  47. Junpei vs. Yosukie vs. Ryuji
  48. Great game, but that awful ending...
  49. Oh man! The first hour was the bomb, it's a shame the rest of the game wasn't as good
  50. What SMT alignment are you?
  51. Battle Animations in RPGs
  52. New Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Trailer, detailing the world and combat.
  53. MegaTen MegaThread!
  54. Best RPG Battle Systems
  55. JRPGs with adult sensibilities
  56. Xenoblade Chronicles X [maybe a kind of sort of not really LP thread]
  57. The Elder Scrolls Online
  58. Is The Legend of Zelda an RPG?
  59. Persona Battle Royale
  60. The Legend of Heroes
  61. Best Persona 2: Innocent Sin Waifu
  62. Suikoden MegaThread!
  63. Best Persona Battle Music
  64. Rogue Galaxy
  65. Breath of Fire MegaThread!
  66. Character vs. Plot
  67. Character development systems
  68. Stats vs. Gear
  69. Demon's Souls Servers will finally close next year.
  70. MegaThread for all things Xeno!
  71. Valkyria Chronicles 4
  72. Things you want and don't want in your RPGs
  73. Best Battle Theme Song
  74. Romancing Saga 2 is on steam for $24.99...
  75. Is "Aero" too Final Fantasy to use?
  76. Legrand Legacy | An Indonesian Indie JRPG that needs Love
  77. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  78. What would you like to see come out next?
  79. Trails in the sky SC
  80. Does Vanilla Gamplay make for a bad title?
  81. The RPG King
  82. Yasunori Mitsuda's One Weakness
  83. Bandai Namco Trademarks Also Sprach Zarathustra in the US
  84. What do you wish to see in the Genre?
  85. Complex Games
  86. Least Favorite RPG Cast
  87. Grinding
  88. Pokémon gen7 tournament, anyone?
  89. Jinx Liveblogs Persona 4 [BLIND RUN, NO SPOILERS PLEASE]
  90. The most broken...
  91. Team Yen or Team Triss?
  92. One Save File to rule them all....