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  1. What style of character do you enjoy using.
  2. Items That Are Too Good To Use
  3. World of Warcraft Discussion Megathread
  4. Deus Ex
  5. Persona 5 trailer 2
  6. Shadowrun Returns
  7. Fallout 4 may not contain a skill system.
  9. Turn-Based Combat
  10. Best non SE game series?
  11. Favorite JRPG Ballads
  12. Favorite normal battle themes?
  13. Favorite RPG Tropes/Cliches?
  14. Least Favorite RPG Tropes/Cliches
  15. Digimon Story: Cyber Slueth is happening Stateside!
  16. Latecomers
  17. Let us discuss the awesome taht is Suikoden 3! (Mark all spoilers I am just starting)
  18. Oh Yes...They Float...THEY ALL FLOAT
  19. RPG Panel
  20. Hook them while they are young...
  21. Scarring them for life also works I guess...
  22. Digimon World
  23. Breath of Fire
  24. The Legend of Dragoon
  25. Legend of Legaia
  26. Lunar Silver Star Story
  27. Define "Gamplay"
  28. Dragon Age Series
  29. Knights of the Old Republic Series
  30. Fallout Series
  31. Diablo Series
  32. You Scrubs Should Play Baten Kaitos
  33. Roles or Full Customization?
  34. Suikoden Marathon
  35. Fallout Anthology Announced
  36. Bastard Sword
  37. Obviously we need a Suikoden forum
  38. Make Your Own Enemies
  39. A big baddy emerges!
  40. Did you kill Paarthurnax in Skyrim?
  41. Is Final Fantasy Your Favorite JRPG Series?
  42. Motorhead is making an ARPG
  43. Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir (The upcoming PS4 Remaster)
  44. Favorite Summon Spell from Non-Final Fantasy RPGs.
  45. RPG Horrors
  46. RPG Themes That Are Underutilized
  47. Fallout Equestria
  48. Transient or Permanent
  49. THE ULTIMATE BATTLE 2: Final Fantasy VII vs. Suikoden II
  50. Stella Glow is on the way
  51. LEgend of Legacy New Character Trailer
  52. Blue Dragon
  53. Starting the Persona Series
  54. Things I've learned from Fallout 1 and 2
  55. Mass Effect 1 Class
  56. Sailor Moon: Another Story
  57. Which Fallout Should I Play?
  58. Persona 5 Delayed Until Summer 2016
  59. Yoru no Nai Kuni
  60. Guild Wars 2 now free to play!
  61. Grim Dawn (and Titan Quest) Discussion
  62. Mass Effect
  63. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final announced by Atlus today.
  64. Indivisible Prototype Out Now!
  65. Favorite BioWare Game
  66. Dragon Age: Favourite Female Tank
  67. Tale of Zestiria anyone?
  68. Favorite RPG accessories and what do they do?
  69. Slow build up or jump into the action?
  70. RPG Maker?
  71. Drop that loot you thief!
  72. Fallout 4: Dog. Dog never changes.
  73. Pumpkin's Tales Marathon
  74. Phantasy Star
  75. Fallout 4: Funny Glitches.
  76. Fallout 3 vs. New Vegas
  77. X is for Xenoblade! And...xylophone!
  78. Zelda. best water temple.
  79. Most Evil RPG Villain
  80. Rumor: Steam may be getting Lunar and Grandia in the near future.
  81. Random Encounters
  82. I was just re-playing earthbound and my mind was blown.
  83. Ni No Kuni II
  84. Good Games with Bad Combat Systems
  85. Suikoden V Tips
  86. Favorite Action-RPG
  87. Best Combat System in an RPG
  88. General SMT discussion thread
  89. There appears to have been a fusion accident
  90. which Persona 4 Character are you?
  91. FavoriteRPG Element
  92. Which Operation Rainfall games have you played.
  93. Waht do you feel makes an RPG challenging?
  94. Expanding my JRPG gallery
  95. Favorite Pokemon Type
  96. Latecomer Party Mmebers
  97. The Witcher 2 is free on Xbox One / 360
  98. Starting the Tales Series
  99. Third time's the charm. Breath of Fire 3 on PSN soon.
  100. Mistwalker Studios teasing fans with a new title.
  101. This Forum needs a Grandia Thread: Which one do you like?
  102. Five things you look for in an RPG.
  103. What do you consider to be the five best written RPGs?
  104. Gust Anime Collaboration
  105. What do you consider to be the Five Worst Written RPGs?
  106. Creepiest pokemon game
  107. Best Song in an RPG
  108. Best Music per Category (General RPG Version)
  109. Legend of Dragoon
  110. RPG Brainstorming
  111. BioWare vs. Bethesda
  112. Post Your Favorite Dragon Age Origins Party
  113. Dragon Age II Appreciation Thread
  114. Dragon Age II Depreciation Thread
  115. Fire Emblem: Fates
  116. Tetsuya Takahashi's Xeno franchises
  117. Hironobu Sakaguchi and Bravely Default creators team up to make new game!
  118. Best SNES RPGs
  119. Best PS1 RPGs
  120. Best PS2 RPGs
  121. Let's Talk About Obscure RPGs
  122. Best Beginner RPG's
  123. Have you played any Breath of Fire games?
  124. Is the Sakaguchi/Silicon Studio game a Terra Battle MMO?
  125. I Would Love to See a Harry Potter RPG Like This
  126. Which Fire Emblem Fates Story?
  127. Really Memorable Boss Fights in RPGs
  128. Favourite type of RPG?
  129. Dragon Age or Mass Effect
  130. Least favourite part of DA
  131. Kaidan Appreciation Thread
  132. Mass Effect Andromeda
  133. Zevran
  134. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  135. Baldur's Gate
  136. Who is your favorite character in ANY Bioware game?
  137. Favorite BG romance?
  138. Fenris Appreciation Station
  139. Who is the biggest dork in all of Bioware's games??
  140. Do you concur with this assessment of the taste of Tali's sweat?
  141. Leliana
  142. Dat Ass
  143. Dragon Age Inquisition: Josephine
  144. Tali
  145. Who or what would you be in Thedas?
  146. Elf thread
  147. If you could IRL marry one character from any Bioware game who would you marry?
  148. Kasumi
  149. constipated egg with pointy ears
  150. Which BioWare character is second most likely to actually be a futa?
  151. The Qunari or Tevinter Imperium?
  152. Dragon Age Dwarves
  153. Alistair is Cute
  154. Best Music in a BioWare Game
  155. ME:2 The Mordin/Krogan Thing
  156. DA:O Werewolf wife
  157. ME:1 Kaidan or Ashley?
  158. Merrill
  159. Dragon Age II In One Picture
  160. If you could live in one location in any Bioware game...
  161. Persona 4: Do you think the girls are unfair to the boys at times?
  162. You must gather your party before venturing forth
  163. Undertale: What do YOU think happened to Undyne's eye?
  164. Favouritie Grandia Female of the Series
  165. Bioware's hair problem
  166. MDK 2
  167. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
  168. Fantasy Reborn
  169. Brainwash or Destroy (Major ME: 2 spoilers!)
  170. Hard Choices
  171. Who would win in a fight, Andraste or the Archdemon?
  172. Leliana
  173. Anders
  174. What do you think your HP and MP would be?
  175. Why is Star Ocean an ARPG and Tales of is an RPG?
  176. Fallout 3 or Oblivion?
  177. The REAL Suicide Squad
  178. FE: Fates (Birthright) question!
  179. I am looking for some fun old-school nonlinear RPGs (preferably NES and SNES)
  180. Favourite Persona 4 lady?
  181. Favourite Persona 4 guy?
  182. Mechanics you hate?
  183. Persona 5 Releases Sep. 15
  184. [DA] Who would win in a fight: The Warden, Hawke, or the Inquisitor
  185. Mechanics you Love!
  186. The Millstone
  187. Favorite Persona 3 dude?
  188. Favorite Persona 3 girl?
  189. Five Things from FF you wish other RPGs would do.
  190. Least favorite Location.
  191. Describe the perfect dungeon.
  192. Have you ever tried a Pokemon Nuzlocke (or variant)
  193. I need to know who you guys think the greatest RPG villains of all time are
  194. SMT/Persona timeline split and the absence of demons
  195. VICTORY!
  196. Most Unique RPG's?
  197. Persona 5 Arriving Febuary 14, 2017
  198. Boufallant
  199. Let's talk about Xenoblaaaaadeee
  200. Ever Oasis
  201. Fight meh. on pokemon. pls.
  202. Why is the player in pokemon so cruel and disrespectful
  203. Star Ocean V
  204. Merrill or Tali?
  205. Persona 4: So I wasn't imagining things
  206. Knights of the Old Republic vs. Jade Empire
  207. Tales of: Mains
  208. Persona 4: Best Male, Best Female
  209. Persona 4: Worst Male, Worst Female
  210. Lots of Persona 5 News
  211. Playing Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
  212. Which RPG have you beaten the most?
  213. Favorite rpg you feel doesn't get the respect it deserves?
  214. Favorite BioWare Romance?
  215. Sympathetic Villains
  216. The Fate of Loghain
  217. "Naoto" Shirogane *SPOILER WARNING*
  218. Persona 5 heading to Europe!
  219. Skyrim Remasterd
  220. Fallout: New Orleans supposedly trademarked
  221. Most Overrated RPGs of All Time
  222. Heroes and Villains
  223. how do you pronounce: Giygas
  224. Favorite Comic Relief character.
  225. Favorite RPG musical "main theme"?
  226. Ten Years Since the End of the Saga
  227. Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear
  228. Earth Lock Festival of Magic is free this month
  229. Dragoon of Legend
  230. Icewind Dale
  231. is there an rpg with No Final boss?
  232. Favorite D&D/Forgotten Realms race?
  233. [DA] If Hawke became a Grey Warden how screwed would the Darkspawn be?
  234. Weapons and armour.
  235. Perk Trees. Do you like them?
  236. The Benchwarmers: Part Deux
  237. When you die...
  238. Unnamed RPG
  239. Favourite Magic Attack
  240. Favorite Currency
  241. Your Top Ten Favorite Worlds
  242. FL Plays the Persona Series
  243. Persona 5 impressions *some spoilers*
  244. But where is the character?
  245. Alternative names for "Elixir" (and possibly "Megalixir")?
  246. Skyblade on WoW: Legion, and a restrospective
  247. SNES RPG's
  248. The Market for JRPGS
  249. Secret of Mana
  250. Atlus is working on a new Fantasy RPG...