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  1. New Series Articles Cancelled

    Bad news, everyone, I won't be continuing any of the new weekly articles I started. I know it's only been a couple of weeks, but ever since I started the days have gotten progressively shorter and they've been wearing me out.

    I'll keep doing my reviews as always, but if I keep the rest up I'm going to hit burnout. I'm only one person. I'm doing all the writing, all the proofing, and all the editing. Maybe if there's something else I want to write about I'll do so and share it on the ...
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  2. Rogue Friday: Controllers

  3. Srs Bsns: Changing the Formula

    Srs Bsns #3 Changing the Formula. When is it right or wrong to do so?
  4. Top Ten RPGs

    I would've gotten to this sooner if the power didn't decide to go out and make setting my alarm a waste of time.

    It's time for ToriJ's Top Ten Best RPGs!
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  5. A Child's First Handheld

    Monday is upon us, that means it's time for another A Child's First.
  6. Virtue's Last Reward True End Impressions

    by , 05-18-2015 at 05:32 PM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)
    Gotta say, I enjoyed Virtue's Last Reward quite a bit more than 999. Right up until "END or BEGINNING", everything was pretty amazing.

    This post contains spoilers for the entirety of the Zero Escape series (999 and Virtue's Last Reward). If you have not read it, beware.


    The Zero Escape series seems to have this strange habit of having its ultimate reveals be extremely similar to (SPOILER)Ever17. I mean obviously, given their relationship, but still it was
  7. Higurashi When They Cry - Chapter 1 released on Steam!

    by , 05-16-2015 at 01:21 AM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)
    Chapter 1 (Onikakushi) of Higurashi is available on Steam now.

    I'll probably take the opportunity to start a reread.
  8. Rogue Friday: Platformers

    Let's cap off the weekend with some platforming goodness. Rogue Friday is here!
  9. Angel Beats!-1st Beat- Demo Released Online

    by , 05-15-2015 at 03:43 PM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)
    So Angel Beats!-1st Beat- is supposed to come out on June 26th, though it was originally supposed to come out today, so to make up for that Key put up a free online demo of the game! Of course it's all in Japanese, but if you're interested regardless, you can get it here:

    For those that don't know, Angel Beats! is set in an afterlife world where young adults with lingering ...
  10. Srs Bsns: Supply and Demand

    That new game you bought isn't working like it supposed to? What's up with that? Today we get to the bottom of it!