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  1. Final Fantasy meets Metal.

    Dudes dudes dudes! watch this really watch this! It's just wow. I can't even begin to I just.

    and again! Too much fun!
  2. Glenn Beck and the Department of Irony

    Glenn Beck compared Bill Nye's criticism of creationists with the Catholic Church's treatment of Galileo, concluding that Nye was on the "wrong side of history."

    I know Beck long ago reached the level of self-parodying, but at this point I think he's in league with the manufacturers of irony meters, because he keeps making mine explode.
  3. 3rd anniversary

    i wanted to post this on the actuall date but.. ofcourse i forgot

    But today is my 3rd year (and 5 days) anniversary on EOFF

    jaaaj! lets celebrate!

    by now i have made 1611 posts and 103 Blogs ^^
  4. A Tournament Reborn!... I've been playing a lot of FF XIV NOW SHUT UP AND READ!

    The Babekeepers rise once again, but in this new era that has seen change, so to must the Babekeepers adapt. With the coming of the new year, the coming of a new tournament follows.

    Not just one, mind you, but in addition to tye Babe Tournament we bring you three new tournaments!
    Starting in Febuary, we see the first Bad Ass Tournament! Looking across the gaming landscape we seek to assemble those who have faced down incredible odds regardless of the danger to themselves, ...
  5. So... after all these years... we meet again.

    So after so many years of being away from EOFF why the surge to come back? I'll be honest with you guys... I have missed you! AHHH just kidding, ok so maybe I sort of did XD For five painful years I have spoke/wrote 12h per day in Portuguese, at the beginning I wasn't used to it. My brain worked mostly in English and slowly it started working in Portuguese, full Portuguese ahead. But I kept reading books in English and trying to write novels in English, just then I realised... God when did my English ...
    Personal Life
  6. To Health!

    I called my insurance company again today, but this time a different line because I needed to talk to a "dedicated Health Plan Advisor" for this issue. I have this brochure they sent me about tax credits for these new Obamaplans, and it said to call to determine my eligibility and receive more info.

    On hold, the audio was a little different. There was even a message about these tax credits! It describes the tax credit, and then says "To determine eligibility--" ...
    Personal Life
  7. Video Game Music

    It's time to recognize one of Capcom's greatest musical achievements - the score for Onimusha/Onimusha: Warlords/Genma Onimuha.

    Composed by Mamoru Samuragochi with full backing from the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, it was intended to provide a truly cinematic feel. An unforgettable atmosphere full of every range of emotion.

    And it scueeds.

    Now the song in this opening is known as Rising Sun 1st Movement but I can't just post the tune. i have to post ...
  8. I need someone to talk to

    But I don't want to bother anyone.

    If anyone feels like listening to someone whine and complain, PM me :P
  9. now im granny

    after intensive badminton in the morning and another 1,5 hour of training in the evening i have the baddest muscle sore you can think of

    even turning in bed became a challenge.
    and this morning i felt 80 years old.
    i couldnt even walk proper :l

    everything hurts!
    even my ass hurts
  10. One of these things...

    One of these things is not like the other,
    one of these things just doesn't belong!

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