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  1. waste

    what i have started to notice lately is that all the grocery stores in holland leave theire lights on after closing time.
    it is kinda starting to annoy me becuas i really dont see the use of it :S

    a view years ago when i was in england i ordered some chicken nuggets at the mcdonalds..
    isntead of giving me the box with the nuggets they gave me the nuggets in a box in a bag while they knew i was going to eat it here. thats not verry efficient.

    i know the reason ...
  2. Thought you'd enjoy this.

  3. My journey is far from over.

    This past month I've been up and down. Almost enough to diagnose me with "bi-polar II disorder"

    I really can't stop thinking of how great I feel. It can be attributed to the end of the semester though.

    I can say that along my search for myself, or whatever it was I was trying to achieve; I found something more. I found myself not standing still, but already running down another road.

    But I don't know where it's taking me. I just know this feels ...
  4. Anyone else here going to the 25th Anniversary Concert on Friday?

    Curious how many other people here live in the area and will be attending.
  5. 4th Amendment + 5th Amendment (? maybe?) nonsense

    I'm asking the person to give me an online source so I can edit it in - but this story is probably all over USA In various fashion:

    "In the US, there is a case in the courts right now. A border agent observed a US citizen viewing CP on his laptop. The cop took his computer and arrested him. But, he shut down the computer. When the cops restarted it, they learned that the files were PGP encrypted. Now, prosecutors want to force the defendant to turn over his passphrase." ...

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  6. Nostalgia

    You know what I haven't done in a while? Heckled the staff. I miss it.

    I haven't got any ammo, though.

    I have been accused of drawing blood from Noodlebear.

    Let me explain the order of events from the night before.

    The man is whining about being hungry at eleven o'clock at night so I put on my shoes and coat and drive his ass in the pouring down rain to McDonald's, which was the closest thing to us.

    We're standing in line waiting for our order when he says "hey sarah" so I turn to look at him. Almost as if a consequence of turning my head, I ...
  8. The New York Times Editorial Board Are Shameless Liars

    I made this a blog post because it's kinda long and I didn't think a lot of people in EoEO would care. I just wanted to rant about an issue that often bugs me.

    It’s easy to get caught up in sports team politics, where you root for your side because of certain labels, not for any ideological reasons. This is apparent with the lack of liberal protest for many of Obama’s policies, despite him being by many measures even worse than Bush on civil liberties and other “liberal” issues. ...
  9. The Top Ten Debate

    My friend asked me the most difficult question ever the other day. What my Top Ten games of all time would be. I wasn't able to answer right off the bat either. It REALLY got me thinking about what would define a favorite game. Would it be how much you enjoyed it? How much impact it left on you? How much playtime you had? All these questions and more kept coming to mind. Damn...

    In the end, after an hour or so, yes an hour of thought over this of all subjects, I came to a conclusion. ...
  10. Goddamn women ruin everything

    I learned so many new things today.

    Did you know that the battle of the sexes is intensifying? To women, settling down and getting married is of utmost importance, but men don't want any of that anymore. Men don't want to deal with modern women. And do you know why?

    smurfing feminists.

    That's right, feminists have ruined everything. They've caused women to stop being women (assuming "woman" is defined as "subservient cook and baby-maker"). ...
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