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  1. At my school, its night time, and I'm on the computer

    Tonight I have a band concert. Christmas and such. Well, we have an hour before the show begins and the jazz band is tuning up and such. I decided to slip away into the resource office, which for some reason isn't locked, and use the computer to get on EoFF. SUCCESS! I feel like such a James Bond right now. On another cool, bright note, we do Secret Santa. My Secret Santa, an amazing friend of mine, Sedona, got me 3 MLP figurines. Applejack, Applebloom, and Diamond Tiara. Applejack is my favorite ...
  2. cinema and mobiles

    this is the first time that i have actually been annoyed by mobile phones in the cinema.
    this time they were right beside me!!

    there was a group of 4-5 guys on my right, and 2-3 of then had to check theire phone every 10 minutes :/
    and on my left there was a guy checking the time on his phone every 11 minutes..

    it really bugged me!!!

    Seriously!! whya re you checking your phone? are you in a hurry or something? does the movie bore you? get the %*^$ ...
  3. Presented without comment

  4. Iceglow just told me and Faris a funny story.

    Sorry, can't spoil it. Ask him yourself.
  5. EC recruiting entry

    So this might not mean trout to most, but JOIN THE EVENTS COMMITTEE TODAY

    It's seriously the most fun EoFF has to offer

    Remember that noncommittal answer I had when BoB asked me if it was OK for me to be considered as a CK competition winner? If I had known how awesome the EC was, the answer would have been an unqualified no. That's how much ass the EC kicks. They provide all of the benefits of staff hood with none of the horsetrout.

    Join the EC today. ...

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    Eyes on Final Fantasy
  6. WILTY?: We Have Liftoff

    First Game is up


    Audience comment thread is here

    EDIT: Not even one page in and we have our first scrotum picture request...

    Updated 12-13-2012 at 11:38 PM by Citizen Bleys

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    Eyes on Final Fantasy
  7. One-Night Stands


    [QUOTE=Jiro;3180973]smurf you guys, I don't rep everybody who says my name. I'm not some kind of narcissistic wankjob. If you make a goddamn good post I will rep it, as it should be. Don't let me catch you derailing threads again or I'll slap you round the face with a smurfing salmon.

    EDIT: needs moar :greenie:[/QUOTE]
  8. waste

    what i have started to notice lately is that all the grocery stores in holland leave theire lights on after closing time.
    it is kinda starting to annoy me becuas i really dont see the use of it :S

    a view years ago when i was in england i ordered some chicken nuggets at the mcdonalds..
    isntead of giving me the box with the nuggets they gave me the nuggets in a box in a bag while they knew i was going to eat it here. thats not verry efficient.

    i know the reason ...
  9. Thought you'd enjoy this.

  10. My journey is far from over.

    This past month I've been up and down. Almost enough to diagnose me with "bi-polar II disorder"

    I really can't stop thinking of how great I feel. It can be attributed to the end of the semester though.

    I can say that along my search for myself, or whatever it was I was trying to achieve; I found something more. I found myself not standing still, but already running down another road.

    But I don't know where it's taking me. I just know this feels ...