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  1. I'm being a puss.

    What's wrong with me?

    I am being ridiculous. I found my self. It was in the god damn mirror.

  2. Stay Home Club

    Quote Originally Posted by fire_of_avalon View Post
    I have five inches of snow.
    I'm trying to decide what foa is doing with her five inches of snow. My first thought is that is a verrrry long line to take up in one snort. Perhaps she intends to do two snorts, or maybe half for each nostril. I wonder what foa is like when she's high on the snow? I bet she gets violent, like she's probably feeling right now as she reads this.

    So I hope she has fun with her snow and I'm glad she found such an enjoyable way to pass the ...
  3. Dietary Adventures: where we dissect science!

    Okay, so not all scientists suck, but roll with me on this for a minute.

    So I've been waiting weeks for a study to come out that I could really sink my teeth into in this blog. Any study would do since most nutrition studies are pretty bad, nutrition study reporting by news media is even worse, and I wanted an recent example to share and dissect to demonstrate the point. I wanted to do this maybe a month or two ago. Of course, because I wanted to do it, I didn't see any until last ...

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  4. Apropos of nothing

    Alas, poor eunuch! I knew him well, Fellatio; a fellow of infinite jizz.
  5. A Little Faith

    Old musings that haunt me until today.


    The human condition is quite an ironic thing, donít you think?

    When no one claims your heart, youíd do anything short of flinging it to the next person who crosses your path. When someone wants it, you keep under lock and key, shoved to where it can never be found without your consent.

    The fear of pain is a scary thing but the want of love is something else entirely.

    Iím ...
  6. Bipolar?

    Do you think it's possible I am? Just popped into my head, so I thought I'd asked.

    Also, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I love you to the moon and back a million billion times.
  7. Watching movies and stuff

    So I just came back from the cinema after watching (happening to watch by losing to majority rule) [I]The Perks of Being a Wallflower. [/I]It is okay. Maybe a bit annoying in some parts. The Donnie Darko-esque lead was probably the best actor, though the character had that thing of being written as unpopular and a bit miserable, but also being shown as attractive and not really noticeably weird (at first glance). I usually find that when there isn't enough depth to a character to make them likeable ...
  8. Laziness

    So, since my last update I have:

    a) Gotten nothing done on the Tactics journals, let alone got started on the Tierkreis ones

    b) Written 0 words for the Vana'diel Chronicles

    c) Come up with nothing for a new EoFF Audio Intro.

    I have, however, played a lot of STO and worked hard at my actual job.
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  9. I've failed yet again.

    Okay I'll give you the quick story.

    1] i liked a girl
    2] I thought she liked me back
    3] However I let time pass
    4] Then stuff got busy, and a panic attack hit me
    4] I was in the middle of asking her out.....
    And then realized she was never in to me
    and felt worthless and stupid!
    (She's a friend too, now I fear interacting ever with her)

    This triggered an all time low in the depression scale for me. Although I could be relying on recent
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  10. Chicken Nuggets

    Today I went to Jack in the Box for lunch because my coworker had a coupon for chicken nuggets. I ordered 20 pieces and ate them with buffalo sauce and barbeque sauce. They were okay. The nuggets were flat, like someone sat on them. I like my chicken nuggets fluffy.