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  1. I won't advertise but.

    There's a thread, that Jiro started about me needing help.

    It's a dire situation involving sewer water drainage, roaches, fleas and nastiness. We've dumped what little money we've had in the house and it's improved a bit but it's not enough.

    In a month it'll be back to being worse than it was.

    I don't know guys, this is the worst thing I think I've been through but I've got to believe things will get better.

    If you could chip in a buck, or even ...
  2. Query.

    Ever think about the jerk hole?
  3. Real Talk?

    I love you guys.
  4. My Costume 2012

    by , 11-01-2012 at 03:03 AM (rubah's Precious Little Life)
    Last year I was without a costume as I was travelling on Halloween (super fun, btw), so this year, I made up for it!

  5. Notice

    Both of my EoFF projects and the restoration of the Tactics journals are now suspended indefinitely for NaNoWriMo, which will have started before I get home to actually work on anything.
  6. Things You Don't Like _____ing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quinter Wonderland View Post
    Yeah, I prefer the term sweets too.
    Per Quin's request, I shall call him sweets from now on. I don't have a lot of terms of endearment for many people, so this is pretty special. I will have to make sure to not abuse it or overdo it, otherwise it will lose that special meaning. And I mean it. Yup yup.

    This blog post's for you, sweets!

    Quote Originally Posted by Raistlin View Post
    Only every night when I'm in bed. It makes my naughty bits feel funny.
    I often wondered why we say something feels funny. How does humor tie to it? Or perhaps Raistlin's naughty bits make him laugh? Or perhaps chuckle? Or maybe chortle or giggle or guffaw? I wonder if his naughty bits ever made him laugh so hard he squirted milk out his nose? But that wouldn't be funny, that would just be unpleasant. Then you smell warm milk all day and there's really no humor in that. Come to think ...
  8. I'm being a puss.

    What's wrong with me?

    I am being ridiculous. I found my self. It was in the god damn mirror.

  9. Stay Home Club

    Quote Originally Posted by fire_of_avalon View Post
    I have five inches of snow.
    I'm trying to decide what foa is doing with her five inches of snow. My first thought is that is a verrrry long line to take up in one snort. Perhaps she intends to do two snorts, or maybe half for each nostril. I wonder what foa is like when she's high on the snow? I bet she gets violent, like she's probably feeling right now as she reads this.

    So I hope she has fun with her snow and I'm glad she found such an enjoyable way to pass the ...
  10. Dietary Adventures: where we dissect science!

    Okay, so not all scientists suck, but roll with me on this for a minute.

    So I've been waiting weeks for a study to come out that I could really sink my teeth into in this blog. Any study would do since most nutrition studies are pretty bad, nutrition study reporting by news media is even worse, and I wanted an recent example to share and dissect to demonstrate the point. I wanted to do this maybe a month or two ago. Of course, because I wanted to do it, I didn't see any until last ...

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