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  1. A story we can all agree with


    ...unless you are against the initiation of force for any reason, or believe this to be illegitimate force:

    Irving Fisher thought credit cycles led to an unhealthy concentration of wealth. He saw it with his own eyes in the early 1930s as creditors foreclosed on destitute farmers, seizing their land or buying it for a pittance at the bottom of the cycle.

    The farmers found a way of defending themselves in the end. They muscled together at "one ...
  2. Dogs

    Dogs are verry handy in multiple ways .. so i have found out.

    - i get more outside (even if its just for a small walk)
    - i meet alot of ppl, becaus my dog want to sniff other dogs (my dog doesnt play anymore :o he finds himself to mature for that :P)
    - i now enjoy walking in the woods. i clearly remember the times when i absolutely hated to go for a walk in the woods with my parents, and they had to dragg me.
    - You can lose some weight while walking the dog. im not ...

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  3. What it means to be an EoFFer

    by , 10-21-2012 at 08:15 PM (Formalhaut: Moonlighting)
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    You might not know me much, but I've been an EoFFer here since 2007. That seems like a world away, and I've matured plenty since I called myself "Balthier Rocks"

    Seriously, that's just an awful name.

    Anyway, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was torn away from my laptop for over a year, and during that time, I completely forgot all about EoFF. It's not that I didn't care for it, during my time as Balthier Rocks ...

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  4. What I did just now.

    I have a gummy nose and a grizzly belly so I thought that today I should get about and do some easy exercise. I have chronicled the things that happened to me:

    1) I saw a dead bird on the road that was all splattered - it was more poorly than I was. This reminded me that there are lots of creatures that are way more ill than I am and that I should count myself very lucky. It was sad to see its eyes not moving, but I bet it's happy now.

    2) A woman and a young male were ...
  5. My Brain feels dumber than it used to.

  6. Spring Man

    They were going to name him Slinky Man, BUT THEY COULDN'T GET THE RIGHTS!!
  7. Psychology is NOT a science.

    My first blog entry, it only seems fit to refer to my first big post. So when I came here, I fought endlessly trying to convince everyone psychology was a science. And then later figured out I was totally wrong, but failed to apologize for my naivety.
    I said behaviour is what it studies. psychology: the science of behaviour. That's what my first year text read.

    However, much like economics, the subject of study (the economy) cannot be predicted.

    The fact is, I behaved
  8. Next Project: Suikoden Tactics journals.

    Just a-flying by, a lot faster than Operation: Wanker did, now that I have my procedure down pat.

    Already more than half way done.

    Feels good to be back in Linux. EoFF looks better, too. Still got to boot into 'doze to game, though. Windower for FFXI won't work in Ubuntu.
  9. debt.


    "The act of balancing the budget WILL NOT get rid of the national debt regardless of who becomes/remains our President."The country is technically bankrupt. If you and I were in business, we would have to declare bankruptcy. Governments print money so they can get away with it. But we are insolvent and the debt will never be paid for. Thatís a hard thing to accept. You canít pay for this debt"

    -Ron Paul 02/26/2010 CNN interview with Jack Cafferty ...
  10. Five minutes

    Supposed to have a meeting at 2:00 pm but the sales team is in the conference room right now. I was nice and gave them a five minute warning. Now I'm just killing some time. Good day so far. Had a good weekend too. Went out for a few drinks with friends Friday evening and then had a hot stone massage afterward. Left me very dehydrated Saturday morning for my run. Made it through but not great.

    Well, five minutes is up. Time to go smack some sales people around and kick them ...