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  1. New Series Articles Cancelled

    Bad news, everyone, I won't be continuing any of the new weekly articles I started. I know it's only been a couple of weeks, but ever since I started the days have gotten progressively shorter and they've been wearing me out.

    I'll keep doing my reviews as always, but if I keep the rest up I'm going to hit burnout. I'm only one person. I'm doing all the writing, all the proofing, and all the editing. Maybe if there's something else I want to write about I'll do so and share it on the ...
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  2. Rogue Friday: Controllers

  3. Srs Bsns: Changing the Formula

    Srs Bsns #3 Changing the Formula. When is it right or wrong to do so?
  4. Srs Bsns: Supply and Demand

    That new game you bought isn't working like it supposed to? What's up with that? Today we get to the bottom of it!
  5. Srs Bsns: Women Representations in Games

    The first edition of "Srs Bsns" is here. Women Representations in Games!

    Why did the save icon suddenly show up?
    Video Games
  6. The Big Week

    Boy from Kansas coming through. Follow the yellow brick road! Follow the yellow brick road! Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road! We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!

    What's up EoFF? We did it, IX just barely managed to crawl out with the win eliminating X-2 and butts were sore. Mine is still sore from the spanking Psychotic gave me. "No, Tori. That's a very bad Tori. Go to your room and think about what you've done!" It looks ...
  7. I wrote a thing about Game of Thrones

    And it got posted on Shorty's site. I played the new Telltale's game back when it came out on December 2nd and loved it to pieces. So, when I got in touch with Shorty about doing a guest post I decided Game of Thrones would be the perfect topic to talk about, and I was right. I wrote this whole thing up in a single day, that is how much I love Game of Thrones. Warning though, if you haven't played the game and are planning to I suggest doing that first before reading this. These games are 99% story ...
  8. Back in business

    Some of you may remember my little rant aimed at Google AdSense, well some good news: I was looking through some alternatives and discovered Infolinks. I applied for them and just got accepted today, so I'm back in business! Woohoo! If you see any text as links your browser didn't go and install an add-on you didn't ask for, it's just me.
  9. Smurf, Google!

    No, this isn't about Twitch.

    The other day I was informed that Google has decided to suspend my AdSense account. All of the money that I have earned up to that point is gone and I won't be seeing any of it. Why was my account suspended? I don't know. They don't have to tell me either. They just give me a list of reasons for why accounts are suspended and provided a FAQ. That's it. They just leave me to guess why my account was suspended. And the only way I'm allowed to contact them ...
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  10. Frustrated Writer Present

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Frustrated writer is so original.

    Technically, I write pretty regularly when it comes to my reviews, but when it comes to the fiction I used to write I've fallen back quite a bit. I was working on a novel, even made it as far as chapter nine, but then I got burnt out and never went back to it. The last time I saw something through to the end that wasn't a review was an old Harry Potter fanfic I wrote in a notebook pencil and all before I even had a computer. Somehow, ...
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