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  1. Fighting Evil by Moonlight...

    by , 06-14-2016 at 08:21 AM (Wolf Kanno's Crazy Ramblings and Incoherent Statements)
    So tonight I finally broke out a Christmas present I received several years ago that I never watched. Partly because for the first time in a long time, I felt ready for it. I acquired a DVD set that featured the entire DiC dub of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon, so basically the original dub, not the new one. Original Western score, Sailor Says, and the whole "Serena and Darien" name changes.
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    It was glorious.
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  2. ΔΔΔ

  3. LadyYuna's Top 20 Final Fantasy Songs List

    Top 20 Final Fantasy Songs:














    #14: Battle With the Four Fiends (FFIV)

    #15: Something to Protect (FFIX)

    #16: Ending Theme (FFXII)

    #17: Elia, the

    Updated 12-12-2013 at 11:33 PM by LadyYunaFFX2

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  4. Eyes on Pop Culture and Aesthetics - Genius Party

    For all of y'all into animation dealing with the surreal, amazing imagery and the dreariness of life in a consumer society, Genius Party should be an interesting watch.

    This short animation anthology combines visual elements of industrialism, postmodern urban life, with a search for the extraordinary. Often taking place on the outskirts of society, representing itself as factories and abandoned buildings at the edge of the city. Some of the works take a more subtle approach by placing ...

    Updated 05-20-2013 at 01:24 AM by kotora

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  5. A Bass cover of Caramelldansen I did

    I thought I'd put it up in a blog as self pimping songs and covers in threads with no reason or subject other than "Look at this!" isn't really what I want to do with this... Ironic kinda that back in the hey day I was a notorious spamming dickbutt. XP

    Anyways here's a cover I did as a request from some friends of one of the most jumpy and overtly happy songs I've ever heard. I got a backing track from guitar pro and fiddled with the RSE instruments ...
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  6. Just saw Distant Worlds

    It was great!

    They started off with FF7 prelude and bombing mission before saying anything. Great intro, got you really pumped. This was followed by a 1-3 medley and at some point, Man with the Machine Gun (which should just not be played by an orchestra but I'll say no more on that).

    An absolutely brilliant arrangement of Eyes on Me sung by Susan Calloway (who will be doing voice acting in FF14 if I heard correctly) was joined by a really nice selection of clips from ...

    im only 12 and what is this


    Ubiktune: [UBI035] C-jeff— Preschtale
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  8. Mega Upload is gone.

    Well America has done it, those smurfing idiots have closed down the biggest file host on the internet, yes, MegaUpload has been shut down and the owners have been arrested.

    Disgusted? I know I am, not only disgusted though but smurfing angry too... could America have done anything as stupid as what they have just done, the internet is going to be up in smurfing arms about this.

    with just 2 minutes in chat (on another site) everyone is clamouring for hackers of the world ...
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  10. The About Me Blog-My First Blog!

    This is my first blog. I hope you like it! I am a college student attending Northern Illinois University. My hobbies include reading, playing video games, watching anime/reading manga, and cooking. I love fantasy and science fiction very much. My favorite Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy IX. I grew up with that one, and something about it just speaks to me. And I love Freya and Vivi. I've played a lot of role playing games including Xenogears, Xenosaga series, Saga Frontier, Chrono Trigger, Dragonquest ...
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