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  1. It's the final update!

    No more updates. Just reviews.

    Finally figured trout out and I'll be able to get back into my weekly schedule. Now I have an extra week to get work done.

    Catch you guys later.
  2. Activity will take a hit

    Last night on the toilet the following thoughts entered my mind: Just give up. You'll never finish a book and you'll never be a published author. So now I have to write a book and get it published to stick it to my inner monologue. Between that and the weekly reviews my posting on here will be cut in half as I want to focus on my writing. I love you guys, but you can be very distracting when people want to be productive.

    I'll catch you guys later.
  3. Movie Monday!

    As evident by this thread I have decided to branch out into cinema. Those who have been following me for a while will know that I already dabble in this medium in the past with my Mario, and Street Fighter reviews, but those were more looking at an adaption from the eyes of a gamer than your casual movie goer, so they may remain as part of my video games section.

    Every Monday I'll look at a different movie and post it on my blog before sharing it here. Like my games there's no cutoff ...

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  4. ToriJ's 100th Review Reveal

    I know, I've been doing a lot of blogging lately. I find it to be the best way to promote myself without adding more mass to my post count, plus I just like blogs. But you don't want to hear about all that, chances are if you took the time to click this you want to know what my 100th review is going to be about. First, I'm going to drag this out to build hype, and hope it doesn't occur to you to scroll down to see what the game is. Don't touch that mouse!

    I've been doing this for ...
  5. Branching out & Patreon

    Hi, EoFF. Boy, I've been a busy bee for the past couple of weeks.

    To start off, several months back I made a thread about branching out with my reviews, which saw a truckload of anime requests. Mr. Vivi22 was even kind enough to recommend a couple of Uwe Boll movies. Please, feel free to thank Mr. Vivi after I leave 8D *cough* Anyway, here's a long overdue update on that.

    After I reviewed 100 games (and I'm already 12 reviews away from that goal) I plan to review my first ...
  6. July Lineup

    If these games were fireworks I wonder which would give off the biggest explosion?

    7th: Game of Thrones [PS3]
    14th: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [PS3]
    21st: Infamous [PS3]
    28th: Infamous 2 [PS3]
  7. 59 Reviews

    In honor of the big six. O. I'm coming to on the 7th I thought I'd go ahead and link to all of the reviews I've done in the past three years. I figured it'd be all right to do in a blog since I saw shion link to hers before. Let me know what you do think if you do take the time to read any of them. Feedback is always welcome and I don't get enough of it.

    1.) Monster Rancher

    2.) Crash Bandicoot

    3.) Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

    4.) Spyro the Dragon ...

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  8. April Lineup

    I tried posting this earlier but the wind kept knocking out the power. It was very annoying. Anyways now that March is pretty much behind us here's my schedule for the Month of April.

    7th: WWF Attitude [PSX]
    14th: Assassin's Creed III [X360]
    21st: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty [PC]
    28th: Final Fantasy VII [PSX]

    And yes, I will be doing a Let's Play thread for VII. Are you excited? I'm excited. (ACIII sucks) but it follows American history! (I rest my ...
  9. Woohoo! Two dollars!

    So far this month I made two dollars (not counting tax) off my blog. Yeah, I know, that's not a lot of money. It's not the amount that has me excited, it's the fact that this is money I actually earned that has me happy. Never really had a job before this (not proud of it just telling the truth) so knowing that something I put work into is generating even a little money is a nice feeling. Plus, with the money I already have in the bank and the cash money I've been holding onto I have a moderately ...
  10. Self Employment

    I signed up for Google AdSense a couple of days ago and got approved last night. What this means is there are now ads on my blog like you would see here as a source of revenue for what I do every week, review games. I get paid by the ad clicks and then whatever amount has been racked up by the end of the month they'll transfer to me. I have been wanting to get this set up for a while now, but for whatever reason they wouldn't let me do it before. When I saw this time that I could I jumped on that ...
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