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    Eyes on Final Fantasy is looking for new members to join our team. We are one of the oldest Final Fantasy sites on the net, providing news, opinion pieces, videos and more on the game series we all love and on Square-Enix in general. We have one of the largest FF communities on the net - check out this Kotaku article about our site!

    What's in it for me?

    Great experience if you want to get into video game journalism for one! Our frontsite pulls in tens of thousands of unique visitors per month and many of our former Editors have gone on to write for major gaming news sites - as the above linked article shows!

    You also will have free advertising space for your own personal writing sites. At the bottom you might have a tagline to say "(YOUR NAME HERE) is a regular of the Eyes on Final Fantasy forums and also has their own gaming blog where they write humorous reviews of retro games. Check it out here: http://link.com"

    What we're looking for...


    We're a bit short on Developers at the moment and are very interested in adding to the team. We're extremely interested in anyone with very good knowledge of vBulletin and Drupal in particular. As a Developer, you will be working on things like creating styles, resolving bugs and working with plugins. You'll also be expected to remain active at EoFF, proactively keeping up with things like the Feedback Forum and the various staff forums, ensuring all problems are resolved within reasonable timeframes and, of course, offering your feedback where you feel it will benefit us.

    Features Writers

    Our features writers write interesting, informative or funny articles related to the Final Fantasy series. For an idea of what sorts of articles we create, check out this feature about NPC Chocolina, our first impressions article on Lightning Returns, our article on the top 5 Fashionable Dresspheres or this funny article about the pronunciation of Tidus's name. It doesn't matter which Final Fantasy games you want to write about, whether it's one of the old school retro games, the latest releases or anything in between! If you have a passion for this sort of writing then a place on our team of talented Editors beckons!

    News Writers

    As with any major games series, new developments occur within the world of Final Fantasy and Square-Enix all the time. Our goal is to stay on top of them and be the major Final Fantasy news source. Do you think you'd be able to provide up to the minute news? We cover a wide range of topics - take a look at our coverage of Final Fantasy III's re-release, Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest and Patch Updates, and information on the latest Theatrhythm: Curtain Call trailer. If you've got your finger on the pulse with all things Final Fantasy and Square-Enix and you are able to speedily report on the latest goings on, please apply!

    YouTube Editors

    We have a YouTube channel and our ambition is to make it the most subscribed to Fan Channel. If you are able to make content for it, we'd love to have you on board! We want to produce a wide variety of content, such as Let's Plays of either Final Fantasy games or related to Final Fantasy games such as this Sims 3 FF Let's Play, funny edits of FF footage such as Reno reacting to Tidus's laugh, creative collaborations with our wide and varied community such as this parody video The Flower Girl I Used To Know, videos made from our Top 10's and features such as this video about the Top 10 FF Facial Hair, useful strategy videos such as this one about how to defeat Seymour Flux and AMVs. As you can see, we cover a wide range of content but please don't be put off if there's only one or two types of videos you'd like to make - we'd love to hear from all budding video makers!

    Content Finders and Coders

    We are one of the biggest resources of information on the Final Fantasy game, and we'd like you to help us stay at the top. As you will be able to see from our site, we have produced a comprehensive vault of information on Final Fantasy games. As examples, check out our page on Enemy Skills from FFVII, our components list from Final Fantasy XIII , our guide to the characters of Final Fantasy IX and our Final Fantasy X walkthrough. If you have skills in researching information and being able to understand HTML code to make sure it looks great and is easy to read on our website, let us know - you'd be perfect for our team!

    Who we're looking for...

    You should...
    • Have an interest or knowledge of the Final Fantasy games.
    • Be active and able to submit at least two pieces of content a month.
    • Be willing to work in a team. This means giving and receiving constructive criticism, helping to decide policy and strategy, and accept that people have different ideas and ways of working
    • For writers/editors, we require people who have excellent spelling and grammar.
    • For video editors, you must be able to create high quality videos without the need of assistance.
    Please email webmaster@eyesonff.com and let us know what you'd like to help out with and, if you have any, samples of your work.
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