• Walkthrough

    Well, this is my first ever Walkthrough, so I hope it will go good. I have completed Final Fantasy X a few times, but have made it to the end more than a few times(I am not fond of the final boss), so I have a more than fair knowledge of the game. I also own the strategy guide, so if there is anything that isn't in there and that I have not personally found, it probably won't be in here.

    This Walkthrough will not be spoiler-free, however I will do my best to not give away anything in the game's future, and act as if I do not know what will happen next.

    1. Zanarkand
    2. Abandoned Ruins
    3. Al-Bhed Ship
    4. Besaid Village
    5. S.S. Liki
    6. Kilika
    7. Luca
    8. Mi'ihen Highroad
    9. Mushroom Rock Road
    10. Djose Temple
    11. Moonflow
    12. Guadosalam
    13. Thunder Plains
    14. Macalania Woods
    15. Lake Macalania
    16. Desert
    17. Home
    18. Airship
    19. Bevelle
    20. Calm Lands
    21. Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
    22. Mt. Gagazet
    23. Zanarkand Ruins
    24. Airship and Pre-end Game
    25. Inside Sin


    You start with a weird scene of all the characters around a campfire, with Tidus saying "Listen to my story". If you haven't guessed, that means this is a flashback.

    You really start in Zanarkand, a futuristic city of awesomness! Just walk forward to talk to some fans, pick a name, and continue the story. Then just follow the path along, and talk to the people only if you want to. It isn't very important. Then, you are in front of this crowd of people who you have to move through to get to the arena, you can either move Tidus himself, or you can just wait, as far as I know, it makes absolutely no difference. Now watch the awesome scene of Blitzball, and a monsters attack!

    You fall to the street below, and as you move down you meet a man named Auron, and as you continue further you see the weird kid again. Auron then says the monster's name is "Sin", and a monster flys off of him, and a bunch of other monsters, called Sinscales, attack you. They all die in one hit, so just go right through. You then meet the first boss of the game, Sinspawn Ammes, the monster that flew off of Sin. This battle is very easy, because the only way to die in this battle is to attack yourself over and over again. Ammes has 2400 HP, and each Sinscale have 100 HP. I will do a more detailed monster listing in later areas, when it matters more. Move on, save, and you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of Sinscales. After a couple rounds of attacking, Auron will point out a generator, and after a few rounds of attacking that, you will continue the story, with you and Auron being sucked into Sin. Swin downward to again advance the story.

    Abandoned Ruins

    You will find yourself swimming in some flooded, abandoned ruins. To the northeast is 200 Gil, and to the northwest are 2 Potions. If you have a different save on a memory card, you can transfer your Al-Bhed data(more on this later) to this game, using the sphere on the ground to the northwest. When you are done, go north. On a different path, you can find a Hi-Potion. You will fall into the water, and after swimming around a bit, enter a battle. These Sahagins only have 100 HP, so 1 hit will kill them. After you kill 2, however, a giant fish-thingy, called Geosgaeno, will attack you. Just attack him for 3 turns, and you will run away. Now you need to find Flint and Tinder. The flint is to the south, in the room near the save point. The tinder is in the room to the north, through the door and a path. If you follow the path further, you will find a Hi-Potion. Now go back and light the fire, and after a cutscene, you will enter your first real boss battle.

    Just attack for a few rounds and a mysterious group of people blow open a door and the girl decided to help you out. Grenades do a lot of damage, so use them, and steal a few. You can overkill Klikk if you end with Spiral Cut, Tidus's Overdrive.

    After the fight, the girl punches you in the gut and you fall and pass out.

    Al-Bhed Ship

    You wake up on a ship with a bunch of people like those you found in the ruins, also speaking a language you can't understand. However, the girl can apparently speak English, and she explains that they kidnapped you so you could do work for them. Speak to her again for a tutorial of the sphere grid, so either skip through it if you know it or read it if you don't. Now, before you talk to the girl again, go to the North-east of the ship, opposite of the save point, for an Al-Bhed primer, which teaches you part of the Al-Bhed language. Now go back and speak to the girl, and you will learn that there are some ruins below you and you need to go down there and activate something. Now, you will dive into the water, but before you move, go into your menu and go to sphere grid to learn Cheer for Tidus. It is a very useful ability, and is even useful throughouit the game. In the water, you may find some enemies called Piranhas, and they come in groups of 1-3. The pirahnas have 50 HP for every fish in the group. Now, go to the ship, and you will see a computer, so Tidus hits it and a door opens. just continue the path until you are ambushed by Piranhas, then turn on the machine and go back out, where you meet the second boss of the game, Tros.

    Just attack, and you will learn about Trigger Commands after a few rounds. On Tidus's turns, use Cheer, until Tros uses his Nautilus Charge attack. If you are lucky, Tidus may be nearing his Overdrive, so let him take a beating to get his overdrive ready. If the girl gets her overdrive, mix together 2 grenades, and you will instantly destroy Tros. After Tros has charged you, next time he moves to the other side you can Pincer Attack him. I normally choose not to, however, so I can get my overdrive up enough to use Spiral Cut or Mix. If you used Cheer enough, a Spiral cut and overkill him and you will get more AP, and also more Power Spheres.

    After the fight, you can swim outside to find everyone fom the ship down to see the weird machine, which is then carried by the ship and you can hear one of the Al-Bhed say "Airship", so you can guess that's what the machine was. Then Tidus is still left outside, and he finally gets food, which he almost chokes on. Then, the girl finally tells you her name, Rikku. Rikku then reveals everyone on the ship as Al-Bhed(which I already said), and when Tidus says he was from Zanarkand, Rikku becomes confused. Apparently, Zanarkand was destroyed 1000 years ago. Then Rikku says that, since Tidus plays blitzball, he should go to Luca, a large city with many blitzball players. Rikku then says she would take her, and that Zanarkand is a holy place. Tidus has been thrown into the future, by 1000 years. Then, as Tidus is talking to himself, Sin attacks, and Tidus falls into the water!

    Besaid Village

    Tidus wakes up on a beach, and someone hits him with a blitzball. He then kicks it back to him, and apparently he really impressed the people on the beach. Then, when Tidus says he is from Zanarkand, everyone becomes very confused, just as Rikku warned. If you haven't guessed by now, yevon is a very holy god-like being, and the person that talks to you, named Wakka, is a very holy person. Talk to all of the players training for blitzball, and you will gain 5 Potions, 200 Gil, and a Hi-Potion. Wakka then said, 1000 years ago Sin came and destroyed all of the cities that had Machina, thier word for machine. Tidus now thinks to himself that he has to chase after Sin, because maybe if he meets him again he could go home. Now, go back onto the beach and go west, a little south of the dock, and you will find a chest with 2 Antidotes. Then, go east, into the water and back out in the little alcove you can see on your minimap. Here, you can find a really important item, the Moon Crest. Now go back up to the save point and go past it to enter the next area. Follow Wakka, and he will push you into the water. In the water, you will find the piranhas again, and they are the same as before. If you explore for a while, you can find a Hi-Potion and 2 Antidotes. As you advance, Wakka asks Tidus to be on his Blitzball team, and Tidus accepts. Apparently, there is a large Blitzball Tournament in Luca, and Wakka wants you to be in it. Then you are introduced to Crusaders, Luzzu and Gatta. Go to the Crusader's lounge and be sure to get the Al-Bhed Primer 2. If you go to the left, you will find a path with 3 chests, holding a Hi-Potion, 400 Gil, and 2 Potions. There is a chest to the southwest too, holding a Phoenix Down. Now go north and you will enter the Temple, where you learn about summoners. Now exit and go into Wakka's house, in the middle on the right side of the village. Then take a nap when he asks you to, and a priest comes in to talk to Wakka, and Tidus dreams about his father and his disappearance. Now go back to the temple and go to see Wakka and you will learn that a summoner is in there right now, and hasn't come out in a day, so Tidus rushes in to save the summoner.

    Now Wakka comes and sees you, tells you he is a guardian, and you go farther in to meet the other guardians. Then the summoner comes out, and holy crap, she's hot! After you leave the Temple Waka calls for you and you get to witness the summoning of an aeon, so say hello to Valefor, or whatever name you decide to pick. Then, you get to officially meet all of the members of the blitzball team, the Aurochs. Then, walk over to Yuna, and she will talk to you. Then, just talk with Wakka to continue on, and Tidus has another dream about his father. When he wakes, you can see that Lulu really does have a short temper, and that Chappu was Wakka's brother, and he died fighting Sin. Now, you go back to sleep and when you wake up, all of you leave for the boat to the next temple, and now you have tutorial battles, where the fights are actually real. Tidus can kill a Dingo in 1 hit, Wakka can kill a Condor in 1 hit, and Lulu can kill a flan in 1 thunder spell, and you are given a tutorial on elements. Now, go back to Besaid Village and talk to a dog, which you can find in the upper right house. Now Valefore can use Energy Blast, a more powerful overdrive attack. Then, as you move on, the giant blue guardian from before attacks you. Just use Cheer a few times and attack him for a few turns. You then learn that his name is Kimahri. Now, go to your menu and equip Yuna with her Rod of Wisdom that you should have got. Now, as you continue, you will find a Garuda, and you will call in Yuna for her Aeon. Valefor is very powerful, and so this will be an easy battle. Now the next battle will be against another Garuda, but this time Wakka blinds it, so it is a very easy battle. There may be another Tutorial, or it may be a random encounter, but for the rest of the fights you can just use your knowlege you just learned. Now, just continue on to the boat and be sure to speak with all of the villagers for some useful items; an Ether, 3 Phoenix Downs, a Seekers Ring, 400 Gil, and a Remedy.

    S.S. Liki

    After you board, go down the steps near the door to the bridge. Here you meet O'aka XXIII, a merchant. In a room to the right, you will see a suitcase that, if you kick, you will get a potion until you have 20. You will also find a remedy here. Then go down all the way and you will find a power room, with chocobos and the Al-Bhed Primer 3. Now go back up and speak with Wakka and he will tell you that you are heading to Kilika, and there is a temple there for Yuna to pray to. Now go talk to the crowd around Yuna, and back to Wakka. You now learn that Yuna's father is Lord Braska, the high summoner you saw at the temple. Now go speak with Yuna, and you will learn that Tidus's father, Jecht, was Braska's guardian, and that Jecht was apparently thrown into Spira like Tidus was. Then, Sin attacks!

    You start off with 3 Sinscales in front of you, and they will never stop coming, so you can either use them for extra AP, or just kill off 2 and start attacking the Fin with Wakka's attacks, Magic, or Valefor. Each Sinscale has 200 HP and gives 2 AP, or 3 when Overkilled. It takes 400 HP to overkill them, and I have now started to add overkill HP on bosses. If you want to just kill the Fin, have Tidus, Yuna, and Kimahri all attack for 1 round, then bring in Wakka and Lulu for Yuna and Kimahri. Keep track of the Fin's HP, however, because when it is low you should bring in Valefore so he can use an overdrive and overkill Sin.

    If you want to kill a bunch of Sinscales, Have Tidus use Cheer, Yuna attack, Kimahri attack Yuna's Target, and on Yuna's Next turn bring in Wakka. Tidus should now keep Cheering until both Wakka and Kimahri can kill a Sinscale with 1 hit. Cheer stops working before you can overkill a Scale on a regular hit, so when Wakka is one-hitting them just have Tidus attack. Do this for as long as you want.

    After the battle, you will realize that Tidus is gone, he fell into the water! Wakka jumps in to save him, and Tidus is down there being hit by Sinscales, so Wakka saves him. Unfortunately, Theres another Boss...

    Again, start with Tidus Cheering and Wakka should Darken the Sinspawn after Tidus is done. Every 3 turns, the Sinspawn uses Blender, which hits both of you, and isn't affected by Darkness. This is an easy battle, but you may need to heal once or twice. I don't know when it is overkilled, or its overkill AP, but I hit him for 600 and he was overkilled.


    When you leave, Yuna introduces herself and asks to do a "sending", and Wakka goes around to help. Go on the left path at the split, and Tidus will witness his first summoning, while Yuna is doing her first sending. Lulu explains a sending, and she tells you that an unsent soul will become a fiend. After watching the sending, you wake up in an inn, so leave and Datto says Wakka is looking for you. As you go to the left, you will see a crying little girl, and as you approach her, the platform she is sitting on collapses, and you save her. Go back past the inn and to the pub, and the owner will thank you for saving the girl and you can open the Chest for an Ether. Be sure to get the Al-Bhed Primer 4 here, too. Now go right from the pub to meet Wakka, and then move past the Inn to the Jungle, and this is your first non-tutorial area! When you walk forward, you learn that Yuna wants you to be a guardian. Now move on the path to the right to get 2 Mana Spheres, go left and up the thin path for a Scout(a weapon for Wakka), and as you move up the narrow path you will see a crusader talking to 2 others. After the 2 crusaders leave, speak with the now alone crusader and she will give you a Remedy. Continue up the narrow path to find another crusader talking to the two others again, and speak with this one to get a Hi-Potion. Now go north to find a Luck Sphere! Now move back to the save point at the beginning of the forest and save your game. This is the first time in the game where I am unsure of your level, so I'll tell you what I think you should be at when it is needed, such as now. If you move north, you will fight Lord Ochu, but before you fight him Tidus should have Haste and Wakka should have Silence Attack. Talk with Luzza twice before the battle to get 4 Antidotes.

    Start with Tidus, Lulu, and either Wakka or Kimahri. Start by hasting Lulu, then trade out Tidus for either Wakka or Kimahri, whoever isn't in. Lulu should use Fire on every turn, and Wakka should start with Silence Attack. On Wakka's turn after Ochu is silenced, switch him for Yuna. Kimahri should attack every turn, and once Ochu falls asleep have Yuna summon Valefor to attack him. Ochu will respond with Earthquake, but it wont hit Valefor. Now have Valefor Boost because you want him to get enough overdrive to use Energy Blast, but before you do make sure Ochu has less than 1500 HP(My hit actually did over 2000 damage, but just to be safe). Now use Energy Blast and Ochu will be overkilled, giving you lots of AP. If you overkilled him, you will get an extra MP Sphere, which is VERY useful.

    Luzzu and Gatta are impressed with you killing Ochu, and if you talk to Luzzu again he will give you an Elixer. Now go back to the girl that gave you the Remedy for a NulBlaze Shield, and now you are almost ready to move on! Before you move on, however, you are going to want to get Focus for Lulu and have Tidus get his first HP node. Now, as you race up the steps to Kilika Temple, you are attacked by a Sinspawn!

    Start off with Lulu, Tidus, and anyone else. Hvae Tidus haste Lulu, and then have Lulu use Focus 5 times. It's best to have Yuna in for this, so she can heal those that need it. On Tidus's next turn, bring in Wakka and have him attack a tentacle. On Lulu's turn after 5 focuses, have her use fire on the tentacle Wakka attacked, which should kill it. Now kill the other tentacle, and bring out Wakka for Kimahri. Kimahri can attack the Shell, so have him break it. Once the Simspawn is low on HP, have Yuna bring in Valefor to soak damage and Overkill the Sinspawn with Energy Blast.

    Now move up the steps to the Temple, and you will meet the Luca Goers, the Auroch's rivals. Go into the Temple to meet Dona, another summoner, and as you go into the Cloister, Kimahri stops you because Tidus isn't a guardian, but then Barthello comes in and throws you into the Cloister, so you have to complete it...

    Speak with Wakka, then Lulu, then try to leave through the south. Yuna will emerge with a new Aeon, Ifrit. Just go back to the boat in Kilika to board it for Luca. On this boat, go up the steps to the top of the boat to overhear Wakka and Lulu talking, then go to the front of the ship to see a blitzball, and you may want to save before this, but this is where you can learn a good blitzball shot. Just pay attention to the directions and you should be fine. Then talk to Yuna and you will arrive at Luca.


    As you arrive, the Aurochs are ridiculed and Tidus acts like an idiot. Then you have to go see Maester Mika, and then you get a tutorial for blitzball. If you havent played before, READ THE TUTORIAL! Also, from now on I wont be telling where items are unless they are either on the path or useful. You leave the Training room place to look for Auron, so just follow the arrow to the cafe. Auron isn't there, the game starts, and Kimahri gets in a fight. Then, Tidus realizes that Yuna is gone, and you have to save her. Just follow the arrow around to dock 4, and at dock 1 you will see O'aka. You should buy the Stunning Steel weapon from him, because it will really help in the next boss as well as the one after that. You may also want to buy a Thunder Spear. You will face many workers on your way, but they fall easy. After you make it to dock 4, you can save it and go to fight "The Oblizterator" *facepalm*

    This battle is really easy, on Tidus's first turn he can try to use the crane, but Lulu has to power it up with Thunder spells. Haste Lulu and have her use thunder 3 times on the crane, then have Tidus use it. The Boss will now have about 400-500 HP left, so just destroy him. I didn't have a chance to overkill him, however, so I dont know those stats.

    Well, you get Yuna back and Wakka wins the match, so now you just have to beat the Goers to win the tournament, but Wakka was injured, so now you have to take his place. My strategy for Blitzball is to get Letty to go on the bottom of the sphere and use him to lure away the defender, then pass it to the now open Tidus or Wakka. As long as you lure the defenders away and you're smart enough to know when to press square, this isn't all that bad, but still hard. Having Jecht Shot makes it easier, though. After winning, you get a strength sphere, which is very, VERY useful. Now, as Wakka is celebrating, Sahagins attack! They should all die in one hit, but if they don't you can cheer yourself until you are able to. After you kill them all, Auron comes up and fights a Vouivre, one hit will kill him too. Then you fight a Garuda. Just blind him and it's an easy battle. Then Seymour summons a giant and extremly powerful Aeon and kills every monster. Then, after some story about Jecht being Sin, you regain control. Now go up farther into the dock before moving on, and go to the top and through a secret path to get a Magic Sphere and an HP Sphere. Now just follow the arrow for both Auron and Tidus to become Yuna's official guardians.

    Mi'ihen Highroad

    Before moving on, I would return to Luca and get the Al Bhed Primers in the areas Basement B and the Theater Reception. I find it easiest to get them now rather than earlier.

    If you approach the savepoint, you will learn that you can now Play Blitzball anytime(almost) that you want! Talk to everyone on the path because most will give you an item. Near the end of the first area go into the alcove to find Belgimine, but I would recommend to first run back to the save point, then come back, so Yuna is trained enough. When you talk to Belgemine, she will want to train with you, Aeon vs Aeon, so it may be best to get Valefor's overdrive up before fighting. Belgemine's Ifrit always attacks then uses Meteor Strike, so you should shield for every meteor strike. Use blizzard until your MP is out, it isn't useful for Valefor because he doesn't have any curing spells yet. If you were smart enough, you should be able to finish her off when Valefor gets his Overdrive maxed. For winning, you get an Echo Ring. Just continue on until you reach the chocobo-pulled chariot type thing, and speak with Luzza and Gatta. Then continue on the path to the travel agency, and then you have to fight the Chocobo Eater after some story.

    Start by hasting whoever you decide to use (I recommend Tidus, Auron, and Lulu, but Wakka should be in your starting party), and have Wakka blind the eater. Lulu should cast Fire every round, unless you first want to use Focus. After 1000 damage, the eater will fall on his back, and after 500 damage on its back it will move backwards. As far as I know, Aeons can not be pushed back by him, so it's a good way to push the eater off the edge. If you can't manage to push the eater off the edge, use Ifrit's Hellfire to overkill him.

    If you killed the Chocobo eater, you will be allowed to rent a chocobo for free, but personally, I think it's best to go through to the end before coming back and renting it for the extra items. Theres an Al-Bhed Primer 9 on the trail, you can't miss it. When you reach the north end, you can speak with Dona, and then go down the old road. At the end, past O'aka, you will find a Mars Crest. Now, if Lulu doesn't know at least Fira by now, go back and get a chocobo, and if she doesn't learn it on the trip back, just grind. Be sure to get the fortune sphere with the chocobo, in the oldroad, it is very useful, and one of the rarest items in the game, in my opinion. Now, finally advance to the north, and you can donate money to Operation Mi'ihen. 100 gil gives a Scout, 1000 gil gives an Ice Lance, and 10000 gil gives a moon ring. If you have the money, go ahead and donate, money isn't very important in this game. The soldier won't let you pass, so go back down and Seymour will allow you to pass. The area ahead is blocked, so follow to the headquarters.

    Mushroom Rock Road

    Just follow the path to the end, and arrive at the headquarters, marked in the menu as Precipice. If you watch your minimap, look for a twisting, narrow path. This leads to the Al-Bhed Primer 10. Then, just go up to the command center, and through to the main tent, past Gatta. After a couple cutscenes, SAVE YOUR GAME, and go talk to the soildier and say you are ready.

    I like to start with Tidus, Auron, and Lulu. If Lulu knows Fira, it shoud be able to 1-hit an arm. If you gave Auron the strength sphere from the blitzball tournament, he should be doing around 700 damage. Have Tidus haste himself, then Lulu, then Auron. If you want, have Lulu Focus a few times, but Tidus should definitely Cheer 5 times so Auron can hit for more damage. Be sure to bring in your other characters for AP, but Tidus, Auron, and Lulu will be your main party until the sinspawn is weak enough to be overkilled by a Hellfire. Any time the head starts moving suspiciously, cast Fira on it. The arms can regenerate after 3 turns, so be sure to kill them again so Tidus can easily damage the body.

    After the battle, you will find that the sinspawn has risen again, so fight him again.

    Note: I know the AP awarded is different for each battle, but I wasn't paying enough attention to find out.

    After this battle, Tidus will look around the battlefield. Go find Gatta, either dead or grieving, depending on what you did before, and Tidus will chase after Sin. Then, you will find yourself back on the field, ready to continue your journey. Now, go find Auron, then continue on to Djose. Be sure to get the Al-bhed Primer on this road, behind the stalagmite thingy(whatever it's called when it goes up)

    Djose Temple

    After you enter the temple, you meet Isaaru, and you enter the cloister of trials.


    Just follow the trail, it is very linear. You meet Biran and Yenka on the path, and also Belgimine. Summon ifrit and have him use his overdrive asap, don't heal, her Ixion, when Hasted, will do more damage than you can heal for. If Hellfire didn't kill him, bring Valefor out and cast Water until he can use Energy Blast. You earn 2 Dragon Scales and Summoners soul for winning, allowing you to give Aeons different abilities, and Dragon Scales teach Watera. On the small, narrow path to the left as you continue on, there is a Magic Def Sphere. At the moonflow, you see a shoopuf, and you see the chocobo troops making a fuss about their chocobo. Now go back and talk to the Hypello to go to the next area, after saving. The Al-Bhed kidnap Yuna, so you need to dive underwater to save her. You will only have Wakka and Tidus for this battle, but thankfully it isn't too hard.

    This is an easy battle, and even easier if you can slow the Extractor, either with a spell or the sword you bought in Luca. Give Wakka a ball with thunderstrike, and this is super easy. Haste Tidus before you start Cheering, so you can make each of your turns super fast. I overkilled him with Slice and Dice.

    In the North Wharf on the platform with the weird spinning thiny, there is an Al Bhed Primer. Now just continue on to find Rikku! After a scene of Wakka being clueless, you can continue on to Guadosalam.


    Not too much to do here. There is an Al Bhed Primer in the house in the northwest.

    Now just enter Seymour's house, speak with everyone, and enter the room in the downstairs of the house. Speak with everyone again, and Seymour will enter. After a cutscene, you learn the Seymour is trying to marry Yuna, so she can bring peace to Spira. After a very puzzling question by Seymour, you can leave. Then, you go to the farplae. On the way to the farplane, be sure to get the 8 Lightning Marbles behind the first lamp-pillar-whatever thing. They will help greatly to customize equipment for the thunder plains, allowing a single character to be completely lightningproof. As you continue, neither Rikku nor Auron want to enter the Farplane. Talk with Wakka, and Brotherhood will be powered up. It will gain Waterstrike, so it will also be useful for the Thunder Plains. Talk with Lulu next, if you want, and then Yuna. As you leave the Farplane, Lord Jyscal tries to break free, so Yuna sends him. Then, as you meet up with the group again, You speak with Lulu, then go find either Lulu or Rikku. Try to go to the thunder plains, and then go back and talk to your group. Now, you need to enter the dreaded Thunder Plains...

    Thunder Plains

    This will probably be the first area where you will have trouble overkilling normal enemies. Watera will kill the Gold elementals, Tidus or Wakka can 1-hit the aerouges or buers(although you may want Wakka for the them, Tidus can't hit them every time), but the Larvas will take a few turns. When you see a glowing rock, go up to it and press square, and for each you pray to, a Qactuar may enter battle, giving lots of xp, but with a lot of evasion and AMAZING magic defense. How amazing, you may ask? Perfect... Go north all the way to the travel agency, and you will stay the night, then continue all the way north.

    Macalania Woods

    Congrats, you've made it to what is probably my least favorite place in the game. Before getting into a battle, unequip the Brotherhood, the Lizard type monsters here take half damage from Water. If you try to go right, Elma and Lucil block your way, so you have to go up. On this path, it will go left. At the end of this part of the path, there is a Sleepy Cait Sith behind the tree trunk. It isn't too useful, but get it anyway. For the monsters here, just use the character that they match up with. If you find a Xiphos, just hammer away at him, he will fall before long. One reason I don't like this area much is because of how linear it is, it is quite boring. Chimeras are the strongest monsters in this this area, and if you are having trouble with them you could always Slow them. Slowing a Chimera makes the battle incredibly easy. Blue Elementals are a problem, however. If there are more than 1 of them in a battle, you better hope that they don't Watera the same character, or else they will be easily dead. Just follow the path to the Butterfly Catching game, AND SKIP IT! Really, don't do it now, if you want to do it, do it later. This is about the half-way point of this area, though, so congrats! Just keep following the linear path until you finally reach the end. You will find O'aka there. Enter his shop and leave, tell him it's too pricey, and go back into it. The prices will go down greatly. If you haven't made one, you could buy a Sonic Steel, but it isn't really needed. Go forward and Auron will pull you away to go to a spring. Here, you will fight the Spherimorph.

    Before the battle, put Lulu in the party. If you never used Lulu, then you will have to work with your Aeons, and hope. This boss will have an element it controls, and you will need to hit it with the opposite element. Haste Lulu, first of all, and then attack the monster and the monster to counterattack you with magic, and either have Ifrit or Ixion use thier Overdrive if the opposing element is Fire or Thunder, or have Lulu use the correct spell. Do this over and over and over again. If you want to overkill him, save an Aeons overdrive for the final hit. This battle isn't too hard if you know what to do.

    After the battle, you will find a sphere which will give Auron the Shooting Star Overdrive. Just go back to O'aka (I forgot to say before, but there is an Al-Bhed Primer before leaving the area on the path to the south-east), and go north, and you will make it to Lake Macalania.

    Lake Macalania

    On the left of the Travel Agency is a Primer, then save and continue, because there is a strong boss ahead.

    Great, the battle I got stuck on on my first playthrough. This battle is hard, but there are two different ways to do it. Some information first, the Crawler does all the damage and the Negator stops you from using magic or Aeons, but when it is killed the Crawler can use a skill called Mana Beam, which is devastating. I suggest killing the Negator, and using Aeons to survive the Mana Beam. An easy way to kill the Negator is for Rikku to use a Lightning Marble, and have Wakka attack if it still isn't dead. When it is dead, bring out Lulu to use Thundara, and haste her and Auron with Tidus. Another option is to bring out Ixion and use him wisely. The crawler counters with Assault, so this is good to raise an Aeons Overdrive. Shield Mana Beam with Ixion and use him strategically and this battle is very easy.

    Just follow along with the story, and enter the temple. In here, talk with Tromell for a Shell Targe. Treasure chests here have 5000 Gil and 2 X-Potions. Now walk up to the the cloister and before you make it a girl will scream about a sphere. Follow her, and be prepared to be interested. Go into the cloister and follow the path to Seymour.

    Another hard battle. Most of the difficulty comes from it being so long. This battle comes in 3 stages, so I will give techniques for each stage

    Stage1: Seymour+Guado Guardians(2)

    First, talk to raise Tidus's strength. Now, bring Rikku out to steal from both of the Guardians, which will disable thier Auto-Potion skill. Now, focus on the Guardians, and when they fall, hurt Seymour with Physical Attacks. Haste if you need to. This part is easy, and I would save your overdrives for next part.

    Stage2: Anima

    Seymour now summons Anima, and she has a LOT of health, but she doesn't do too much damage. Now would be a nice time to check out the new Aeon, as Tidus suggests. A big reason to use Aeons for this battle is because Anima's attack Pain causes instant death, and Aeons are immune to this. The new Aeon will demolish Anima. If the new Aeon runs low on health, have her Blizzara herself. If you want to destroy Anima fast, wait for her to boost and then use the new Aeons overdrive, it will do LOADS of damage(for me, it did 9500), but since you finished with an overdrive, your Aeon will die.

    Stage3: Seymour

    Seymour comes back and he will now be using 2 spells at once, which can kill you very quickly. I had to use a Mega-Phoenix here. If you look at what the sensor says, it will tell you the order Seymour casts magic, so you could nul yourself for every hit, which makes this otherwise hard battle laughably easy.

    After some story, you are chased out of the temple, and will have to do the cloister of trials to leave.

    Now, run away. You have to steal from the Guado Guardians like before, unless you can 1-hit them.

    When outside, keep running. You will soon meet Wendigo.

    Not all that bad of a battle. Kill the guardians quick, Wendigo can be put to sleep, Wendigo is weak to Fire. The only real problem is that Wendigo can do a lot of damage, even more since he is berserked. When the Guardians die, they Protect and Shell Wendigo. I like to start off with Dragon Fang. Put Wendigo to sleep and have Lulu use Fira and this battle isn't bad. If you don't have Dispel, which I doubt you will, use Ixion's Aerospark to get rid of Protect and Shell. You can finish with Hellfire to overkill easy.

    Now you are under Lake Macalania, or something, and you just have to talk to everyone. After Yuna wakes up and you get control again, go to where Kimahri was before and there is a Lvl 2 Key Sphere there, and go near Auron and to the left and keep searching to find an Avenger. Now talk to Auron, then go back toward Yuna. Sin will attack, and you will later wake up in a desert.


    Go north and you will fight a Zu. Alone. Don't worry though, Auron will come soon to help you, and also Lulu. Just follow the path to find the other people. You will find Wakka, then go right in the new area for Kimahri, then you will find Rikku by going left at the fork. With Rikku, you can kill Machina instantly just by stealing from them. If you find a Sand Worm, you should just run. They aren't worth the long battle. If you want, steal a Shadow Gem first. If you find a Cactuar, treat them like the Quactuars, but 1 big difference is that you can now use Rikku to use an item to attack with. I don't think Rikku's use can miss, so do that. When you make it to the large open area, go north until you can go into an area to the left, then go into there. There is a Lvl 2 Key Sphere, 10000 Gil, and Elixir, and a Primer in here. Then go back to the east, then north for another primer. In the next area, there will be many sand pits. Alll the way to the west, you will find a small alcove, and in the sand pit is a Mercury Crest. In other Sand Pits, you will need to fight a Sandragora to collect a treasure chest. Hit them with Fira, and pray you aren't killed from your own party members. Putting them to sleep and poisoning them is efffective. In the one directly north of the path to the Mercury Chest is 3 Megalixirs. Just Northeast of that one has 2 Teleport Spheres. Those are really the only ones that are worth it. Go all the way north, and you will have to fight another Sandragora. Then you can move on to...


    This is actually a very emotional part of the game. Yevon has attacked the Al-Bhed Home, and you need to find Yuna. First, go left and up to find a Primer, then head through the door. In here, you will find the Guado Guardians again, with powered up versions of older enemies. They can't Auto-potion anymore, I think, so just kill them and go through the door. Now go down the stairs, and then back up and through the door at the top. This will lead to a fight, but also a Primer, a chest that lets you choose what to get, and a chest with a Friend Sphere in it. The password for the friend sphere is bottom-middle, right-middle, then middle-middle. Go forward now, and take the path to the right. This leads to the last Primer of the area, and a door with a battle inside, and also a chest with a special sphere. The code goes Plus, Minus, Times, then Plus for the numbers given. Then go to the other chest in the room, hidden in the back. The answer for this chest is 3rd, then 4th, then 2nd, then 1st for a Skill Sphere. After that, go back to the fork and go the other way. You will now fight a Chimera group after a very emotional scene. Now, under the stairs you are on, there is a Lvl 4 Key Sphere, and in the other chest is a Lvl 2 Key Sphere. Then, you will move into the sanctum, but Yuna isn't there. Remember all those awkward moments Tidus had while talking to the guardians. Here's the explanation right now. After all this, you just travel to the Airship, and you fly away from Home.


    Not too much to do here. Go and search around the airship, speak with Dona and return to the bridge and talk with Brother, the main pilot in the center control of the bridge. He says he has found Yuna, and you have to go to Bevelle. Now try to leave the bridge and you will learn that some Guado from Home snuck on the ship. Go to the cabin, which is down from the outside of the Bridge, up the stairs, and down the hall. Now go to the back of the cabin, and go up to the deck. The monsters here aren't too bad, except for Evrae...

    Great, a long range boss that takes half damage from all elements. He doesn't start out at long range, however. Your first move should be to haste everyone and slow Evrae. When Evrae roars, pull the ship away with Rikku or Tidus so you aren't hit with Poison Breath, which does great damage and poisons everyone. Al-Bhed potions will probably be needed for this battle. Just keep attacking and, if you want, pull away to use salvo. Evrae can be blinded, so doing that will make him very weak. If everyone is hasted and Evrae is slowed, you may be able to finish this in just a few turns. When he is at half his HP, he will haste himself though, don't worry about slowing him again, just make sure everyone is hasted and keep attacking. If Evrae uses Stone Gaze, use a soft and rehaste the party member. Power Break may also be useful.

    After the battle, you will make it to Bevelle.


    Here, you will have to move forward into battle after battle. There are 5 battles in all, and there is no real strategy to them, except to never leave a YKT-63 alone, because if it is alone it will use Thrust Kick. After this is all done, Yuna jumps off of Bevelle! She is saved by Valefor, though, and you follow her to Bevelle Temple. Ride the machina down, and go to the next area. Before the entrance to the Trial, be sure to get the Primer. This is, as far as I know, the ONLY TIME you can get this Primer. Now enter the Cloister, and be prepared for what I think is the hardest Cloister of Trials in the game, and I am sure you will agree.

    When you come out of the fayth, you are captured and put on trial. For a sentence, you are split and each party will have to go through a dungeon. First is the Via Purifico, starting with Yuna alone. While in this area, try to max your aeons overdrives. You can find Lulu by going left, right, and right from the start, Kimahri by going right and left from the start, and Auron at the end of this maze-like dungeon. In the same room as Lulu is a Wht Magic Sphere, and south of her is a room with an Elixir and a glyph you should activate. Before continuing past the save sphere you found Auron near, go back to the beginning, and go north, up the middle path. In the room at the end of this path is a Blk Magic Sphere, and another glyph. Stepping on this moves a glyph to the northeast corner of the area, so travel there and step on the glyph when it points west. This leads to a room that is otherwise impossible to get to, with 10000 Gil, a Skill Sphere, and a Lucid Ring. Now, you are done. Get up your aeons overdrives and go to the north, save, and continue. At the end, you will meet Isaaru, and you need to fight him now.

    This battle is really easy, even more so if you have overdrives up for your aeons. He will start with his version of Ifrit. Use Shiva and attack him enough for Diamond Dust to kill him before he can use his overdrive(Diamond Dust should 1-hit him, so you don't have to worry about the overdrive that I believe Grothia always starts with). For his Valefor, use Bahamut and attack him until he can be killed by Mega Flare. For his Bahamut, use Shiva, Ixion, or Ifrit, and just hammer away at him. An easy win, for sure.

    Now you will take control of Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku. Swim forward and Evrae will make a return as Evrae Atlanta.

    Great, him again? Well, this battle is really, really horribly hard. He is undead right now, so I would suggest using a Phoenix Down on him. Then, use another. He's dead. Congrats. Hard, right?

    Well, after that super hard battle, keep swimming forward, watching for treasure chests. There is a Rematch close to where you fought Evrae Atlanta, just slightly up the path, and an Avenger a little farther. Keep going to make it to the Highbridge. Near the save sphere here, get all your aeon's and character's overdrives up, then continue to the end of the highbridge to fight Seymour again.

    First off, don't attack Seymour directly, attack the Mortibody. When the Mortibody dies, it absorbs Seymours health. If your Aeon goes into battle, it will die after it's first turn, which means you should just use the aeons overdrive and let them die. These overdrives hit both Seymour and the Mortibody, so you will not only do lots of damage to Seymour as well as making the Mortibody absorb health from Seymour. If Seymour isn't dead by the time you finish with all your overdrives, then keep attacking the Mortibody and cast Reflect(if you have it, you probably won't, it's no problem) on Seymour, so when the Mortibody tries to heal him, it reflects back to you. If someone is petrified, immediately heal them. This battle isn't too hard, but it can be very hard if you are under-leveled.

    After the battle, you are in Macalania Woods. After meeting with Yuna, go right. This leads you to the Calm Lands.

    Calm Lands

    This is where many side-quests are available. I will not be explaining them, but I will say that I will do Requiem Temple, Chocobo Training, and Monster Arena. Here is a brief explanation for them...

    In the Thunder Plains and in the Macalania Woods there are Spheres to give Auron a new Overdrive. The one in the woods is about where the chocobo troops were on your first visit here. The one in the Thunder Plains is easy enough to find if you move from the north to the south. It is on the right side of the Plains.

    There are primers in the northwest of the map and in Requiem Temple. Also, Belgemine is here, around the Crater-like spot near the agency. Just destroy her, she is nothing. She will give you the Aeon's Soul, which lets you power up your Aeon's attributes, and some power spheres for winning. This is also what opens the Requiem Temple battles. After you have done the sidequests you want(I would suggest doing everything you can right now, Monster Arena will help you levvel really easily), Go to the northeast and go to the next area. This will lead to an area with a bridge, and when you pass the bridge you will be attacked by a couple Guados. They will bring forth the Defender X.

    This a battle that is very, very easy if you are smart, and very, very hard if you either don't know what to do or you are under-leveled. If you could kill Seymour Natus without ever being in dnager of dying, this shouldn't be a hard battle. If you have doubts, however, you can always get all of your overdrives up and finish him off easily. I am horribly overleveled at this point in the game because I did the Monster Arena and had some trouble finding Malboro, so I fought many extra battles, so I will try my hardest to give a strategy that is fair to people who aren't quite as leveled as me. First off, an important note: this boss is resistant to regular attacks, so use Armor Break(or Banishing Blade) to negate this, making this battle even easier. A good party is Tidus, Wakka, and Auron, bringing in Yuna to heal and for Aeons. If you have it, Banishing Blade can be very useful, because it does all 4 breaks along with extra damage. Like any battle, Haste everyone first, and if you are having trouble, Protect can be a life-saver. If the boss slows you, just haste again. If the boss uses Mighty Guard, use either Dispel or Ixion's Aerospark. The boss has a counter-attack valled Blast Punch, which halves your current HP. If you stay healed and use your overdrives, this battle is very easy. FYI, on my first playthrough, this boss made me start the game over, because I ran from too many battles throughout the game.

    Now, just go to the northeast to a slope that leads to a cave. This is optional, but I will give a guide for it anyway, just because I'm that awesome.

    Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

    This place is fairly linear, with some dead ends with items in them. The first dead end has a Megalixir, and the open area right afterward has a cutscene. The next dead end has a a Lvl 2 Key Sphere, so skip it if you don't want it. It's wise to start the Monster Arena before coming here, because then while going through here you can get the monsters from here captured. Also, there are monsters from the Cakm Lands here, for help with getting 10 of them. There is a Primer in the Dead End left of the chest with the 2 Mega-Potions. Moving on from the save point, you will meet Lulu's first summoner that she guarded, and she summons Yojimbo, so kill him. He isn't too hard. Unfortunately, I do not know his HP, but just keep attacking him and he will die very easily. Just use your overdrives when you get them and keep attacking him. I would guess his HP is between 30000 and 40000. When you beat him, there is a teleporting platform in front of you, which sends you to the chamber of the fayth or 2 spots with treasure. The right one has 2 x-potions and an MP Sphere, and the left one has a Flexible Arm. Now go to the Chamber of the Fayth. Pick the last option when asked, and start a haggling game thing. I offer him half of his offer +1 Gil twice, then take his deal. If you got enough money and you can triple his offer, he will give you 2 teleport spheres. For the Monster Arena for this area, you will get 40 Silver Hourglasses.

    Mt. Gagazet

    When you enter, Maester Kelk Ronso tells you to leave, but is convinced to be on your side, and Biran and Yenke attacks Kimahri. I will not give a full straategy on them, because they scale with Kimahri, and since I never use Kimahri, and some of you might, so they would be stronger for you than they are for me. From them, Kimahri can learn the Blue Magics Fire Breath, Aqua Breath, Thrust Kick, Mighty Guard, Doom, Stone Breath, Self-Destruct, and White Wind. If Kimahri knows Steal, he ccan steal Lvl 3 Key Spheres from them. If Kimahri knows Use, Shining Gems will completely destroy them. They give good AP, and give a Return Sphere each(Shining Gem Overkilled them for me, so I got 4 total). Now, just continue on, catching monsters on your way. When you make it to a part with a U-Turn and a small dead-end path going north, the dead-end path has a Braska's Sphere. This area is fairly linear, so just continue on until you reach a save sphere in an area called "Mountain Trail". There is a boss in the next area. Get your overdrives up now, if you need to. Welcome back, Seymour...

    Start this fight out with Hastega, and use your Overdrives. This battle is known for being super hard, mainly because of Total Annihilation. This is a very damaging attack that could wipe out a weakened party in a single turn. I believe that when Seymour says he is ready for annihilation, killing the Mortiorchis will delay the attack a bit. Seymour can also Zombie a character and use Full-Life on them, so heal them immediately. I believe Bio works on Seymour, as well as Silence. Keep attacking and watching your health and Seymour will soon go down. Just be smart while fighting him and he is no problem.

    Now, when you continue on, Tidus will be transported to Zanarkand. Just go into the house, and follow the kid. When you are out, go forward until you find the save sphere. Going on the path left of the sphere leads to a water area where you will have to use Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku. This path forks in the next area, but go straight. This leads to the first trial of Gagazet. This is a timing puzzle, just keep at it and try to time it so you hit the middle. Now go back to the save sphere and go north this time. Take the left path and it leads to another Trial. This one is very easy. Rikku goes in the green hole, Wakka in the orange hole, and Tidus in the blue. Now, when you are come back from this trial, there is a path upwards. This leads to the next area, but first go back to the save sphere and go along the other path. This leads to 2 treasure chests with a Return sphere and a Recovery Ring. Now, go back to the path up and continue on, until you meet the Sanctuary Keeper.

    Start out with your overdrives. If you use all of your Aeon's Overdrives and all of your Character's overdrives, he should fall immediately. He counters with Tail Sweep, his Photon Wings cause nasty Status Effects, and when he is low on health he will cast Curaga on himself. You can cast Reflect on him to counter this, if you want. Keep yourr characters healed, use your overdrives, and be smart, and this is a very easy boss. This boss is much, much easier than Seymour Flux. using Banishing Blade or Armor Break is needed to do goood damage on him. If Wakka has good strength, Attack Reels can kill him in a single turn, before the boss can even attack once.

    After a sad scene, pick up the sphere on the ground and move onward to Zanarkand Ruins.

    Zanarkand Ruins

    After an emotional scene, continue on. There really isn't anything noteworthy about this area, other than it is linear and it is very story heavy. It has some of the same monsters as Gagazet, and some new ones which aren't a big problem. Now, when you make it to the Trials, you have a puzzle on the floor, and a screen in the back. I will break this Cloister up to make it as simple as possible.


    START WITH HASTEGA! Put the character with the most health in the space that the boss is facing, and move the other two behind him. Whenever you attack the boss, he will counter attack to the 3 squares he is facing, so every turn before you attack, make sure only 1 person can be hit with each counter attack. I think there are mines that appear on the platforms for this battle, but I killed the boss before that could happen. If the mines appear, just move away from them. This boss isn't too hard, just be strategic about where you move to, heal characters that are berserked, and don't let your tank (the one that the boss is facing) die.

    Now, after some story, go and ask Yunalesca about a way to defeat Sin without sacrifice. Err... She isn't exactly happy that you are trying to break tradition.

    The first form is very easy. Every attack is countered with Darkness, but just heal and keep attacking. She will fall very soon. Before she falls, use Hastega to be ready for her next forms. Don't use overdrives yet.

    Her Second Form has a new attack, Hellbiter, which inflicts Zombie on the party. Just heal it and keep attacking. She will cast healing magic on you to try to hurt zombied characters, but leave zombie on your characters. She will now counterattack with a weak attack that also dispels.

    Her third form... isn't so easy. She has a new attack, Mega-Death. This will kill your entire party, unless they have zombie, so don't get rid of the zombie status unless you need to heal. If they are Regened, use dispel on them. Use your overdrives now. If you keep everyone zombied, she won't have any move that can really do anything.

    Now, before leaving, get the Sun Crest. You may have to go down the stairs in the back for it to appear, I'm not really sure. It appears next to th stairs in the back. Now go outside of the Dome, and the Airship will come and pick you up.

    Airship and Pre-end Game

    After a bit of story, go to Bevelle (Highbridge on the Airship map) and talk with Maester Mika. Now, after this story, you go to the fayth in Bevelle, and he will tell you how to defeat Sin. Now, you can go and fight sin, but there is much more to do, first. Now that you have the Airship, you can go to other areas to do Monster Arena, Find Auron's spheres for his overdrive, and do anything else you would like. I will not give a full list of where Auron's Spheres are, or of the other prizes from the Monster Arena. You may now go to Guadosalam, and there is the Venus Crest in the Farplane now, as well as Lulu talking with her first Summoner and Tromell talking with Jyscal. On the Airship, there is also a search function, which allows you to find secret areas, and here they are, with what is inside...






    There is also an Input Function, to give passwords for special items. Typing VICTORIOUS will give you a location with Victorious, and armor for Rikku with Lightning, Fire, and Iceproof. Typing in MURASAME sends you to a place with Auron's Murasame, which has One MP Cost. Typing in GODHAND will send you to a place with Rikku's Celestial Weapon, the Godhand. Note that all Passwords must be in all caps (Caps lock makes it true?).

    Also, you can redo the Cloister of Trials in all of the temples to get special items. Note that if you already got the special destruction sphere treasure from each cloister, you don't have to do it again, and if you missed the treasure, you have another chance.

    • Besaid gives you an Evasion Sphere, 2 potions, a hi-potion, a Wht Magic Sphere, and an Elixir
    • Kilika gives you a Luck Sphere, an Accuracy Sphere, a Defense Sphere, and an Agility Sphere
    • Djose gives you a Luck Sphere, an Agility Sphere, and a Magic Def Sphere.
    • Macalania gives you a Magic Sphere, a Magic Def Sphere, and an Accuracy Sphere
    • I don't believe Bevelle can be redone
    • Cavern of the Stolen Fayth gives you a Strength Sphere
    • Requiem gives you a Defense Sphere

    If you are wondering what Aeon you can get at Requiem Temple, if you beat Bahamut there and also do the Monster Arena for Mt. Gagazet, you will get two items, a Blossom Crown and a Flower Scepter, and going to the back of the temple shows a door to the Fayth with a barrier on it. Using the items gets rid of the barrier, allowing you to get the Aeons, the Magus Sisters.

    Now, if you are strong enough, you can go fight Sin. Having your characters max at least their own sphere grid path should be enough to win the game, and having characters with more than just their path will be better. Just talk with Cid and select Sin in the airship menu. Don't worry though, you can still leave after you begin the fight.

    This first battle is easy, the Fins Won't really do anything until you move in. When you are far away, use ranged attacks, and when you move in, just pummel the fins. Haste yourself and use Armor Break. Recast Haste and Armor Break every time the Fin uses Negation. Save your Overdrives for later fights. The other fin is the same as the first.

    Haste yourselves and destroy the Sinspawn quickly, you can't hurt Sin until it's dead. Now you can use Armor Break on the core, and when you do this fight is easy. Just keep attacking and he will fall fast. Nothing special about this battle, so don't use overdrives yet.

    This may be a hard battle if you are under leveled. Basically, you have to kill Sin before his Overdrive Gauge fills. He starts out far away, so only ranged attacks can hurt him. If Wakka knows Armor Break, use it. Also, be sure to Haste, of course. With every turn, Sin draws you closer, and after 3 of his turns, melee characters can hit him. Now is when you should use your overdrives. Sin doesn't do much, he has an attack that does little damage and can petrify, but it isn't a threat. Just hit him as hard as you can, and he will very soon fall. Anima is VERY useful in this fight if your characters can not do the job alone.

    Inside Sin

    Congrats, you have entered the Final Dungeon! In the area after the save sphere, there are a few items, but none are too useful. Just go to the North and you will make it to the next area. Quick note: The monsters here are slightly weaker than the monsters in the Omega Dungeon, which is still pretty hard. Just keep going north and soon you will find a save sphere. Of course, this means a boss.

    Seymour again, eh? Well, he isn't too hard. If you have someone's Celestial Weapon and they can hit over 9999, this won't be hard. If not, you can use Anima. Seymour will have the Mortiphasms behind him move to determine his element. Use Nul-whatever for whatever element is facing him on all the Mortiphasms, and you could cast the opposing element on Seymour if you want. Use your overdrives, use your Aeons, and just let everything out on him. He falls quickly.

    Now you will find another area, with some items that aren't useful again. Just continue on the path and you will reach a new area with a save sphere and a path north. This is the final save sphere in the game, so save and continue north. Now you will be in an area with ice spires coming up from the ground in some places, and running into them will trigger a battle. Don't get hurt too bad, and try to collect the glowing spheres for some items. Once you collect 10 items, you move on to the next area, and it may seem familiar. It is the area from the beginning of the game when Tidus is sucked into Sin. Heal, Walk forward, and fight Jecht.

    The Final Boss! Hooray! If you have characters that can hit over 9999, this isn't a bad battle. If your characters aren't able to break 9999, Anima could win this battle alone. The Yu Pagodas on the sides of the boss will heal him, so you have to kill them every time they come back. Jecht is nothing right now, he could be killed in a turn or two. In his second form, however, his regular attack becomes an attack that hits all 3 of your characters for good damage. When Jecht has full overdrive, Tidus should talk to him and calm him down, or Jecht will attack with a powerful move. The move changes by how many overdrives he has done, I believe, and I think the Yu Pagodas help him fill his gauge. As long as you stay hasted, be smart, use your overdrives well, and keep attacking, he will fall. Watch out for Jecht Beam, which can Petrify someone. Use whatever strategy you are fond of, really, because your levels and skills may be much different from mine.

    Huh? Oh great, it isn't actually over. Now you need to kill all of your aeons. You shouldn't have any trouble with this, but if you used Aeons a lot more than characters in this game, it could be hard. I don't think you can die, though, so just keep attacking. The Yu Pagodas are back, but just keep attacking your Aeons. When they're all done...

    You still have another battle. Just keep attacking, I still don't think you can die. Use an Overdrive to make it fast. Now kick back, watch the ending, and thank Squaresoft/Enix

    Written by leader of mortals

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