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    Our story begins with a legend telling of a powerful artifact that has the power to reshape reality. Able to grant a person their heart's desire, this artifact, know as the Dewprism, has been sought by many without success.

    In a remote corner of the world, a stranger appears out if the night and forever changes the life of the boy Rue by murdering his friend. In another part of the world, Princess Mint is shocked to discover that she has been passed over in the line of succession in favour of her younger sister Maya, a powerful magic user much like herself. Two lives dramatically changed, and with only one goal - to reclaim what they lost.

    For Rue, the Dewprism is the only hope he has of bringing back his friend. For Mint the Dewprism will be the deciding factor in her bid to reclaim the of East Heaven Kingdom. In the race to claim the mystical relic, the two will cross paths often; who will succeed remains entirely up to you!

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