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    Final Fantasy III

    It's funny how sometimes the things that seem HUGE to us at the time can become tiny and insignificant in the long run. For the four boys, venturing off to the newly formed cave was an incredible new experience. However, it would pale in comparison to what happened to them next. The Wind Crystal, emerged now from the underworld, had chosen them. They had been chosen to find the other three crystals and bring hope back to the world. It's as simple as that, right? Wrong. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems in Final Fantasy, and this early installment is no exception. Your journey will be filled with new friends, horrible fiends, and more adventure than you can shake a Chocobo at. Prepare to enter an incredible adventure that will have you thrilled til the very end.

    Editor's Note: This section is mainly about the NES fanslated version (thank you, Neo Demiforce). It's generally useful for the DS release, as far as monsters and such go, but your fancy letters and quite a bit of the plotline will uh, it'll be different 8) Sorry! Hopefully we'll get something going soon!

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