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    Two years have passed since Midgar, Shinra's dark city of Mako, was destroyed. As the survivors begin to pick up the pieces of their lives and shoulder the burden of reconstruction, a mysterious and unstoppable illness called Geostigma begins to afflict the population. And so Cloud Strife, who leads a life of solitude, must step forward once again to confront the demons of his past, the menace of the present, and once again fight for the future of the planet.

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    Loony BoB

    General Minigame Conversation

    Thread Starter: Loony BoB

    Avoiding plot points, this is just to talk about the gameplay of the many, many minigames and how they were worked into FFVII.

    I'm a big

    Last Post By: Shadowdust 04-25-2024, 02:58 PM Go to last post
    Loony BoB

    Rebirth - Piano minigame

    Thread Starter: Loony BoB

    This is the hardest minigame I've ever played in a FF game and I think I will actually have to give up on it so fast. Who thought analog sticks on a rhythm

    Last Post By: Loony BoB 03-25-2024, 11:10 PM Go to last post
    Del Murder

    Rebirth thoughts - spoilers through Chapter 1

    Thread Starter: Del Murder

    Pulling a BoB here and making a separate thread by chapter. Will include any spoilers through chapter 1.

    The prologue was surprising.

    Last Post By: Example 03-22-2024, 02:23 PM Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Sephiroth

    So, I played through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth 3 days ago.

    Here are some of my thoughts.

    Graphics, Technical

    Last Post By: gracielabrown 06-10-2024, 11:07 PM Go to last post

    The Moogles look like deformed Sesame Street puppets

    Thread Starter: Psychotic

    And I don't like it.

    Last Post By: Gold_Moogle 03-13-2024, 06:16 AM Go to last post

    Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Demo is out!

    Thread Starter: Freya

    Square Enix released the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo! Run, don't walk to try it out! Rebirth is the second part of the final fantasy VII remake.

    Last Post By: Del Murder 02-11-2024, 05:58 AM Go to last post
    Wolf Kanno

    FFVII Advent Children Complete showing in U.S. theaters in February.

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    As a means to garner more hype for FFVII: Rebirth, the film is going to be shown thanks to Fathom Events. The showings will also have a preview for Rebirth

    Last Post By: Wolf Kanno 01-24-2024, 09:04 AM Go to last post
    Del Murder

    Can't wait until Feb 29!

    Thread Starter: Del Murder

    I have not anticipated a new game as much as this in quite some time. It looks amazing, it has so many of the things that made FFVII special, and lots

    Last Post By: Karifean 01-07-2024, 09:59 PM Go to last post