• AC Special Edition

    Disc One

    Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII
    The Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII essentially tells the story of the original game by displaying quite a few scenes of dialogue between Cloud and the game's other main characters. It also features snippets of quite a few of the game's CG scenes, and is also tied into Advent Children through several live-action shots of roadways and landscapes, with Cloud talking to various people through voiceovers that imitate a cellphone discussion.

    Disc Two
    Deleted Scenes
    • Scene 1: In the first brief deleted scene, Tifa confronts Cloud about his guilt over Aerith's death, asking him why he's so wrapped up in the past that he neglects his friends and family.
    • Scene 2: Cloud has a brief exchange with Sephiroth in which he angrily tells his nemesis that he was his idol as a boy. This scene would have taken place near the end of the climactic battle.
    • Scene 3: Kadaj and Rufus have a brief and rather worthless discussion before Kadaj summons Bahamut Sin.
    • Scene 4: Cloud and Sephiroth exchange a handful of words while flying through the air in mid-battle.
    • Scene 5: Barrett pose!
    • Scene 6: Vincent flips off a tree and flies directly in front of the camera.
    • Scene 7: Cloud rushes Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz on his bike in the City of the Ancients, but the children are not present.
    • Scene 8: A 10 second fight scene between Cloud and Loz ends with Cloud flying backwards and Yazoo firing shots at him.
    • Scene 9: Reno and Rude get a glimpse at Bahamut Sin and decide that retreat is the most appropriate action.
    • Scene 10: Another ten second fight scene in which Cloud takes on Loz and Yazoo.
    • Scene 11: The last deleted scene is simply another short battle between Cloud, Loz, and Yazoo.

    Many of these deleted scenes are very similar to scenes in the final version of the film. While some simply have different dialogue, such as Scenes three and four, others are simply tweaked versions of the fights between Cloud and his enemies.

    Venice Film Festival Footage
    This feature contains the version of Advent Children that was shown off at the 2004 Venice Film Festival. Approximately 24 minutes in length, this short version of the film is little more than a teaser, hinting at what's to come in the full version. The Venice Film Festival footage features several short battle scenes that would serve to whet the appetite of any action fan. Several key plot scenes are present as well, but the sneak-peak doesn't reveal all of Advent Children's secrets, leaving plenty to be discovered in the final version.

    Distance: The Making of Advent Children
    In the feature Distance: The Making of Advent Children, director Tetsuya Nomura and other membrs of the development team discuss process of creating Advent Children and how it came to exist. The team at Square Enix created their own software to develop a graphical style that was realistic enough to separate itself from the majority of computer-generated films on the market, but still retain the animated flair of a non-live action project.

    Tetsuya Nomura liked the motorcycle designer Takayuki Takeya developed for Cloud so much that he asked him to create an upgraded version. Takeya added more and more features until the final version of the bike was complete. He also designed the version of Bahamut featured in Advent Children.

    Art director Yusuke Naora, who also created the world of Final Fantasy VII, discussed the creation of the town Edge, which surrounds the ruins of Midar. While this town is where much of the film takes place, it is not mentioned specifically in the movie itslef.

    Nobuo Uematsu discussed his soundtrack for the film, adding insight into the new version of One Winged Angel present in Advent Children, and how he managed to successfully blend an orchestral and rock sound into one piece.

    Nomura elaborated on the personalities of the characters in the film, explaining how Kadaj is meant to represent a vicious, younger villain who the older Cloud has to fight against. Though Sephiroth is the ultimate villain in the Final Fantasy VII series, the theme of "children" in the film remains important.

    Despite the action-oriented premise of the film, the creators meant to craft a film with themes of life, consciousness, and the importance of children. These themes are touched on several times in the film, such as in the scenes in which Cloud sees Aerith. Her consciousness is living on inside him. Nomura elaborated on his opinion of Cloud, who he sees as a very weak character. Unlike most heroes, he has many flaws and represents a very "real" human, who is able to triumph in the end.

    Advent Children Trailers
    As the name implies, this is simply a collection of the trailers created throughout Advent Children's long development process. Included are three 2003 Tokyo Game Show trailers, a 2004 TGS trailer, two JUMP Festa trailers, and two trailers from the Electronics Entertainment Expo.

    Sneak Peek of Upcoming Final Fantasy VII Games
    The last special feature on the bonus disc of Advent Children, this section simply contains previews of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, including a brief video for the entire compilation.

    • Before Crisis: Shown in screenshot-form and also in anime cutscenes, the preview for Before Crisis explains that the game will cover the six years leading up to the events of Final Fantasy VII, told from the point of view of the Turks, Shinra's elite force.
    • Crisis Core: Shown in anime form only, Crisis Core covers some of the more thrilling portions of Advent Children's backstory: Cloud's friendship with Zak, the showdown between Zak and Sephiroth, and all the events surrouding Sephiroth's plunge into madness after he discovers the truth of his existence.
    • Dirge of Cerberus: Including both gameplay footage and breathtaking CG cutscenes, Dirge of Cerberus's trailer sheds some light on Vincent Valentine's quest to wipe out the menace of the soldiers who come to the surface from within the bowels of the destroyed city of Midgar.
    • Advent Children: Finally, there is Advent Children. With so many trailers and features for the film in existence already, there's not much left to add for this one.
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