• Sidequests

    Legendary Weapons

    This is a semi-side quest that involves getting three really crappy items to get real good rewards. These 'Legendary' weapons must be brought back to the pub owner Jargen in Carona. Once you have all three items handed to him, he will offer you a fourth option on his menu 'Today's Special' and it will be added to the already weird drink selection.

    After you obtain all three items, head into the back alley of Carona and up the steps that lead to the pub. Speak with Jargo behind the counter and he will make the shocking revelation that the items you are carrying are not legendary at all. They're KITCHEN WARE! Fun. Good thing he can use them. You're given the option to donate them to him (Yeah that's the option you want). You now gain the new option on the very delicious drink menu 'Today's Special'.

    Select the specials option and Jargon will whip up one of them. He won't charge you anything but you need to bring him the ingredients that you obtain from killing monsters. Each dish you eat will raise one of your basic stats. Here's a listing of the dishes and the items needed for your stats to raise:

    The Dream Sequence

    The dream sequence is relatively quick as a side quest and it will reward you with a permanent +4 strength modification.

    Go to the hotel in Carona that has the red banner in the front and spend the night for a small cost of 500g. Search the room to find a Dream Stone and go to sleep. You will have an enthralling dream of a Ootang in Carona Forest jumping into a hollow tree stump, landing into a cave below. When you wake, head to the forest.

    You can now jump into the hollow tree and you find yourself in that very same cave! Surprise! About halfway through you will come across a mandola and when you check it, it will say that it is wilted so you need some water. Easy if you're Mint, use your awesome blue magic and drench it but if you're Rue you'll need to change into a specter which you find in the Ghost Temple.

    Now once the flower has grown to full size, jump on it and it will allow you to get to the ledge on the left. There you will find a book in a chest and it's called 'The Last Hero'. Return to Carona and head over to Rod's place and luckily for you he always wanted to read the book and wonders if you'll be awesome enough to give it to him. Yes you are! In exchange, he'll give you Strength +4. Wicked.

    Rod the Blade Star

    Just between the Inn and the Klautus residence lies a grassy field. This is the home of a fellow named Rod the Blade Star aka Bum. He likes to make his own weapons and test them in battle to which he offers to beat you up and pay you 9-1 what you give him if you defeat him, He charges 100g a fight and you can win 900g back if you pwn him. This may seem like a simple trainning excercise but if you see it to the end, it's the most challenging part of the game.

    Beating this guy as Mint, you need uber spells and lots of MP, as Rue, some fights are not transform worthy or he'll whoop you something stupid.

    If you beat the super star's Dark Hurricane 5 times in each form, you'll get rewards!

    Monkey's Playground

    Return to Carona Forest either with an Ootang coin from the Ghost Temple, or use the Mandola to lure the nearby Ootang in the altar area closser, then seed-shoot it to death and collect its coin. Climb up into the trees via the Ootang form and you will find a bonus area up there. but no items that's mentionable.

    Rare Wine

    To obtain the Rare Wine, look into the magic section above the 'Super' spell effect, the wine is in the same place. Once you got it, do NOT sell it to Marcum. Go into the back alley of Carona and enter Hobbs' shop. If you recall he's got ka-ray-zee prices on upgrades for Strength, Defense, HP and MP at 30,000g a piece! Talk to him and he'll ask you to hook him up with your booze. Give it to him and he'll bring down his prices to a less crazy 5,000g.

    Brooch - Mint only

    In the Gamul Forest, there is a platform with two switches. Hit the switch at the left, the switches should be facing each other. Continue on as usual and you should get the Brooch.

    Give it to Annette for discounts on drinks or sell it to Marcum for 4,000 or 6,000G (if you refuse his initial offer).

    Mysterious Statues - Rue only

    After clearing out the Ghost Temple, return to it and enter the left door and make your way to the end. There is a door shortly before the room where you fought Duke that was previously blocked by a wall. Enter to find three dolls and three chests that contains mysterious statue and other items.

    Return to Carona and offer it to Marcum twice, he will offer 4,000g the first time and 6,000g after you turn him down the first time. If you bring it to Klaus, he will trade you +10 MP in exchange. TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!!

    Bat Cave

    You will need both a Bubba and Stinger coin to get to this place, its a little tricky. Go to the cliffs in Carona Forest and find the outcropping that leads to the far-right to a single large rock.

    Switch to the Bubba and smash the rock, the switch to the Stinger and go into the hole. Hold down T and roll around to kill the small bats and you will get a Star Stone as a reward for killing all 20 bats.