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    Ah, I remember when I first played a demo of this game with Playstation Underground.

    Graphics: 8.0
    The graphics on this game are really great for a PSX game, but they seemed a little too stiff. For example: Rue's hair moves only in one way while standing, walking, and running.

    Music: 10.0
    Threads of Fate had the best music that wasn't in a Final Fantasy series. The music seemed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    Sound Effects: 9.0
    The Sound Effects were placed well amongst Threads of Fate. The most heard one is probably the X button attacks on Rue and Mint.

    Story: 10.0
    The story seemed to be enchanting in a corny sort of way. Rue, a boy who lost Claire, who was like a sister to him. Mint, a spunky girl with hopes of taking over the world.

    Characters and NPCs: 10.0
    Rue and Mint should have a sequel! There was great character development between the two of them. The NPCs all seem to have something to say, even though they shouldn't know what's going on!

    Overall: 9.5
    Threads of Fate is a must for those players who love action/RPGs! The reason I gave this game a 10/10 is because it's worth your money!

    Submitted by One Winged Angel.