• Mint's Magic

    Mint is a magic user. She gains new magical abilities as she progresses through the game, and she can gain new ways to cast her magic as well. She isn't very good at physical attacks and she's not the best choice to start out with but she can excel easier then Rue.

    All the Hyper moves, except shadow strike take all MP present to cast (requires minimum to cast). The more MP you have, the more effective it is.

    Magic Types - Where to obtain the following:

    • Normal: Mint's regular attacks. This is available at the beginning of the game.
    • Wide: At the beginning of the game, you already have this.
    • Super: Third ice block in the Underground Ruins. In the second segment of the dungeon, you must collect 6 tokens to advance. In the last room, which is presented in side-view, you must use fire magic to melt down the ice. You need about 110 mp to complete the task.
    • Power: After defeating Skull Beast and being ported to town, return to the Underground Ruins and check the Skull Beast's corpse in the Underground Ruins, but only after showing the Cube to Klaus.
    • Circle: You must obtain Black Magic before obtaining this type of magic. Go to the area of Carona Forest with Stingers and Mandolas and find the giant rock on the left side. Use the Graviton spell to destroy the rock and jump across. There is just enough room to make it, so it may take several tries.
    • Hyper: Defeat Wylaf after returning from the Tower of Maya. All Hyper spells with the exception of Shadow Strike will take up all of your MP.
    • Cosmos: Hard to miss, you'll get it when you come across it in game.