• Mint's Walkthrough

    World Domination Baby~!


    • Blood & Smokey
    • Nightmare

    What is Mint's life long dream? To rule the WORLD, of course! She was even in line to be Queen of the East Haven Kingdom until everyone got fed up with her selfish behavior. Now Maya's next in line, and Mint's on a boat searching for the relic. She arrives in Carona, a very small town with a few inhabitants. Outside the Inn is a blonde woman worrying about Elena. Explore the town for a bit, then go to the forest to find her.

    The first time entering the forest you'll undergo a short tutorial. Continue on, and Mint sees the missing girl Elena being mugged by bandits. She'll give them a nice drop kick, then battle ensues. Hit them with the Valor magic until your MP runs dry, then attack head on. It's only your first boss fight, so it shouldn't be that hard.

    After Blood and Smokey run away like little pansies, Elena tells Mint that her parents are also in search of the Relic (I have no idea why they put the brackets around the word relic every time). If you beat Elena to them, she gives Mint a Silver Coin! After getting the shiny coin, Mint meets Mira and Klaus, Elena's parents, and Rue. They tell her everything they know about the relic, and about the Atelier that Klaus broke his ankle trying to get to.

    Once you drop back down in the forest, there's a wall. Go up to the wall and press X, and two Gargoyles will appear. You have to kill them both at the same time. They will respawn until you do. Rue gets to kill them separately, no fair! Use the healing spring before going up stairs if necessary, because there's another boss fight on the way.

    Cadmon's Atelier, yay! Unfortunately Nightmare, the guardian-horse thingy, doesn't want anyone to come in. He has some pretty devastating attacks, but they are fairly easy to avoid. Run around the Atelier until he jumps. As soon as the pink aura around him fades, hit him with some Valor magic and run away. If you don't get away fast enough, he'll turn around and toss Mint clear to the other side of the Atelier. Basically this battle is hit-run-hit-run.

    Now that that's over, go into the Atelier and nab you some treasure. There should be three of them in all, one of them outside if you're having trouble finding it. When you get the treasure, check the huge vault in the middle of the room. It's about that time that Klaus comes by to help Mint out with that vault. When they're all done at the Atelier, you can go back to Carona, yay!

    Underground Trap


    • Skull Beast
    • Belle

    Navigating through the ruins is tricky, but once you know the way it's quite simple. One thing you must remember is that you are NOT going in circles! Never, ever go backwards because it is very confusing. Just go right, left, right, left, until you hear running water. Take a right and Mint comes to a waterfall and a Pollywog. Repeat the cycle again, taking you to an identical waterfall and Pollywog. Do the right, left, right, left, deal again until you have to jump over some walls that are shorter than the others. Go left, and there will be another waterfall that's slightly different than the others. Get the platforms and when you reach an area with ice, use your new Red Magic to melt it. If you can melt the ice blocks beyond the platform, there is a treasure chest containing Rare Wine and Super Magic! If Mint doesn't enough MP now, a good way to increase that is by using up MP on the King Ants.

    Once you have all of the platforms, go back into the room Mint fell in before and jump on all of them from right to left to activate them. Jump down another hole and go right to find Rue and a huge boulder. Keep talking to him until the boulder starts to roll. Try to avoid the falling debris, because they'll slow you down and they hurt (but you knew that). Just run to the area on the left where Mint came in to avoid the boulder. If you go all the way to the right, waaaay waaay over there, past the spot where the boulder was, you'll find a healing spring! The boulder knocked down the wall that was in the way before, so you can proceed.

    Jump on the flashing platforms, and try not to fall in the water because you'll lose health and you have a boss fight up ahead. Grab the Legendary Sword (do NOT sell it, for the love of God!). You can't use it until towards the end of the game, but it'll be worth it.

    Go into the next room, and big surprise! A guardian! He's pretty easy to beat, just hop around and dodge his attacks until he gets tired, then hit him with some Blue Magic. Don't try hitting him before then, it won't do any good. When you finally get into Elroy's Atelier, there's some nice items waiting for you. There's a Tiara, a Cube, and some Coin of Life. There is also a healing area in one of these rooms. There's a boss fight coming up, so you might want to use it (you didn't think you were done after that easy guardian, did you?).

    Heading back, you'll meet Belle and Duke. Belle's pretty fast, so watch out. Keep your distance to avoid her attacks, and cast magic when she's open. If you're low on MP a good drop kick every now and then should help. Although Mint was able to defeat her, she stole the Tiara! What a shame...she could have given it to Rue to replace that awful hat. As you chase them down, the Skull Beast pops back up. You're in the middle of a chase, so hit him once and move on.

    He's not done with you, though! Just stick to the inside part of the stair case and climb up as fast as you can. Don't worry about falling objects, they hurt a lot less than the Skull Beast, so just endure them and stick to the inside. Rue comes and saves Mint, just in the nick of time and they go back to Carona together.

    When you get back to Carona, show Klaus the Cube and sell any stones you have obtained. You can sell the Rare Wine to Tonio, Hobbs, or Marcum. Marcum's initial offer is 2,000G. Refuse his offer and he'll double it. Refuse it again, and he gives up. Talk to him a third time and he changes his mind and offers you even more money. This is the most he'll offer so you should take it. You can give it to Hobbs as a gift, and he'll lower his prices from 30,000G to 5,000G. The Red Wine sells for 800G at Tonio's shop.

    Fancy Mel


    • Blood & Smokey
    • Duke

    Oh, goodie...time for what many consider to be the most annoying part of the game! Mel isn't going to be home when Mint gets to her Atelier, so while you wait, you may as well play with the Poppel Purrels, right? The minigames are the annoying type that are so simple, yet you keep screwing up every time. You just need to time your jumps oh-so-perfectly, so that you don't fall into infinity (this is a little easier on Mint's story because you can cast magic to eliminate the monsters). It's harder than it sounds, trust me. On the bright side, if there's enough time left over, you can try for some coin of life by playing a bonus game!

    After you've done all three minigames, Mel returns home. In return for information on the Cube, she wants Mint to find her missing Poppel Purrel. You'll find the adorable little guy in Carona Forest, being mugged by Blood and Smokey. Just use the same strategy you did the first time, they're not much stronger than last time. It's late, so take a nap at the Inn, then go back to Mel's for the information about that mysterious Cube.

    On her way out, Mint meets Duke again, wearing a silly star costume. Don't be fooled! Just because is costume is very...bright...doesn't make him any weaker! You can't hit him until he's fallen down. Be very carful if he starts to spin, if you get hit it will be very difficult to get back up. Just be sure there's enough HP left over when you defeat him. He'll go high up in the sky and fall on Mint, and it's difficult to dodge.

    When that whole fiasco is over, Mint can finally go back to Klaus and tell him about the Cube. Mint and Klaus open up the cube and out comes Prima Doll! You're now one giant step closer to getting the relic! In order to restore Prima Doll to his former self, he needs some items. You need earrings, two sollerets, two gauntlets, phantomite to make an amulet, and the tiara that was stolen by Belle. Mint will go to the Gamul Forest, and Rue will go to the haunted atelier. This is one of the biggest differences in the two stories.

    Upstream Adventure


    • Rod
    • Belle
    • Cloud Whale

    To get to Gamul Forest, Mint needs a lift from Rod. He agrees to take her in the Pinto provided she defeats him in battle (you don't really have to, though). When she gets there, she runs into Belle and her Hexagon. The best way to defeat her is to wait until the platforms pop up, then hit her with Flare or a few Valor shots.

    Talk to Belle to get a new element of magic! Yay! Use it on the windmill to move on. Try not to attack the Gamulians unless you need more MP. When you get to the area with the tracks, hit the first switch and jump on the lift. Spin the windmill in the next area and hit another switch. Go back to the area with the tracks and make sure the switch faces left. Jump on the lift again, and hit the switches so they're facing each other. This should allow you to recieve the Brooch later on. Now go through the other areas and hit any switches you come by until you run into Belle. She gets eaten by the atelier's guardian, and it's after Mint next.

    To defeat the Cloud Whale, you have to use the Wind magic to hit its mouth. Just try to stay on the raft until it opens its mouth, then attack. If the jewl on its head starts to sparkle, run around the raft to avoid the water sprouting up everywhere. Take the earrings and go back to Carona, where Mint meets Trap Master. What is this surprise he's left you? It's....awful...I just can't say it....you'll have to see for yourself.

    Blood and Smokey challenge you to a fight formally this time. You may go and face them now, or you may wait until later. They've brought help this time! You must defeat Trap Master before beating the crap out of the thugs again. Absolutely do not jump on flashing platforms, or it'll go asplodey! If there's a shadow, that means a giant spikey ball is going to fall there. The best way to attack Trap Master is to stand on the edge of a platform adjacent to him, and attack him with a Wave shot. Whether you win or lose, it doesn't matter; you won't be taken to the Continue Screen. When you're finished with Trap Master, fight Blood and Smokey just the same as before. They haven't learned anything new.

    Dragon Battle


    • Duke and Hexagon
    • Belle
    • Wylaf

    In Raging Mountain, there are boulders blocking your path. To smash these, you need Black Magic. This can be found in the first area if you drop down the side. Progressing forward, you meet Belle and Duke...again. Joy. This time they brought a machine to help them out. You must fight Belle on the Hexagon and Duke at the same time. First, eliminate Duke. If the Hexagon gets close to Mint, jump out of the way! It's most devastating attack, grabbing Mint and tossing her high in the air, is very easy to dodge. To defeat the Hexagon, you must wait until it gets closer, then jump up and kick Belle. She'll fight you on her own after Duke and the Hexagon have been defeated. Keep your distance and hit her with the Graviton spell for extra damage.

    Unfortunately, you still haven't got the Tiara they stole. Heal up at the spring and grab the Legendary Shield, then confront Wylaf. You'll only need to reduce his HP by about half. His attacks are difficult to dodge. If you see swirling dust, stay away from it. You want to defeat him as quickly as possible because whenever he breathes fire, a little bit stays on the field for the rest of the battle. After awhile, it becomes difficult to move around. Carefully avoid him, then wait until he lands to attack. I recommend the Wave shot or Graviton. When he asks you to withdraw your weapon, you can keep still and wait for him to give up the phantomite, or you can attack him and see what happens. Choosing the latter option takes you to the continue screen.

    Together with Prima - Relic Here I Come


    • Gorutan
    • Rod

    Prima Doll becomes his old self again when the items are on him at last. Isn't he just adorable? He gets so excited he burns out all of his energy, and Mint has to go see Mel to find a solution. In order to restore Prima's energy, Mint must zap him with lightning magic, which means she has to defeat Gorutan. Gorutan has two main attacks. One where he shoots lightning, and one where he zaps. To avoid the chase lightning, run around him until he stops. When the stars circling around him expand, that's when you attack. Cast Graviton then run around to avoid the lightning bolt. Repeat this cycle until he's defeated. You get to keep the Yellow Magic, yay!

    When Mint comes back and zaps Prima, Klaus still needs to work on the amulet. If you haven't fought Blood & Smokey yet, you must do that now to progress the story. Klaus is still working on the amulet, so why not take Prima for a walk? If you talk to Marcum, he'll give you 50G. Wanna see something cool? Go to the Grass Fields and talk to Johnny Wolf. He'll follow Mint and Prima around. Talk to Rod a few times and he joins, too! Run around the field a bit and enjoy your little train. When you're all done go to the Lakeside and return to Carona.

    Klaus is finally done with that amulet! You know what that means, Relic Time! In order to get to the ruins, Mint needs the help of Rod's boat. Mint must fight him, just as before. This time he's got a new weapon, so it's a little harder. Attack him with the Valor shot when his weapon is down, and if it starts spinning, run away. Getting caught in that will lower Mint's defense. Even if you lose, Mira bribes Rod with some lunch so it's no big deal. Might hurt your pride a little, though.

    Just as Prima's breaking the seal at the Lake Ruins, Princess Maya and her escort come to stop him. Rue, Belle, and Duke come by and rescue Prima, but leave Mint behind with the Pumpkins; but don't worry, Rue comes to you rescue later....wait, no, that's a Stinger!!! What? It IS Rue? And he's not wearing a hat? And his hair is really cool??? What is all of this? No time for that now, though, you need to get going! If you jump across the platforms by yourself, you get a gold coin. When you jump on the platforms, try to strike the witches with a lightning bolt so they don't hit you.

    Maya's Here - Protect Prima


    • Psycho Master

    This part is very different from Rue's story. When Mint comes out of the Inn, she has a little chat with Psycho Master. When he leaves, Elena asks for her help in rescuing her mother. You may notice some different monsters in Carona Forest this time around. They're normally found in the Ghost Temple, which is only available in Rue's story. Help Blood & Smokey for a shiny coin, then go help Mira.

    Later, Mint checks out the Underground Ruins. The water has stopped running, so you have to rely on memory to make your way through. The Ghost Temple monsters are there, too. You have to get the platforms again, and this time they're guarded by Puppets. Valor shot or Orbit is best for dealing with these. Just get to the end and catch up to Maya. Turns out it was just a trick! Doll Master and Psycho Master are in Carona right now!

    Everyone yells at eachother for some time, then you get to fight Psycho Master! Remember, never EVER hit him head on, attack his back, always! He'll throw you across the room if you do! Keep far away and hit him in the back with the Widespread Blue magic. If he starts floating around, run! Getting caught results in the same thing as attacking his front. By time Mint gets out, it's too late, they're gonna take Prima and there's nothing she can do.

    Maya's Sooo Dead - Collect the Cannon Orbs


    • Trap Master
    • Maya

    Head over to Maya's Tower to find out more about Prima's whereabouts. Don't try to leave once you get in, you'll lose health. There's several Gold Coins and the Legendary Helmet in this tower, try not to miss them. Along the way you run into Trap Master. Just fight him exactly as you did before. I recommend using the Lightning Bolt magic.

    Make your way up until you find Maya and beat the crap out of her! Use the Orbit or Loop spell, then hit her with your rings while your circling magic does further damage. If you get turned into a pumpkin, don't worry. Just bob around the arena and avoid Maya's kicks until you go back. Wait....that's not Maya!!!! It's been Mode Master the entire time! Chase her down to the real Maya's cell and pick out the right one. It doesn't matter which one you pick...you get no reward for picking the correct one. The real Maya is on the right, it's pretty funny if you choose her instead of Mode Master :)

    She and Trap Master tell Mint where Prima is, along with the Dewprism. They're both in Valen's Fortress. Hmm....Maybe Rod knows how to get there....

    Before you do anything else, finish up any sidequests you haven't done, buy the Brave Belt and Bracer, and get any other magic forms you don't already have. When you're ready to move on, talk to Rod about getting a ride in the Pinto to Valen's Fortress. Who knew the thing could fly? It's missing five cannon orbs, so ask around town to get them. Klaus, Fancy Mel, Belle & Duke, and Hobbs all have one. The last one Duke and Rod find on their own. Once you've collected four, go to the grass fields and talk to Belle until Rod and Duke show up with the last one. Now onto Valen's Fortress! (dun dun dunnnnn)

    Final Battle

    When you think you're ready, go on to Valen's Fortress. Arena I is pretty simple...just go through and defeat the Gargoyles and warp around until you find the exit. Arena II has obstacles in the way. You don't have to run around and get monster coins like Rue, so just use your magic. Arena III is full of Jinns, don't bother fighting them. Just give them a good jump kick and move past them. All you gotta do is run around and defeat the lizzard guys, which are best dealt with using Loop. Use a nice Graviton spell on the Behemoths in arena IV and fter you've killed them all, go back to where you started, and use the save point.

    This next room is even easier. Blow out one of the flames and relight it, then go to each of the rooms and make sure the two middle flames are lit. One of the rooms has a smaller flame, use Wind magic on that one. When you get an orb, just take it to where you came in, and when you get all four be ready to face Psycho Master. Use the same tactics you used before, avoiding his floaty attack and hitting him in the back. Be careful not to touch the fence.

    The Cursed Crossways take you to many of the enemies you've faced before. You only need to face the Guardians again to move on. They have the same stats you did the first time you faced them, so this should be a piece o' cake. Save, heal, then go face Doll Master.

    Doll Master is much weaker in Mint's story. His worst attacks are when he charges at you, and when he sends explosive Pollywogs to blow up in your face. Graviton and Orbit are probably the best spells for this fight. Now go get that relic and take over the world!

    Valen's got his own ideas, though. He posseses Rue to use the relic and make his own world! The Morning Dew protects Valen as the Evening Dew attacks. To defeat Valen, you must circle around the Dewprism until you're in front of him. Jump up and hit him before he moves again. Don't stay too far from the Evening Dew, when he starts to spin in place, he's either healing the Morning Dew or launching an attack that's impossible to dodge. When you get close enough to him, mash the X button until he knocks you down. It's much easier to get to Valen when the Evening Dew is gone, but be quick because he'll come back. Save your MP for the Blue Hyper spell, which heals you. It takes a lot of MP so don't use it on the enemy.

    Final Battle, yay! It's almost over! This is probably the easiest fight in the game. You can finally use that Gold Magic that Prima gave you! Incedentally, it's the only magic that works with the Cosmo form. Watch out when he's flying, he'll lift you in the air and hit you pretty hard! The only time you can hit him is when he hovers in front of you. Time the one Gold magic spell very carefully. Hold down triangle to block his attack, then let go to hit him with it. You should only have to do this maybe four or five times. There, was that so hard? THE END!

    Be sure to wait until after the credits and save your game. Going through both Rue's and Mint's story will give you a bonus ending and a New Game Plus feature.