• Airship

    Once you gain control of the airship you will be able to go to some extra areas that you couldn't previously. The search function will allow you to find additional locations on the map. The best way to find these are to move the cursor around while pressing X repeatedly. When you have spotted a new destination you will then be able to select it from the list.

    If you have trouble finding any of the locations, these are the co-ordinates for them:

    Here's what you can find at the new locations:


    You will notice on the Airship menu that you can enter passwords. These passwords allow you to access certain locations. These are the passwords:

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    Dr. Acula

    Just played FFX-2 for the first time...

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    ...and damn, it's a good game.

    Don't get me wrong, it has none of the depth of FFX. And the reason I put off playing it for so long is

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    About the death of Dream Zanarkand...

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    Hello fellow Final Fantasy fans, I was just replaying Final Fantasy X, and I just realize something quite dark, when the party killed Yu Yevon, all the

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    Wolf Kanno

    WK's improptu 100% Playthrough

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    I didn't talk about a spooky game challenge this year because I'm playing the scariest game of them all:

    In all seriousness,

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    Who created the mini games ?

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    And how did they smurf up so badly ?


    FFVII : Chocobo breeding and racing. best mini game

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    The Laughing Scene in 2020

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    Man it's been a long time since this game first came out hasn't it?

    After all these years, especially people who first played this game

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    Why do all the Guado except Trommel have an echoey voice?

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    Fool! To return to Macalania a traitor! Traitor! Find your salvation on the Farplane.

    A line all too familiar to those who struggled with

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    Lone Wolf Leonhart

    Hey, what job do you see me doing?

    Thread Starter: Lone Wolf Leonhart

    Don't crush this man's dreams.

    The choice is clear. Clasko is a Chocobo Breeder.

    Do you recall ever picking Chocobo Knight,

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    Lone Wolf Leonhart

    Favorite or most memorable dresspheres

    Thread Starter: Lone Wolf Leonhart

    When the international version came west, I took an instant liking to the new content. The Psychic dressphere was the one I had the most fun playing.

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