• Minigames

    At the Thunder Plains you will have an opportunity to play this challenging mini game which involves dodging lightning bolts. You must press X every time the screen flashes white and Tidus will leap out of the way. Note that this won't work if you keep holding the button down, and it will be easier if you have equipment with the "No Encounters" ability. If you manage to avoid several lightning strikes in a row, a chest will appear in front of Rin's Travel Agency containing a reward for you. Each reward is only available once, but if you manage to win more than one prize just examine the chests several times to receive all of them.

    These are the rewards for avoiding lightning bolts:

    Macalania Woods: Butterfly Hunt

    This mini-game can be played in Macalania Woods - Central and Macalania Woods - North. To start playing, just touch the rainbow-coloured butterfly that you'll encounter just before the end of the areas in question. You will then have to touch seven blue butterfiles within a set time limit. Watch out for the red butterflies, if you run into one you will have to fight a random battle which will be more difficult than usual, and will cost you a small amount of time. If you touch seven blue butterflies in the time limit you will be rewarded by a chest appearing.

    These are the prizes you will receive:

    * When you return with the Airship you will find many more red butterflies fluttering around. Master one of the two areas to gain a teleport sphere, and master both to receive the Saturn Sigil.

    Sanubia Desert: The Valley of the Cactuars

    When you have control of the Airship you can tackle the sandstorm that is raging in the North-East of Sanubia Desert - West. If you examine the Cactuar stone to the South of the sandstorm you will receive a hint on how you can find the first of the ten Gatekeepers.

    These are the locations where the cactuars are hiding:

    Save your game whenever you have the chance, and if you want to take a short cut, you can teleport yourself from the Save Sphere to the Airship and then back to the Oasis. Once you find a cactuar (gatekeeper) you will have to play a game with him. Run towards him when he looks away from Tidus but stand still as soon as he turns around.

    You will fail if Tidus is caught moving. You have three attempts with each Gatekeeper. If you are unsuccessful to will receive a Sphere del Perdedor. If you reach the cactuar in time you will have to fight it. After defeating it you will receive a sphere bearing the Gatekeeper's name. Insert the sphere into the Cactuar stone and find the next Gatekeeper.

    Once you have inserted all the spheres the sandstorm will die down and you can enter the valley to open two chests. One of these contains the Mercury Sigil, and the other depends on the number of gatekeepers you managed to catch.

    Calm Lands: Chocobo Training

    To play chocobo training games, talk to the Chocobo trainer in the North-west of the Calm Lands. If you have the Airship she will be just south of the shops. Your training session will consist of four exercises.

    Wobbly Chocobo: Guide the bucking chocobo over the finish line. You have a time limit of 12.8 seconds. Once this is completed you can ride around the Calm Lands on a chocobo.

    Dodger Chocobo: You must dodge balls that are thrown in your direction and race for the finish line.

    Hyper Dodger Chocobo: As above, but now you must dodge balls and birds.

    Catcher Chocobo: This is a race, and the object is to finish the course in the shortest amount of time. For each balloon you collect, 3 seconds will be deducted from your overall time, but if you collide with any birds on the way time penalties will be added.

    You will receive a prize if you keep to the time limit, and an additional prize each time you improve on your record.

    When playing Catcher Chocobo you won't necessarily be victorious by simply reaching the finish line. The total time is decided by offsetting the number of balloons and birds touched.

    To win the Sun Sigil, you'll have to complete the race in under 0 seconds. Imagine you reach the finish line in 35.9 seconds, having touched a bird. This would make your total time 38.9 seconds. However if you also touch 13 balloons, 13 x 3 seconds will be deducted from your result. So, the final time is below 0 seconds. This is a tricky challenge but not impossible, and you may need a bit of luck when it comes to how the balloons are distributed.

    Remiem Temple: Chocobo Race

    To start this race, talk to the chocobo to the East of Remiem Temple. You will race against another chocobo. If you reach the finish line first you will be rewarded with the Cloudy Mirror. You will find six treasure chests lying on the race course. If you touch these as well as reaching the finish line before the other chocobo you can look forward to some extra prizes.

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