• Let's Play and Video Walkthrough

    Eyes on Final Fantasy members Shauna and Mr Shauna (now known as Dat Matt) have been recording their playthrough of Final Fantasy X HD Remaster. Join them for this fun, lighthearted and enjoyable Let's Play and video walkthrough by two huge Final Fantasy fans from Scotland. Here are the first five episodes of their hilarious journey through Spira.

    In Episode 01, we watch a lot of cutscenes and get an introduction to our main character and also a much more interesting character. Not even twenty minutes into the game, Mr Shauna somehow makes a potentially fatal mistake – can we pull through and continue on in our adventure?

    On this thrilling episode of Lets play Final Fantasy X HD: Tidus continues swim in the air, wakes up next to his best friend Mr Bird, starts some fires and meets a lady. Mr. Shauna discusses his confusion of the opposite sex, Shauna can't decide if she prefers her kindling fried or scrambled and there is a mysterious special guest with some insightful commentary.

    Swimming, octopi and beating electronics into submission – the main attractions of this episode of Let’s Play Final Fantasy X HD Remaster. The Shaunas discuss the ins and outs of the science of piranhas, and Mr Shauna admits he doesn’t understand an important aspect of the game. Before long though, something terrible happens – what could it be?

    The Besaid Aurochs try (and fail) the sphere shot, more piranhas, and Tidus gets roped into joining a major sports team! Is this the beginning of an underdog sports anime!? Let's find out.

    In this episode, Tidus discovers more about this strange new world he has found himself in and reminisces about better times in his life. The puzzle is solved, a summoner is saved, the precepts are not obeyed and VICTORY VICTORY VICTORY!

    If you would like to see more, check out the YouTube playlist starting with Episode 6 here. Alternatively, get involved with the fun and join in with the thread on our forums. New episodes are released on Mondays and Thursdays!

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    FFVII : Chocobo breeding and racing. best mini game

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    Don't crush this man's dreams.

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    When the international version came west, I took an instant liking to the new content. The Psychic dressphere was the one I had the most fun playing.

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