• Locations

    1. Zanarkand
    2. Al Bhed Territory
    3. Isle of Besaid
    4. S.S. Liki
    5. Kilika
    6. S.S. Winno
    7. Luca
    8. Mi'Ihen Highroad
    9. Mushroom Rock
    10. Djose Highroad
    11. Moonflow
    12. Guadosalam
    13. Thunder Plains
    14. Macalania
    15. Sunabia Desert
    16. Home
    17. Bevelle
    18. The Calm Lands
    19. Remiem Temple
    20. Mt. Gagazet
    21. Zanarkand Ruins
    22. Omega Ruins
    23. Sin
    Zanarkand: Zanarkand is where the game begins. It's the home of Tidus. Bliztball is all the rage here and a game is about to begin at the start of the game. During the game Zanarkand is attacked by Sin. Auron, a friend of Tidus's family, appears to help out.

    Al Bhed Territory: Al Bhed Territory are the ruins where Tidus wakes up after Sin's attack. Rikku shows up while Tidus is fighting a Klikk and saves his life. Ancient secrets can be found here as well as Lulu's ultimate weapon, Onion Knight. Much later in the game you can return to find Baaj Temple where Anima's Chamber of Fayth is found.

    Isle of Besaid: Besaid is the home of Yuna, Wakka, and Lulu. You also meet Kihmari here. Yuna begins her Pilgrimage by going to the Chamber of Fayth to pray for the Aeon Valefor. Tidus joins the group as a gaurdian. Home of the Besaid Aurochs and the Crusaders.

    S.S. Liki: The ship that sails from Besaid to Kilika. O'aka is introduced here.

    Kilika: Kilika is home to Ifrit's Chamber of Fayth. Upon arrival the town is recovering from an attack by Sin. Yuna prepares the dead for the Farplane by performing The Sending ritual. Home of the Kilika Beasts.

    S.S. Winno: The ship that sails between Kilika and Luca. Perform the Jecht shot challenge while on aboard.

    Luca: Luca is home to the Blitzball stadium and the Sphere Theatre. The Maester of Yevon appears for an upcoming game and Yuna becomes kidnapped by Al Bhed. Auron reappears here. Home to the Luca Goers. Wakka's world Champion can be found here.

    Mi'Ihen Highroad: The road that connects Luca to the DJose Highroad. It contains many statues of some of the heroes of Spira. Maechen is present to teach the curious about the history of the road and Lord Mi'Ihen. The Mi'Ihen Highroad is home to Mr. Rins travel ageny where Chocobo's can be purchased for travel along the road but is currently being terrorized by a Chocobo eating monster. Belgimine, a fellow summoner on her Pilgrimage will challenge Yuna to a duel. Home to Auron's Masamune and Rikku's Godhand.

    Mushroom Rock: Mushroom rock is a point on the Mi'Ihen Highroad. The Crusaders have the way blocked off due to the staging of a planned attack against Sin. The Maester of Yevon talks them into allowing the Summoner and her Guardians passage.

    DJose Highroad: The Djose Highroad is home to Ixion's Chamber of Fayth. The Summoner Isaaru is introduced inside the temple. The road runs from the Temple to the river Moonflow.

    Moonflow: The Moonflow is the river that runs between the DJose Highroad and Guadosalam. Shoopufs are used to travel between the two ports. Ride a Shoopuf! Yuna is challenged by Belgimine here again and Kihmari runs into some old rivals. The party runs into Rikku and she joins the group of Guardians.

    Guadosalam: Guadosalam is home to the Guado and the Farplane. Seymour confesses his wish to marry Yuna and proposes to her here. Home of the Guado Glories.

    Thunder Plains: The Thunder Plains are home to well, Thunder! This is the Land of Lightning. Towers are scattered throught to protect travellers on their way. A rest stop is found where Rikku reveals one of her innermost secrets. Quactaur stones found here lead the way to Kihmari's Spirit Lance.

    Macalania: Macalania is home to Shiva's Temple of Fayth. Be sure to chase the butterflies and find the first of Jecht's Spheres here. At the Temple Seymour reveals his secrets and attacks the party. Yuna is lost here. Rin has another travel agency found here. After the fight the party will be chased away and fall through the ice.

    Sanubia Desert: The Sanubia Desert leads the way to the Al Bhed home. A village of Cactuars can be found within.

    Home: Home is the secret hideout of the Al Bhed. Rikku's family is here. After arrival it falls under invasion by the Guado. A secret airship can be found here as well as the Al Bhed Psyches.

    Bevelle: Bevelle is the capital city for the followers of Yevon. Bahamut's Chamber of Fayth is also found here. The wedding ceremony for Seymour and Yuna is about to start when the party arrives. Yuna is reunited with the party and then after receiving Bahamut is attacked by Isaaru. After regrouping with a Kihmari held hostage, another battle with Seymour takes place.

    The Calm Lands: The Calm Lands are home to the Monster Arena and a Chocobo training grounds. The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth is found within where the Aeon Yojimbo can be obtained. Belgimine challenges Yuna once again. Tidus's Caladbolg and Yuna's Nirvana are found here.

    Remiem Temple: This is where Belgimine makes her home. The Aeon Magus Sisters can be found here.

    Mt. Gagazet: Mt. Gagazet is the home of the Ronso. Crossing the mountains is the last step a summoner has to take before reaching the Zanarkand Ruins and completing their Pilgrimage. Many summoners die along the way. Kihmari's home is here and after returning he gains the repect of his people. At the top of the trail Yuna and her Guardians run into Seymour and must battle him once again. Afterwards they must travel through the Cave of Darkenss and pass the Trials of Gagazet. Home of the Ronso Fangs.

    Zanarkand Ruins.: The Zanarkand Ruins are all thats left of the once amazing city of Zanarkand. The Lady of Yevon awaits inside.

    Omega Ruins: The Omega Ruins are a secret location found only using the search option of the airship. It's home to the Ultima Weapon and the heritic Omega Weapon.

    Sin: Sin is where it all goes down. The Pilgimage ends, the final battles take place, and all secrets are revealed.
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