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  1. Tidus, a supreme paradox *sigh*
  2. Hi there!
  3. What happens if you try to get the Celestial Weapons if you don't have the CM?
  4. If you could be any Final Fantasy X character?????
  5. Lulu's overdrive... Fury!
  6. The Magus Sisters...
  7. World class Blitzball team?
  8. How do I beat Nemesis?
  9. Stuff the Saturn Sigil
  10. have you noticed...?
  11. HELP!!
  12. Any tips for Don Tonberry?
  13. FFX replay value
  14. What enemy drops 4-slot weapons?
  15. Why can't I encounter anything at the Highbridge?
  16. Odd Equipment
  17. Need advice for Saymor
  18. Who's hotter?
  19. Help on final fantasy ten
  20. Did this line from Tidus make you cry?
  21. Hurt & Heal
  22. albed battle in icy place
  23. How do I stop Giga Gravition?
  24. Man do I hate that Chocobo race! grrr!!!
  25. endless road/break hp limit
  26. Tidus' last name
  27. How many butterflies total??
  28. Where are the Dark Aeons located??
  29. can you help me please?
  30. Maybe a little too girly?
  31. How many of you ignore other ability slots?
  32. question on Al Bhed Primers
  33. So what is so great about Auron
  34. man!! Wakka's attack reels are insane!
  35. Poll:: Your Favorite Aeons!!!
  36. Comparing FFX NA and FFX PAL
  37. Zaon's Final Aeon
  38. What do you like most about FFX?
  39. Donīt you think Tidus was annoying?
  40. 200 lightning bolts
  41. How much ass do this game really sucks???
  42. Living as Auron
  43. Where is o'wakka's dumb brother wantz
  44. levels in CH5 and tips?
  45. Home Password
  46. riding Chocobos
  47. How do I teach Doublecast to a Summon?
  48. Tidus is a Shim... the evidence
  49. Bad to the Bone Auron
  50. rather short?!?
  51. How is the Storyline?
  52. Guys, have you seen this?
  53. *Screams* HELP
  54. Have any killed panecea ( without yojimbo bribe )
  55. Okay Tidus, enough is enough
  56. PAL? Crap!
  57. Favourite quote?
  59. Braska's Final Aeon
  60. Ummm, can anyone help me....please?
  61. Just a couple of questions for those of you who have played
  62. Help Im Stuck
  63. Kentucky Fried Shoopuf
  64. Clothes
  65. Items?
  66. FFX ruined the way people look at Final Fantasy!!!
  67. Help on FFX2 Spheres!!!
  68. Point of the intro?
  69. Belgemine's items.
  70. Balthier Rocks's Al bhed Challenge!
  71. How difficult you found Vegnaguns 4th form...
  72. Chocobo race and the cloudy mirror
  73. Funny FFX Pics?
  74. I'm a total rookie on this game; will I manage without a Memory Card?
  75. ...dress... WHAT?
  76. We hate tidus
  77. final fantasy x-2 help needed
  78. I Could kill my disc! GRR!
  79. Did Yuna fall in love with Tidus, or something?
  80. Is Yuna about to fall in love with Tidus, or something?
  81. I want Anima! WAA!
  82. Sphere grid
  83. Could you envision this?
  84. level 3/4 Key Spheres...
  85. NRAAAH!!! $#@! it!!
  86. Why do my characters randomly learn new Overdrives?
  87. Maechen and the black mage dressphere (possible spoilers)
  88. Ending...
  89. Bribing...
  90. Best Dress Sphere Combos
  91. So what was Jecht's problem?
  92. I seriously cried during the "Suteki Da Ne" scene...
  93. Specific Skills for each character?
  94. Wouldn't it be great if you could choose Japanese voices with English subtitles?
  95. I think the whole thing with Yuna is an extremely strong part of the storyline...
  96. mate in trouble
  97. Favorite Scenes!
  98. NSG help
  99. Quote Quiz
  100. lulu's master onion knight
  101. djose temple
  102. The Zanarkand Abes v.s. the Luca Goers...
  103. When can I return to Besaid
  104. Wakka's Legendary Weapon
  105. Ultimate Weps?
  106. Siiiiiing, Sing a song
  107. Pausing During Battle...
  108. Is paine emo?
  109. Ending garment grid help
  110. Why doesn't Tidus' feelings towards his father develop?
  111. Problems, Problems, Problems
  112. FFX Dream Team
  113. Al-Bhed
  114. Hints and Tips Galore Fest Gathering Thing...just LOOK would ya?
  115. Maxing out sphere Grid zones on the Mi'ihen Highroad = a good idea?
  116. What was...
  117. Maechen
  118. Little problem here...
  119. Don't you think Yuna should be considered the "main character" in this game?
  120. Blitzball 101
  121. Dolby Pro Logic II Question
  122. Blitzing with the Abes
  123. Continental Circus
  124. Help,problem
  125. quick question
  126. Tiring
  127. How the hell am I supposed to win on the Blitzball Tournament?
  128. would you have preferred it if....
  129. Lady luck & mascot impossible!
  130. Help with the tunnel under the thunder plains
  131. Is Wakka a "good blitzer"?
  132. Trying an NSG game
  133. How does Lulu's Overdrive actually work?
  134. Are there any miss-able items in this game?
  135. OmG dIe TiDuS u R tEh GaYzErZzZzZ!!!1!!1!
  136. Lulu's Melons
  137. Should Wakka be considered a Ranger?
  138. Paula Tiso (Lulu's voice actor)
  139. Things that FFX characters wouldn't do
  140. Question about getting the PAL/International version of FFX
  141. It's Pronounced Tye-dus You Sillies!
  142. Why do people pair Auron with Rikku?
  143. is this game good
  144. What's your favourite Temple of the Fayth?
  145. Am I the only one who loves Rin?
  146. Is it symoblism or something???
  147. Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm
  148. HELP!!!!!!CHOCOBO DUNGEON!!!!!!HELP!!!
  149. bevelle
  150. bevelle
  151. Al Bhed - evil?
  152. How does the Expert Sphere Grid work and look like?
  153. Rawr!
  154. Please help! Can I get back into Besaid Temple without fighting dark valefor??
  155. Why do people think the voice acting is bad?
  156. Level 4 Key spheres?
  157. Was Yuna aware of Tidus in that Ending scene?
  158. Did Yuna develop an emotional bond with her Aeons?
  159. SEETHE!!!
  160. 10-2 riddles
  161. This game is a joke
  162. How do the 9999 and 99999 limits work?
  163. Hate to say it but, I think there's gonna be an X-3
  164. About Auron...
  165. Did anyone else notice...
  166. Strategy guides and forums: how should they be used?
  167. Your brain versus the forum
  168. Another sequel please?
  169. Magic and Gems
  170. Maechen's Test of Knowledge
  171. question about aeons abilities
  172. Are the secret Aeons always listed in a set order?
  173. Help with Treasure Chest Game in Omega Ruins...
  174. Does the Ability "No Encounters" work everywhere?
  175. Because we need a crest for Uranus
  176. zalamander help! please!
  177. Looking back...
  178. Machea~
  179. Is there a faster version of this game?
  180. this game is eye-candy
  181. Could Operation Mi'ihen have worked?
  182. the stat of fortune?(spoilers)
  183. Armor
  184. Who's The True Villain of FFX?
  185. penance
  186. Is Shuyin The Worst Antagonist in FF?
  187. your date with penance
  188. Who Maxed Out Stats For ALL Chars?
  189. Blitzball: Quick Leveling for Keepers
  190. Guise!? I need Character names!
  191. Uh this is sad
  192. Break Hp limit
  193. Breaking HP and Damage limit...
  194. FFX Riddles part 2
  195. how is the party
  196. How do you defeat Dark Yojimbo?
  197. Highbridge Aint Workin!!! Dark Aeons still getting me! HELP!
  198. My second ff challenge
  199. FFX quotes part2
  200. Blitz Ball
  201. Who's the best character in ff10
  202. Whereabouts of Dresspheres
  203. Who's the worst Final Fantasy 10 charater
  204. Can someone explain this?
  205. How Long Did it Take You to Complete This Game?
  206. Things FFX Characters Would Never Say
  207. Why Does Auron Act as Though His Arm is in a Sling?
  208. what if there was a ffx-3?
  209. Huge translation changes in the American version...
  210. Jecht Spheres
  211. I had my worries..
  212. My Final Fantasy X Videos
  213. Hello Everyone
  214. Fayth Lyrics
  215. Guitar tabs
  216. Do any American copies actually include the Dark Aeons?
  217. Getting Zanmato To Work
  218. Please Help Me with the Djose Temple
  219. Why Does Tidus's Map Model Default to the Run Animation?
  220. Does Geosgaeno ever drop four-slotted weapons?
  221. Tidus, you left your cell phone at my place.
  222. God does this game SUCK!
  223. Has Anyone Beaten the First Blitzball Game Before?
  224. How do You Kill Maester Seymour's 3rd Form?
  225. If You Hate Tidus, Post Here!
  226. Anima
  227. On the origin of Blitzball...
  228. Final mission Question
  229. Any help on getting the good dresspheres.
  230. Question about Shinra
  231. How much better this game would have been if there was no X-2?
  232. Final Aeons
  233. I can't take it anymore! (Yojimbo)
  234. Do the Makers of Final Fantasy like Lord of the Rings?
  235. Playable fully 3D Blitzball prototype at Secnd Life
  236. What is the Point of the Caladbolg?
  237. ff x-2
  238. Hymn of Fayth
  239. Sided with New Yevon; want the Deathseeker sphere
  240. Help needed with dragon boss.
  241. Alchemist Lore?
  242. Angra Mainyu: Your Tips
  243. OVERDRIVES!!!
  244. Question about 100% completion
  245. What is your favourite...
  246. The Location of Dream Zanarkand
  247. What are some Dresspheres you never use and why?
  248. More Caladbolg Troubles
  249. Do you speak Al Bhed? I wanna Learn :)
  250. What's everyone's favorite party?