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  1. Elect the thread! EoFF Elections 2010 Style.
  2. The Apocalypse Party
  3. The Fat Chocobos
  4. The Happy Smilers
  5. The Goldenboko Party
  6. The 'I didn't like any of the other parties so I joined this party' Party
  7. The Everybody! Love! And Peace! Party
  8. The People's Democratic Party of the Republic of Eyeson
  9. The Corgi, Black Men, and Metric Party
  10. The Zombie Party - Phase III: Electric Boogaloo. Brains or glory await! Om nom nom!
  11. The Convince-Bastian-To-Join-Your-Party Party
  12. The Party of the Babe Keepers
  13. The 501st Legion Party
  14. EoFF Election Primaries! (1, 3, 5, 7...)
  15. The 'We will slash your car tires' party
  16. The Apathy party Elections
  17. The end of the beginning, Primary Results!
  18. There ain't no rest for the wicked. General Elections Tasks!
  19. Ask a zombie anything! [Elections]
  20. One on one with the 501st.
  21. EoFF Elections 2010, Debate Thread!
  22. Election Day(s) 2010, Voting thread!
  23. Eyes on 2010 Elections, THE RESULTS!