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  1. Gabrielle Trailer

    Gabrielle [Canon]
    Zora C. Manson [Original]
    Ares [Canon]
    Kaso [Original]

    The scene fade into the Crystal Expanse. A large brown, wooden ship comes out of a rift in the sky, the rift closing behind it as the ship falls through the air towards the ground, sliding across the ice and slowing down just a few inches away from the wall. Gabrielle stands up to her feet, and looks around.

    Gabrielle: This does not look like Egypt.

  2. I was in a podcast

    Two actually. It was part of a site called Next Generation. We talked about up-coming movies, and new releases. Figured I'd share with you guys. First time doing a podcast so my performance is crap.

  3. X-Men: Movies of Future Past

    Over my vacation I was able to re-watch most of the movies from the X-Men franchise. I've been a fan of the franchise since my uncle would let me read his comics. Then of course came the great animated series, which for me and maybe others my age, are the definitive X-Men.

    When Days of Future Past came out, I was suddenly excited. Last year's The Wolverine turned out to be a pleasant surprise, so my hopes were high for this one. Fortunately, it didn't fail expectations; it should save ...
  4. football = lol



    lazy muricans cannot come up with a name for there own sport so they steal it and it hardly makes sense.


  5. Smurfed

    Hahahahaha! I only just realized whenever someone swears on here or uses an inappropriate word it comes up with "smurf" or "smurfed" I'm sure there is a better way to bleep out inappropriate language than making a reference to the smurfs here on a website that revolves around rpg gaming xD #TheSmurfs #Smurfed
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    Film & Television
  6. Eyes on Pop Culture and Aesthetics - Genius Party

    For all of y'all into animation dealing with the surreal, amazing imagery and the dreariness of life in a consumer society, Genius Party should be an interesting watch.

    This short animation anthology combines visual elements of industrialism, postmodern urban life, with a search for the extraordinary. Often taking place on the outskirts of society, representing itself as factories and abandoned buildings at the edge of the city. Some of the works take a more subtle approach by placing ...

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  7. Date Night: the encore

    This entry brought to you by: copypasta

    Dinner and a movie earlier this evening was quite nice. Got together with Morgan, sat down, and saw Iron Man 3. I could have a whole debate of sorts regarding the movie, but I rather enjoyed it. The teasers and trailers showed a lot of action but it was actually spread out quite nicely. Loved the pacing. Fantastic movie. Good little dialogue sequence leading into the credits, and of course, the post-credit teaser.

  8. 10 Best Films of the Year In Brief

    In alphabetical order.

    A powerfully acted and intense historical thriller, Argo tells its tale with a sincerity lacking in many films of the genre.

    The Avengers
    Quick, funny, and action-packed, The Avengers is a self-aware anbd knowingly popcorn flick, propelled by its excellent special effects and charismatic leads.

    A fresh, emotionally rich, and wonder-filled take on the fairy tale genre, Pixar takes an unfamiliar and classic ...
  9. Mega Upload is gone.

    Well America has done it, those smurfing idiots have closed down the biggest file host on the internet, yes, MegaUpload has been shut down and the owners have been arrested.

    Disgusted? I know I am, not only disgusted though but smurfing angry too... could America have done anything as stupid as what they have just done, the internet is going to be up in smurfing arms about this.

    with just 2 minutes in chat (on another site) everyone is clamouring for hackers of the world ...
  10. My Crazy Life

    I haven't moved from this chair for three weeks.

    Yup. That's about it. Crazy, right? I have to get up and, like, just move every hour or so because sitting this long makes me feel like dying.

    Orders have been slow for the last few days--only like ten or so instead of 20 or so. I might actually catch up soon. I've been dangling Skyward Sword in my own face like a carrot.

    Here are the movies I've watched so far this week:

    50/50 - Young guy has super ...
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