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  1. This job is made for me

    So I'm writing a federal habeas corpus brief for a pro bono client of my research professor, claiming ineffective assistance of trial counsel. Right now my job is basically to pick apart everything the state court did in denying our state-level habeas claim for ineffective assistance to try and persuade the federal court just how horrifyingly irrational the state court's decision was. I'm given pretty wide leeway to be as blunt as I need to, and some of things I write would not be out of place in ...
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  2. Mega Upload is gone.

    Well America has done it, those smurfing idiots have closed down the biggest file host on the internet, yes, MegaUpload has been shut down and the owners have been arrested.

    Disgusted? I know I am, not only disgusted though but smurfing angry too... could America have done anything as stupid as what they have just done, the internet is going to be up in smurfing arms about this.

    with just 2 minutes in chat (on another site) everyone is clamouring for hackers of the world ...
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  4. The Love and the Lives of Men and Machine

    [COLOR=#222222][FONT=Times New Roman]I came here and was so excited about the opportunity to write a blog that I wrote one.
    Now I'm dedicated.
    Since my first blog wasn't an introduction, allow me to introduce me. I am Martyr. I am a Christian. I allow music to motivate my moods. I have always been smitten by Sandra Bullock, even though I find her last name unattractive. My favorite board game is chess. My favorite video game is Final Fantasy. My favorite color is green. My favorite ...
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  5. Letters to People I Don't Know Volume 1

    Dear Guys in Line Behind Me at Subway,

    Please do not notice those strips of leg hair I missed while shaving a few days ago. If you notice them you will feel really disturbed, possibly grossed out or you may potentially laugh at me.

    It has taken me a really long time to be okay with wearing shorts in public again, and if you laugh at me I will probably have to burn all of my shorts. Because I will be upset when I set them ablaze I'll likely not notice the self-esteem ...
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  6. "My god, Scalia did something right!!!!!"

    One thing that really annoys me is when completely oblivious people make adamant, absolute claims that are entirely bogus. Regarding the Supreme Court, this comes often from liberal, very partisan, wannabe commentators who only whine about the conservative corporate shills (because NONE of the Democratic elite does what any large corporation wants).

    For instance, today the Supreme Court struck down a California law which prohibited the distribution of violent video games to minors, ...
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  7. God, Miss America, and evolution

    After I posted my last entry, in which I discussed a story about a lot of people pissed off that NBC edited out "under god" in the televised Pledge of Allegiance, I discovered that NBC also pissed off a US Senator. And the Senator sent an angry letter to NBC, demanding a "full written account of its decision-making process in this matter, including an explanation of why these specific words were omitted, and what actions NBC intends to take to prevent such inappropriate edits from ...
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  8. Now instead of doctor, little kids can play TSA agent

    I have not been around much lately due to work and, well, life. But I still try to browse the web at some point each day to see what stupid, ridiculous, and nonsensical things are going on. I sometimes even manage to stumble across the occasional good thing.

    So earlier this year, Georgia passed a law, the purpose of which was to drive illegal immigrants out of the state and thereby creating more job opportunities for honest Americans. And it succeeded; illegal immigrants left Georgia ...

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  9. I want a full album of these guys (Keynes vs. Hayek II)

    Over a year ago, a bunch of economists and grad students made this music video about what causes recessions: too-free businesses (Keynes) or central planning of the market (Hayek). It was brilliant, and displayed both sides very well in a fun way.

    Just yesterday they released Round Two, which is also great. I don't think Hayek made as many brutal points as he did in the first one, but the ending is completely accurate in its analogy to real life: Hayek's argument destroys Keynesian ...
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  10. A new low

    In a pathetic, yet not entirely unexpected, last-ditch attempt to attack the legitimacy of a federal district court claiming that anti-gay marriage statutes are unconstitutional, the Prop 8 supporters are now asking a new district court (the previous judge, Judge Walker has retired) to set aside that decision because of a conflict of interest. What conflict of interest, you might ask?

    He's gay.

    Yes, he had no financial or personal interest. But Walker still should have ...
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