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  1. black rock after a certain point? CT
  2. A Badass FF Character
  3. Mana and SaGa to get ports, no new games
  4. Symphonic Fantasies - music from SQUARE ENIX
  5. Is it worth getting Vagrant Story: yes/no?
  6. some questions about chrono cross
  7. Idea for a Brave Marathoner
  8. KH2 easy experience help
  9. Square Enix celebrates Seiken Densetsu's 20th with music!
  10. Main Character in Seiken Densetsu 3
  11. Squenix has just REGISTERED a new trademark name...SQUARE?
  12. Make Your Own ... blah
  13. Anthropomorphic Duck
  14. Squenix titles at Tokyo Game Show 2011
  15. Squenix to Hold a Dragon Quest Conference Monday
  16. The "Aqua's Sexy Back" song game
  17. Tifa seriously needs a new original Kingdom Hearts makeover and more screen time
  18. 5 seconds of KH3D gameplay
  19. [TGS] Information thread
  20. What did you name your children in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride?
  21. Bravely Default
  22. SE's apparently got plans for the World Ends With You
  23. Pick the music played at Square Enix Concerts!
  24. Crono Trigger coming to PSN next Tuesday, plus possible Chrono Cross!
  25. Tactics Ogre
  26. Your favourite Game Breaker in Kingdom Hearts?
  27. NieR Concert happening in 10 minutes
  28. Kingdom Hearts Theories and Speculations
  29. Important 3rd birthday costume question
  30. Squenix Announces the "Winter of RPGs" Event in North America
  31. Parasite Eve inventory management
  32. Your Top 10 Square/Enix/Squenix games.
  33. Rumor: DQ IX Director working on new Action RPG utilizing Unreal Engine
  34. Total Chrono Trigger geekout
  35. Square Enix Continues to dominate the PSN charts!
  36. Kingdom Hearts.
  37. Chrono Cross mechanics
  38. Time Devourer - WTF?
  39. The age old Chrono Trigger problem, revived!
  41. So yeah, Xenogears.
  42. 8 Minute Dream Drop Distance Trailer
  43. Who's Your Favorite Character from a Non-FF Square Game?
  44. Square Enix Relocating Main Office!
  45. NEXT: N-X Squared (Squex fighter)
  46. Just Cause 2
  47. Fantasia World?
  48. Gunslinger Stratos
  49. Dragon Quest 5 - extremely annoying storyline obstacle
  50. Give Kairi more screen time please!
  51. Ivalice
  52. Your First Square Enix Game
  53. Special trailer!
  54. Secret of Mana video review by yours truly
  55. Brave Fencer Musashi
  56. Top 3 Favorite Entries
  57. Is this a Square Enix character?
  58. Why don't I remember Chernabog at all?
  59. 3D Release date
  60. Article: Kingdom Hearts 3D Update
  61. KH eargasms
  62. Square-Enix Phone Games: Imaginary Range
  63. Xenogears: A Rope of Robots (MAJOR SPOILERS)
  64. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.
  65. Many Truths, the most important cutscene ever.
  66. Top Secret Square-Enix Game Teaser Released
  67. Kingdom Hearts 3D opening!
  68. New NieR Soundtrack Release + Composer Update
  69. Google + Square Enix= Google Maps 8-bit!
  70. Google's "new product" pays homage to Dragon Quest
  71. Theatrhythm, Kingdom Hearts 3D in July
  72. New Bravely Default details
  73. Crystal Conquest Alpha!
  74. 774 Deaths
  75. Chaos Rings II
  76. Heroes of Ruin
  77. Article: Guild 01 featuring Yasumi Matsuno
  78. Million Arthur
  79. Square-Enix launches streaming radio channel
  80. Sleeping Dogs
  81. RUMOR: Square-Enix licences characters to Nintendo
  82. Dragon Quest Monsters 3D
  83. Let's talk about Super Mario RPG
  84. A riddle that's not a riddle...
  85. Possible sequal to The World Ends With You?
  86. 3rd Birthday
  87. Passion/Sanctuary vs. Simple and Clean
  88. Dragon Quest X fancy new trailer and details
  89. Square Enix heads to India
  90. Catacombs - Unannounced Square Enix Game in Limbo
  91. which game had best NPCs
  92. Border Walker
  93. Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White
  94. Namco ex-CEO moves to Square Enix
  95. English trailer for Dream Drop Distance!
  96. DvsD Countdown
  97. Square Enix reports profits for 2011-12 financial year
  98. Kingdom Hearts discussion thread!
  99. Evolution of the series
  100. Agni's Philosophy
  101. Best Square Villain
  102. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
  103. Chrono Trigger is awesome
  104. Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Available on the 3DS Now
  105. Hiromichi Tanaka leaves Square Enix
  106. FFXIII director says that Squenix is done with large scale in-house productions
  107. Soroud and Sephku?
  108. Why No digital release?
  109. Could someone explain the series to me?
  110. Squenix feels the current generation of consoles has lived too long...
  111. Chrono Trigger meets Minecraft
  112. Super Mario RPG Appreciation Thread
  113. DQX not your standard mmo
  114. KH3D Comes out July 31
  115. Chrono Cross: Time Devourer
  116. Chrono Crossers
  117. Squenix announces a new IP that is going to be "hardware-free"
  118. Screw Final Fantasy... Squenix please remake...
  119. Saga Frontier
  120. Otome Break
  121. Kingdom Hearts 3D!
  122. Einhänder
  123. Best non-FF SE soundtrack?
  124. What does locking a world actually do?
  125. Worst SE soundtrack?
  126. KH2 Worlds
  127. Least Favorite Part
  128. 'The World Ends With You' Japanese Countdown Teaser
  129. The elephant in the room
  130. Why oh why
  131. Sora! Donald! Goofy!
  132. Since We Are Doing Soundtracks
  133. deus ex human revolution
  134. Kingdom Hearts Collection?
  135. Final Fan Frustrations
  136. Squenix Trademarks "Circle of Mana"
  137. illusion of gaia general
  138. "Circle of Mana" is trademarked by Square-Enix
  139. question/help about chrono cross
  140. Sora
  141. Demons' Score
  142. Square Enix's search for a star
  143. Learning bad habits from Sony
  144. Guess Who! (Chrono Trigger)
  145. Xenogears Soundtrack
  146. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Announced (PS3)
  147. What if
  148. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Quoted as "only the for Japanese Market"
  149. chrono trigger: everything you may ever need
  150. Cashing in on the Western Audience
  151. 2012's Square Enix: downturn or upswing?
  152. Ehrgeiz
  153. animum ether response offensive drones
  154. There you go
  155. Will a playthrough of Xenogears revive the Enix forum!?
  156. I'm Going In - Dive, Dive, Dive!
  157. Twins Basil! TWINS!
  158. Online store closes virtual doors for good
  159. Any Plot Holes?
  160. Amano: Likes drawing cute girls, never played Final Fantasy
  161. Final Fantasy Experience wrap up
  162. KH is cool. Would it be cooler for this?
  163. Well, that explains the promo artwork.
  164. Ito: Final Fantasy battles are based on NFL
  165. The World Ends With You Sequel (kind of)
  166. SE first to license Unreal Engine 4
  167. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and its PC buddy
  168. Over the hill, and over again.
  169. Chrono Trigger heads to Android
  170. Dragon Quest VII remake for the 3DS
  171. Square-Enix Releases Box Art For Tomb Raider Reboot
  172. Lightsaber Keyblades anyone?
  173. Heroes & Generals
  174. Is Agni's Philosophy actually a game?
  175. Mensa Academy - For when you wanna be smart
  176. Star Ocean 101
  177. kissed any princesses lately?
  178. Dragon Quest 9 gameplay
  179. The, err, Great Star Ocean?
  180. Chrono Trigger Art
  181. DQ7 screens unveiled
  182. Fun with the Luminous Engine
  183. Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade sails to NA
  184. Get To Know Your Staff
  185. Get To Know Your Staff pt II
  186. walk the seasons from spring to winter
  187. Countdown to a Star Ocean Sequel?
  188. What would Kairi's pet spirit dream eater be?
  189. Holiday sales on FF
  190. I'm Going to put you on Hold While I Finish this Level
  191. Article: Get to Know Your Staff Part 3
  192. Demons' Score Sales
  193. Kingdom Hearts gets the holiday treatment
  194. New Tomb Raider Trailer Released!
  195. World Ends With You Sequel on Wii U?
  196. Square-Enix Confirms Layoffs, Denies Impact on MMOs
  197. A fairly unlikely possobility of Square going under.
  198. swallow/safe helm
  199. The Fated Hour
  200. Get these Christmas sales in your stockings
  201. A little piece of SE in every Happy Meal...
  202. New Gameplay Trailer for Square Enix's "Gyrozetter"
  203. Tomb Raider Multiplayer?
  204. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Screens and Trailer!
  205. Who is the Tritagionist of this Series?
  206. Should I Play Chrono Trigger First?
  207. Convince me to play...
  208. Luminous Engine is in-house only!
  209. nibelung valesti!
  210. gwaelin's love.
  211. Super Mario RPG Appreciation Thread
  212. No Demo for Tomb Raider?
  213. Non-FF/DQ/KH game you would like to see a remake for?
  214. You know, that game that came with the FFVIII Demo!
  215. Tomb Raider Multiplayer Makes Up 25% of Achievements
  216. So, what is your favourite?
  217. Super Steam Sale on Square-Enix Games!
  218. Gaming marathon: Star ocean the last hope international (PS3)
  219. Mana Appreciation Thread
  220. Tomb Raider won't be coming to the Wii U
  221. Sora wants you to join him on his adventures
  222. Front Mission Appreciation Thread
  223. Keeping the dream alive...
  224. Favorite Non-FF soundtrack?
  225. Favourite World?
  226. The Last Remnant
  227. Trophy List?
  228. Article: Lara Croft Comes To Dark Horse Comics
  229. Square Enix reports loss due to "Tough console market"
  230. Dragon Quest VII comes to the 3DS
  231. Square Enix teases new game "Murdered: Soul Suspect"
  232. Defense of the Square Enix Smash Bros. All Stars Royale of Legends
  233. Thief series
  234. 11 Minute Footage of Tomb Raider Released!
  235. Legacy of Kain domain gets Registered
  236. Article: Trailer Released For Square Enix's Big Murder Mystery!
  237. Kingdom Hearts X[Chi] Coming to PC
  238. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Confirmed For International Release
  239. Tomb Raider 'Endurance Week' Recap!
  240. "Deus Ex: Human Defiance" trademarked by Square Enix
  241. EoFF Kingdom Hearts Cast
  242. Conan O'Brian Reviews Tomb Raider
  243. The Zeal peeps be dying their hair, yo.
  244. EoFF Star Ocean Cast
  245. Tomb Raider - First Impressions
  246. Article: Revealed: Tomb Raider Movie?
  247. THIEF Coming to PC and Next-gen!
  248. Thief Reboot To Hit Next Generation Consoles in 2014
  249. Kairi's darker underarms in Kingdom Hearts II
  250. Square-Enix is going to focus on Hardcore Gamers in 2013