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  1. So who is... Culex?
  2. Favorite character in Super Mario RPG
  3. Memories From Games That Spill Into Reality
  4. Who was your favorite Lead Character?
  5. How do you rank the KH games that you have played?
  6. shion's Chrono Trigger Review
  7. What was your first Square Enix game?
  8. Threads of Fate
  9. Tactics Ogre Appreciation Thread!
  10. New Square Enix Trademark, “Life is Strange”.
  11. Chain of Memories Replay Factors...?
  12. R L X Y Right Left
  13. Obliteration (deserves its own thread)
  14. Is Parasite Eve worth it?
  15. How many people actually played this game?
  16. Build KH3
  17. Roxas is better than Sora.
  18. Who loves Dragon Quest?
  19. Infinite Undiscovery
  20. Which Non-FF game by Squenix has the best soundtrack
  21. C.O.M. - Moogle Shop
  22. c.o.m. - anyone tired of these guys?
  23. Cutest Heartless!
  24. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Collector’s Edition Bundles Announced
  25. Square Enix Crack Down on Fan Made TYPE-0 Patch
  26. Pfft, I can do that!!
  27. Humble Square Enix Bundle
  28. Ever Wondered What a Tetsuya Nomura Batman Would Look Like?
  29. C.O.M. - White/Black Fungus
  30. C.O.M. - Key to Rewards
  31. C.O.M. - Favorite Cards
  32. C.O.M. - 2nd Play Through
  33. What would it take to restore your faith in Square Enix?
  34. C.O.M - help!
  35. Square Enix CTO departs company
  36. Create your own enemy!
  37. Square Enix Announces its Gamescom Lineup
  38. Square Enix announces Final FANtasy Festival
  39. Bravely Second gets New Writers
  40. Interesting Jimquisition on Square Enix
  41. Article: Police Raid Square Enix Office
  42. So how many people played this game?
  43. Favorite Non-FF/DQ/KH game by Squenix from the PS2 era to now.
  44. Life Is Strange
  45. Rise of the Tomb Raider is EXCLUSIVE to Xbox One (for a while)
  46. Tomb Raider Review
  47. Favorite Characters in Xenogears
  48. Why the lack of FF characters?
  49. The moment you got hooked.
  50. THE ULTIMATE DEBATE: Final Fantasy VI vs. Chrono Trigger
  51. Dragon Quest Vs. Final Fantasy: Head to Head!
  52. So who is excited for KH2 HD remix?
  53. Wolf Kanno's Hatred For FFX vs. My Hatred for SO3
  54. The Chrono Campaign Has Begun
  55. Best Job Combinations
  56. Too Long? (Spoiler up to Chapter 4 and beyond)
  57. Kingdom Hearts News
  58. Secret of Evermore Review
  59. Bravely Second Trailer
  60. No Chrono Trigger 2
  61. Hironobu Sakaguchi Did a PAX Prime panel
  62. Convince Square-Enix to bring Dragon Quest VII to the West.
  63. Best Localization
  64. Rise of Mana to be ported to PSP Vita in Japan
  65. What type of phone has the most Square Enix games? Android or iPhone?
  66. Well, Square Enix is opening a new studio. Dedicated to Console RPG's.
  67. Why does SE believe that people don't like JPRGs?
  68. Yu, Falcon of the Gale
  69. So which Squenix Soundtracks do you own?
  70. Just got Bravely Default!
  71. THE NOT-SO-ULTIMATE DEBATE: Chrono Trigger vs. Chrono Cross
  72. Final Fantasy vs. Chrono Series
  73. Bravely Second: Job Discussion
  75. New screenshots of Dragon Quest Heroes
  76. Shinra Technologies, Inc: A Cloud Gaming Company
  77. Favourite Non-Final Fantasy Square Enix title?
  78. Article: Some Kingdom Hearts III News from Nomura!
  79. So I've been thinking about this series...
  80. The Eidos Anthology is on sale for £39.99
  81. New outfit for Tifa in Kingdom Hearts III?
  82. New screenshots revealed for Birth by Sleep HD 2.5 ReMIX
  83. Watch Nomura draw in an ad for HD 2.5
  84. Finally got to play Bravely Default (Spoilers)
  85. SE Files Trademark ‘Mevius Final Fantasy’ In Europe
  86. Legend of Mana
  87. Switched to Unreal Engine 4
  88. English Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX
  89. So I'm giving Chrono Cross another try
  90. Songs that deserve more love
  91. What would you like to see in the next Dragon Quest?
  92. SE has a new countdown site...
  93. The New Generation of Square-Enix
  94. SaGa Frontier, or "Diary of the Impulse Buyer"
  95. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX gets a Collector's Edition!
  96. Square Enix Profits Have Doubled Since Last Year
  97. Which non-ff game/series should get a new sequel?
  98. Chun-Li's only appearance in a Squaresoft game
  99. How should I fight Lavos?
  100. Favorite Chrono Cross CHAracter
  101. Experience The Worlds Connect With New Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Trailers!
  102. Square Enix to reveal a new console RPG in December that “Isn’t a Remake”
  103. secret of evermore
  104. Kingdom Hearts 3 at the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX Launch Event
  105. Inside the Kingdom, with Heart
  106. Kingdom Hearts: Biography and Story Report Thread (Characters, Story, Relevant Stuff)
  107. Woolseyisms, or the SNES era of Squaresoft
  108. Kim Possible in Kingdom Hearts III?
  109. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest
  110. Who is playing Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMIX?
  111. What game related thing do you want from Squeenix for Xmas?
  112. What is your #1 complaint about SE?
  113. Save up to 60% in the Square Enix Online Store this holiday season
  114. Life is Strange
  115. Attack, Magic or Defense?
  116. Kingdom Hearts III Idea - Thread Idea Reborn
  117. Second wave of DLC available for Theatrhythm Curtain Call
  118. Dragon Quest games
  119. Kh to Kh:FM
  120. Are you interested in more mobile games by Square Enix?
  121. So Chrono Trigger turns 20 this year...
  122. SE Music that touched you in the feels...
  123. Voice acting for Kingdom Hearts III is apparently finished
  124. How do we let Square know we want more PC/Steam releases?
  125. Square Enix Fans: The Silent Killers
  126. Life is Strange almost had Male Protagonists
  127. Hardest Superboss
  128. The real SNES-era debate
  129. What is your opinion on Kingdom Hearts?
  130. Just kill me now
  131. Square hands out another survey
  132. Is Kingdom Hearts too "dark and edgy" for mainstream Disney fans?
  133. Where would you like this series to go?
  134. If Squenix teamed up with another company...
  135. New PS4 Exclusive "Project Code Z" Teased
  136. The Cast of Chrono Cross
  137. Would you be interested in a new Chrono Trigger game?
  138. A thing I didn't notice until today, Sora's cute little Halloween town mask changes
  139. Square Steam Sale!
  140. Random things KH
  141. EoFF's Life is Strange Video Walkthrough
  142. Square Enix Humble Bundle 2!
  143. Dragon Quest Heroes confirmed for Western release
  144. Chrono Trigger is 20 years old!
  145. Have you played Bravely Default?
  146. Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars, and/or the Muppets in Kingdom Hearts III?
  147. Possible Disney Channel franchises in Kingdom Hearts III?
  148. I wrote a profile of Alexander O. Smith (FFX, XII, Vagrant Story) for Edge Magazine
  149. Sakaguchi returning to Square
  150. Have you played Chrono Cross?
  151. Lord of arcana
  152. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4/XBO/PC)
  153. Another teaser site!
  154. Tomb raider timeline
  155. Bravely Second opening
  157. Illusion of Gaia
  158. Square Enix Crossover
  159. New mobile game for Kingdom Hearts... kinda
  160. Bull. Shit. (chapter 8 spoilers)
  161. Best Dragon Quest subtitle
  162. Favorite Dragon Quest/Warrior main series game
  163. Fei Fong Wong vs Cloud Strife
  164. New Trailer
  165. Square-Enix is rumored to be making a new Front Mission.
  166. Release date revealed?
  167. ActRaiser
  168. What you hope to see (or expect to see) revealed at E3 2015
  169. What Chrono Cross innate element would you be?
  170. So with the Square Enix trailer
  171. What should we demand next?
  172. [E3 2015] Tangled will be in Kingdom Hearts 3 and a new trailer!
  173. [E3 2015] Star Ocean 5
  174. So... Project Setsuna
  175. [E3 2015] Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (chi) coming to iOS in 2015!
  176. Yes, Time for this again.
  177. Kazushige Nojima
  178. Looks like Square-Enix is doing a 3D remake of Final Fantasy Adventure.
  179. So Which Game Has The Best Writing?
  180. Favorite Enemy to fight?
  181. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  182. Best Chrono Trigger Party Member
  183. Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Departed Time announced.
  184. 20th Anniversary Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross Album
  185. So what's next?
  186. Is it too late to revive old franchises?
  187. [D23 2015] Big Hero 6 World Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III
  188. Big head fights
  189. Which Square Games have you played? (Nintendo Edition)
  190. Deus Ex Mankind Divided Pre-Order BS
  191. Square-Enix to reveal new Final Fantasy Adventure on September 17th.
  192. New Kingdom Hearts announced. Kingdom Hearts 2.8
  193. Article: Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Trailer
  194. Japanese Date for Star Ocean
  195. New Saga game revealed! Not a mobile title!
  196. Robo is Magus - a fan made website
  197. Square Enix Collective
  198. Unanswered Questions
  199. Tabata and Nomura Reveal Plans for their Next Projects
  200. More Remakes of Older IPs? Square Enix wants to remake your old games!
  201. Nier: Automata Announced
  202. New Kingdom Hearts III info coming
  203. How many Dragon Quest games have you played?
  204. 2.8????
  205. Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts III?
  206. DQVII and VIII for the 3DS is heading towards the West.
  207. Chrono Cross Is Still Awesome
  208. Chrono Trigger (...LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! I couldn't resist)
  209. Square Enix's Jump Festa 2016 Lineup
  210. Latecomer Reviews: Dragon Quest
  211. Kingdom Hearts III footage from D23 in Japan
  212. For Fans of a Golden Age: Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna
  213. New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Coming Tomorrow
  214. Another approach to jobs
  215. Odin Sphere Opinions
  216. Best Square-Enix Franchise
  217. Ringabel
  218. Hopes for Square-Enix in 2016
  219. Star Ocean 5 Update
  220. Rise of the Tomb Raider Review
  221. Noob question
  222. Pumpkin Judges!!! Your Outfit: Bravely Default Edition
  223. [KH] Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep turns 6!
  224. Adventures of Mana: what we know
  225. Favorite mainline Dragon Quest game
  226. Best DQ Monster Names
  227. The Minds Behind the Melodies (of Life) - Yoko Shimomura
  228. Square Enix Honours David Bowie with Free Game Offer
  229. Children of Zodiarcs Hits Kickstarter
  230. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (DS)
  231. Latecomer Reviews: Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line
  232. Life is Strange 'Everyday Heroes' Competition Offers a $10,000 Scholarship
  233. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  234. Dragon Quest Builders Released Today!
  235. Square Enix Sale on the PS Store
  236. Location, Location, Location: Deep Jungle - Kingdom Hearts
  237. Latecomer Reviews: Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation
  238. Dragon Quest series
  239. The KH series is....convoluted?
  240. Latecomer Reviews: Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen
  241. Is SE missing out on a sports game money maker?
  242. Dragon Quest Museum - Another Part of the Franchise's 30th Anniversary Celebrations!
  243. Favourite Square/Enix games
  244. Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross Arrangement Album
  245. Ikeniye to Yuki no Setsuna released in Japan today!
  246. Happy Anniversary Star Ocean IV!
  247. Xenogears Mech Game?
  248. Life is Strange Review
  249. Hypothetical Discussion about Xenogears...
  250. The Minds Behind the Melodies (of Life) - Takeharu Ishimoto