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  1. How the hell am I supposed to find my way through Cave To Rhone in Dragon Warrior 2?
  2. Dragon Quest X: Should it Come to the West?
  3. Theory: What would the plot of Chrono 3 be?
  4. Kingdom Hears 1.5 HD is Pre-orderable
  5. Surprise! There's another Drakengard game in development.
  6. Greatest/weirdest Chrono tribute
  7. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Released in Japan
  8. Square-Enix Sale on Microsoft Live Marketplace
  9. Chaos Rings II hits Android with a Worldwide Release
  10. Is this a good idea for a party change in Dragon Warrior 3?
  11. Tomb Raider Statistics
  12. Do you trust Squenix?
  13. Eyes on Final Fantasy Soundtracks - Happy Birthday Nobuo Uematsu!
  14. Play Tomb Raider With Me!
  15. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX PAX East Trailer Unveiled
  16. Tomb Raider Reflections Trademarked by Square Enix
  17. Get Your Square Enix Questions Answered on Twitter!
  18. EoFF at PAX East 2013 Square Enix Preview
  19. Kingdom Hearts III - What would you like to see in it?
  20. Yoichi Wada stepping down!
  21. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, A Cut Above Most Rereleases
  22. Screenshots from KH 1.5 HD! Are you enticed yet?
  23. Kingdom Hearts 3: Project <3
  24. Nobuo Uematsu Makes Classic FM Hall of Fame
  25. More layoffs at SE NA
  26. Thief Reboot Trailer Released
  27. Square Enix's 'Bravely Default' to come to US and Europe
  28. Spring Sale on the SE store!
  29. Square RPGs With Great Stories/Characters
  30. KH1.5HD ReMIX - Which game will you play first?
  31. Remastered Final Fantasy Soundtracks to be Released
  32. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 to be Released in September
  33. Vagrant Story Art Exhibit
  34. Star Ocean:(4) The Last Hope
  35. What about your heart?
  36. Big Announcement Tomorrow!
  37. SE set up an official YouTube channel for E3
  38. GameTrailers Kingdom Hearts Timeline
  39. Square-Enix's New Business Strategy
  40. What good Square-Enix games are there on iOS
  41. SE Presents E3 information!
  42. [Square-Soft] Call me Jaded but...
  43. Deus Ex: The Fall
  44. Murdered: Soul Suspect - New Trailer!
  45. Deus Ex: The Fall - Revealed
  46. E3 Leak: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Trailer!
  47. First Gameplay Footage of THIEF #E32013
  49. Kingdom Hearts III revealed for PS4! #E32013
  50. SPECULATION: KH 3 Worlds!
  51. Kingdom Hearts 3 Stills #E32013
  52. Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are not PS4 exclusives #E32013
  53. More Kingdom Hearts 3 Info #E32013
  54. The Future of Final Fantasy - Press Conference - #E32013
  55. An Interview with Tetsuya Nomura about KH1.5/KH3/FFXV - #E32013
  56. I think I Just Effed Myself in Parasite Eve.... -_-;;
  57. Thief Level Preview at E3 - E32013
  58. Kingdom Hearts III - Nomura reveals a few more details - #E32013
  59. Kindom Hearts III - Is it Going Multiplatform?
  60. Article: Unfinished Business... Murdered: Soul Suspect Details Revealed - #E32013
  61. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
  62. Square Enix Opens New Branch In Indonesia-Square Enix Smileworks
  63. Chaos rings
  64. Kingdom hearts 3 ideas
  65. Original Kingdom Hearts Assets Lost to the Heartless.
  66. CT a parable, Robo is Magus
  67. My Nobody Puzzles (remember?)
  68. Xenogears Improvements
  69. New Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix trailer
  70. Birth By Sleep - Which Character was your favourite?
  71. BBS: Vanitas Sentiment
  72. Tomb Raider - Comic Will Lead To Sequel
  73. If you could wield a Keyblade...
  74. Drakengard 3
  75. Valkyrie Profile Scratches
  76. Tell me of INfinite Undiscovery
  77. Dream Factory (Tobal 1 and 2, Ehrgeiz, The Bouncer) appreciation thread
  78. Nobuo has written a book and it comes with music.
  79. Floodblades top 5 hopes for Kingdom Hearts III! (Shares yours too!)
  80. Mysterious KH Countdown Clock Site Appears...
  81. Favorite Dragon Quest (Main Series)
  82. ATTN: SE, Re: Final Fantasy
  83. Super Mario RPG Joke
  84. Actraiser, and Dissidia Final Fantasy series
  85. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix
  86. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - OUT NOW!
  87. Tower of Lezard Valeth
  88. Kingdom hearrts 1.5
  89. I want a OST for the remasteredness
  90. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Debut Trailer
  91. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Incoming - Official
  92. Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer
  93. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut announced
  94. European Collector's Edition revealed for Bravely Default!
  95. Article: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix: A Review
  96. The History of SquareSoft - From Square One to Final Fantasy
  97. Early Nomura Sketches from V, VI, and Front Mission
  98. What do you think fans feel is missing from Square Enix?
  99. Article: Square Enix sets three new tactics for their Gaming Division
  100. Kingdom Hearts 3 Won't Be Coming Any Time Soon
  101. Xenogears 15th Anniversary
  102. KINGDOM HEARTS: The Story So Far - Part 1
  103. Tomb Raider revealed for PS4 and XBOX One
  104. Which Square Title Should They Work on Next?
  105. Final Fantasy VS. Dragon Quest
  106. Homebrew Chrono Cross Tabletop RPG
  107. First opinions on Bravely Default
  108. Favorite Square Era?
  109. Square Enix want to give you a Christmas Surprise
  110. The Squee Arena: Which characters would you choose?
  111. Valkyrie Profile
  112. My buying order?
  113. Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories best deck
  114. What do you think of KH2
  115. Kingdom Hearts AND Chrono
  116. KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX - New Trailer and Screenshots
  117. Star Ocean 4 vs Final Fantasy XIII
  118. KINGDOM HEARTS III: More Keyblade Transformations Incoming
  119. Bravely Default - let's make friends!
  120. SE is Teasing something.... again...
  121. I'm home
  122. Chrono Cross
  123. Mini Final Fantasy Plushies for Pre-Order Now!
  124. Bushido Blade
  125. Brave Fencer Musashi
  126. Infinite Undiscovery
  127. Ehrgeiz
  128. Haley Joel Osment answers some questions on the internet
  129. Article: Square Enix are Releasing a Life Sized Dragon Quest Sword
  130. Square Enix Fan: Then and Now
  131. If you were in charge of Square Enix
  132. Thief
  133. End-Game Discussion (MASSIVE SPOILERS, obvs)
  134. Two more days
  135. How to Craft a Demo
  136. I'm going to write a review of Bravely Default and I would like some opinions
  137. A Bravely Default Review
  138. This Game is Hard.
  139. Edea's Uncle Frank
  140. Combat Bonuses
  141. The Survivor (Chapter 3 Spoilers Within)
  142. World Revolution.
  143. Most powerful entities in the Square Enix Multiverse
  144. Datz and the Grand Inn Fiasco (Late Chapter 3 Spoilers)
  145. Rise of Mana
  146. Point of No Return (Chapter Five Spoilers)
  147. Just got this game today
  148. Special Nemeses
  149. Frozen in Kingdom Hearts III?
  150. Dragon Quest IX- Disney themed
  151. Deus Ex: The Fall now available on Steam!
  152. So game has been out for 1 month. What are the overall impressions?
  153. Tomb Raider
  154. I want to thank this game...
  155. Thief - Fan and Critical Reception
  156. Did you know?
  157. What do you NOT want to see in KHIII?
  158. Let's be hypothetical...
  159. Anyone else feel the plot has kind of fallen off course?
  160. Airy and her HUGE SPOILER STUFF
  161. The Worst Villain Ever
  162. Einhander
  163. Techno Viking is my hope
  164. Xenogears & Sexism
  165. SE President Talks about making RPGs again
  166. Let Us Cling Together - job help!
  167. Cloud Strife As Compared To Other FF Protagonists & Fei Fong Wong
  168. Murdered: Del Suspect
  169. Luxendarc's future?
  170. Favorite outfit?
  171. Punny Names
  172. Squaresoft Feels - Spoilerific!
  173. Questionable outfits
  174. "Final Fantasy" nerds on the internet
  175. Yasunori Mitsuda's Best OST
  176. Revived Franchise
  177. Chrono Cross parallels
  178. Awesome 8-bit battle themes medley
  179. New SaGa and Mana Game in development
  180. Non-Square-Enix, Non-Disney Villain you think would fit KH
  181. SaGa series
  182. Sony sell 8.58% stake in SQUARE ENIX - Don't Panic! (Yet)
  183. Outsource Remake/Reboot
  184. Which is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?
  185. The Superboss
  186. What non-SE, non-Disney characters would you like to join your party?
  187. Abilities that won't return.
  188. Lavos Clones?
  189. Xenogears - A Deconstruction?
  190. Everything is a Spoiler (Except this thread)
  191. Do the FF characters still matter?
  192. Square Enix Mega-Merchandise Link Round-up!
  193. Chrono series - Who was in your final team?
  194. What other Square titles would you like to see cameo in Kingdom Hearts?
  195. Chrono Trigger ~ The Trial Scene
  196. Chrono Cross ~ Enter Viper Manor
  197. Chrono Thunderdrome! Trigger Vs Cross in Explosive Deathmatch!
  198. Best Xenogears Songs
  199. Chrono Trigger: SNES vs. DS
  200. Chrono Cross ~ Gotta Catch em' all!
  201. Your favorite Trigger references/eggs in Chrono Cross
  202. Chrono Trigger ~ Rank the characters
  203. Which Kingdom Hearts games have you played?
  204. Question about Dragon Quest
  205. Chrono Cross ~ Rank Characters
  206. Chrono Trigger: Book version?
  207. Chrono Trigger: Soundtrack
  208. Weapons and armor
  209. Most Fav Job in Bravely Default
  210. The Keyblade War
  211. Seiken Denetsu Appreciation Thread
  212. Secret of Evermore
  213. Character Differences
  214. Ten Awesome Square Tracks you may have Missed.
  215. What would you like to see in a series?
  216. Kingdom Hearts at E3
  217. Friendship
  218. New KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX Screenshots
  219. Murdered: Soul SUspect
  220. E3 2014: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Release date and Kingdom Hearts 3 tease!
  221. Kingdom Hearts Story
  222. Any chance the next installment will have more FF characters?
  223. Your favorite ReMIX of Kingdom Hearts songs
  224. No KH3 at E3 2014
  225. E3 2014: Two New Tomb Raider Games Announced!
  226. Article: An Interview with Tai Yasue, Co-Director for KINGDOM HEARTS HD II.5 ReMIX - #E3
  227. KH 1.5
  228. Chrono Series: Favorite Ending?
  229. Dragon Quest XI confirmed for console release.
  230. shion plays Kingdom Hearts
  231. Why do I seem to be the only person who likes the Atlantica?
  232. Favorite Dragon Quest game
  233. ToriJ reviews: Super Mario RPG
  234. This is one of the greatest songs in RPG history
  235. Were this game released at another time, would it still get the same level of praise?
  236. I liked Super Mario RPG more than FFs IV and VI
  237. Nosgoth, free to play multiplayer action game set in Legacy of Kain universe
  238. Super Smash Bros. - Square Enix Edition
  239. Do you want to see Chrono make a comeback?
  240. How many people gave up on this franchise?
  241. Which Kingdom Hearts game had the best set of Disney Worlds?
  242. Favorite Lead Character
  243. What's your favorite party in SMRPG?
  244. Favorite battle theme in ANY Squeenix Game
  245. Dragon Quest vs. Final Fantasy vs. Chrono
  246. Front Mission
  247. Brave Fencer Musashi Appreciation Thread!
  248. What old school Enix or Square Game would you love to see get released
  249. Rise of Mana Producer talks about the future of the Mana series.
  250. Don't worry... the next chapter is coming!