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  1. Familiarity breeds... Content?
  2. who's been touching my materia?
  4. Barret's Ultimate Limit
  5. WAAARRK!! Sh1+!!! Chocobo WEAPON!! lol
  6. Ultima edition........
  7. Cosmo Canyon crash
  8. Materia Used in AC
  9. What were your character's names?
  10. A selection of lines that I just *know* have been translated badly. (some may spoil)
  11. About Tifa's father hating Cloud (spoilers)
  12. Why does EVERYBODY think that this line depends on name change?
  13. so touching
  14. Barrier and MBarrier
  15. can deathblow break damage barrier
  16. Final Fantasy VII Advent Pieces limited!
  17. need help with psp chocobo racing
  18. FF7-Inspired Album, "Black Materia"
  19. This should have been Tifa's Advent Children outfit...
  20. Questions about CC
  21. Commence Materia Generation!
  22. Getting Vincent to join...
  23. DoC: What a joke
  24. using up limit breaks
  25. What made this game mainstream?
  26. Favorite Mini-game
  27. Final Fantasy VII might be Star Wars!
  28. Tactical Materia Challenge
  29. Challenge Accepted! A Predicament in Kalm
  30. Quizzical 7 Complimation
  31. One Winged Angel
  32. Aeris V Aerith
  33. Damn those world saving Shinra! Someone stop them!
  34. VII... over 7 years later
  35. 2X Cut
  36. FF7 Riddles From Zero
  37. The hidden cave ( THE CAVE THAT WAS NEVER FINISHED)
  38. Perhaps the greatest cutscene of all time: Genesis v Sephiroth
  39. question regarding the 2nd reactor blowing mission
  40. PHS
  41. FFVII Stop Motion
  42. Hmm ff7 cosmo canyon glitch
  43. Final Fantasy 7 Sound Effects! *here*
  44. Does anyone else like the heart sound effect?
  45. This line sounds a bit weird - is it a translation error?
  46. Does anyone know what "zo-to" (I think) means.
  47. Final Fantasy VII Video Review
  48. The timing of the reunion
  49. An attempt to resolve the whole Jenova/Sephiroth thing
  50. Square Enix should make a "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" commercial featuring Tifa
  52. Good Ole Ruby Weapon
  53. Guy playing FFVII for three days for charity - FINISHED!
  54. Jim Sterling/Destructoid on FFVII = not overrated
  55. cursed ring (follow-up of the white chocobo thread)
  56. Riding the short bus...
  57. Red XIII appreciation thread
  58. Which game to play first?
  59. Question about Limit Breaks
  60. FF7 cosmo canyon freeze problem
  61. Changing Map Post-Meteor Summon??
  62. Why should I kill The Weapons?
  63. Second playthrough
  64. Any "strategic" way of using the sources
  65. Omnislash and Gold Chocobo
  66. omnislash disc 1
  67. Cid Highwind Speaks! An Interview with Chris Edgerly
  68. Automatic "I Win!"
  69. Appearntly I missed ribbons...
  70. Did Palmer die after getting hit by that truck?
  71. chocobo breeding
  72. oh my $#@% god
  73. DJ Nerd42 Deltron 3742 = Final Fantasy VII + Deltron 3030 Hip hop mashup album
  74. tifas ultimate weapon
  75. Square: (killing the black man)"too obvious"
  76. VII HD remake won't happen until 2017 (theory)
  77. Is Cid Highwind a "redneck?"
  78. Barrett's 'Sailor Suit'
  79. "Metropolis" and "Final Fantasy VII"
  80. best place to work on limits?
  81. Anyone else have a full powered morph other than yuffies conformer?
  82. OC Profile Help
  83. Anyone interested in gamesharing? PSN (PS3)
  84. Turks
  85. The Black Materia
  86. Missing Weapon
  87. Once More Unto The Breach: A (Possibly) Unique Position To Be In
  88. FFVII Remade in Unreal - by a fan
  89. Favourite Character!
  90. Can somebody help me skipping Cosmo Canyon crash
  91. Does Enemy Skill materia scale with magic power?
  92. The Game's difficulty is a joke
  93. Tales of Final Fantasy 7
  94. How should I use my enemy skill materia?
  95. So what is so special about that girly looking Sephiroth anyway?
  96. FFVII is 15 years old today
  97. Trippin Balls
  98. Sector 5
  99. Playground Date
  100. Soup dude
  101. Wait...what am I suppose to do again?
  102. Biggs n' Jessie: Official Couple?
  103. Wtf train guy
  104. What does the Don do?
  105. Brental Fantasy Seven
  106. Do you think this game has aged badly?
  107. The Nibelheim Incident
  108. 50 Reasons why Final Fantasy VII is the Greatest Game Ever Made (taking ideas)
  109. Enemy Away!
  110. Eligor, Eligor... where for art thou Eligor?
  111. Vote For The Top 50 Reasons Why Final Fantasy VII is the Greatest Game Ever Made
  112. edczxcvbnm, you have far too much time on your hands.
  113. No, I don't want his mopey ass in my party!
  114. Racism in FFVII
  115. Aeris be trippin?
  116. How Did You Kill Emerald and Ruby Weapon?
  117. Defeating the Shinra
  118. What if FF7 had been a 16-bit game?
  119. Overwhelming Power
  120. Most memorable pre-rendered background
  121. N64
  122. Least Favorite Part of the Game?
  123. Play Time
  124. What If
  125. Final Fantasy VII Parody Comic
  126. Why is Palmer so useless?
  127. Kickass Buggy
  128. Midgar Virtual Tour
  129. What music did you listen to when you were level grinding?
  130. Name of a Child or Parent of a FF7 Hero/ine
  131. Limit Breaks of Zack and Rufus
  132. Sephiroth still sucks
  133. FF7 PHS
  134. Age questions...
  135. Symbolic Animals for Characters
  136. Let's Create Acronyms for This Compilation
  137. This is so much better than it has ANY right to be. FFVII Cosplay and... rapping.
  138. FF7: Earth, or elsewhere?
  139. Status Effects.... Help
  140. Am I the only one who did this?
  141. Shelke's EM Sabers....
  142. Final Fantasy VII for the PC and Windows 7 compatibility
  143. Gold Saucer Mog
  144. On Vincent Valentine
  145. Yuffie
  146. Rank the FF7 Characters!
  147. Square-Enix registers FinalFantasyVIIPC.com
  148. Do you know that ??
  149. FFVII PC reskin?
  150. who the fuck is this guy
  151. "...I'm in here."
  152. The Turks
  153. "This is cool."
  154. Remake on hold until series improves
  155. MAN'S Weapon
  156. Crazy Cat Lady
  157. Cloud in women's clothing
  158. FF7 Remastered Storyline
  159. Article: Final Fantasy VII PC Rerelease
  160. My Re-Evaluation of Dirge of Cerberus
  161. Guys. Guys look at this it's in the SE Store.
  162. EtCetra Combat (concept)
  163. It's actually out for real now.
  164. Aerith's Theme makes classi FM's top 20.
  165. One Winged Angel's Sephiroth Appreciation Thread
  166. What was Sephiroth in disc 1?
  167. Pedantism
  168. Final Fantasy VII: Soldier's Cry
  169. We are AVALANCHE-
  170. Phoenix Down Syndrome
  171. hottest npc girl and boy
  172. what is your fav orite charcter?
  173. Reasons why Tifa dominates Aeris
  174. If Aeris doesn't die: Would you still like FF7?
  175. Missable/Rare Items
  176. FF7 Progress Profiles
  177. Enemy Skills
  178. Space Men
  179. "Jobs" with different Materia setups
  180. Emerald Weapon isn't hard Part II!
  181. Cait Sith/Reeves
  182. Lucky 7s, the wrong way around.
  183. Live Action Movie - long shot
  184. Aeris or Aerith?
  185. Guess Who!
  186. Final Fantasy VII the Awakening Prelude
  187. My life is complete
  188. FF7 and 9/11
  189. ff7 recreated in little big planet 2
  190. The Flower Girl I Used to Know
  191. Who is stronger, Cloud or Zack?
  192. C'mere bubby
  193. I am Number 13
  194. Smile!
  195. Pigs fly and Shera dies
  196. That's because you're stupid.
  197. Wrong Way Go Back
  198. Final Fantasy VII the Awakening: Glossary.
  199. New play through
  200. i need with a good materia set up for my party
  201. FFVII Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  202. I swear, early game stealing makes Cloud seem like an amateur thief
  203. Amano Art FMVs
  204. the brave do not fear the grave
  205. Bullet Proof Bras and Thongs
  206. I found a FFVII chocobo song parody I made in high school...
  207. His special little place
  208. Final Fantasy VII...
  209. What do YOU think this game's about?
  210. Remember the days of the old school yard
  211. Welcome to the Temple of the Ancients
  212. I'm so exited, I just can't hide it
  213. It's really something
  214. It's all Cloud's fault.
  215. Shadow Sephiroth
  216. The Love Triangle
  217. The Aerith effect
  218. Final Fantasy VII Awakening
  220. "Secret Character Obscurity" Syndrome
  221. Is ff7 steampunk/dieselpunk?
  222. On The Way To A Smile Audiobooks
  223. So I rewatched Advent Children...
  224. Chocobos
  225. Um...
  226. If they remake Final Fantasy 7...
  228. Is Cloud a rape Victim?
  229. So... why did they play the Shinra music for this scene? (Wutai spoilers)
  230. Bugenhagen
  231. Midgar Zolom
  232. The Final Fantasy Compilation Experience
  233. Final Fantasy VII fanposter
  234. 21st Year
  235. Grinding Levels?
  236. W-Item?
  237. Different Appearance
  238. Sephiroth appreciation thread. Yes really.
  239. PS3 Final Fantasy VII Remake Now Available Via PSN
  240. Adter you have completed it?
  241. Palmer, Scarlet or Heidegger?
  242. Wutai At War
  243. Favorite Tsviet?
  244. Questions about ff7 (spoilers)
  245. Frekaing timing game and emotions and junk.
  246. PS1 classic question
  247. So I am replaying this game
  248. Another FFVII Parody Song
  249. What did you name your Chocobos?
  250. So, Aerith