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  1. Final Fantasy VIII makes my Top Ten List

    My review of Final Fantasy VIII has just garnered enough hits to make it my top ten list which is as followed,

    1.) WWF War Zone (146)
    2.) Dark Souls (100)
    3.) Pokemon Red/Blue (80)
    4.) Super Mario Bros/Sonic the Hedgehog (66)
    5.) Darksiders (61)
    6.) Sailor Moon: Another Story (58)
    7.) Atari Anniversary Edition Redux (52)
    8.) Devil May Cry (50)
    9.) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (50)
    10.) Final Fantasy VIII (47)

    There seems ...
  2. Lucky Number 7even!

    I saw my blog count was looking lonely at 6 so I decided to up it to 7. Yes, you read that right, seven mighty posts! You might also note that I used the number 7 and spelled out seven as well. Did you know that in print media you typically spell out numbers less than 10? And ten itself can be spelled out or typed as the number. Does that make 10 bi? Or maybe it's just confused? Either way it sounds like ten is in uni or college and still trying to find itself. Not all grown up like 11 and ...
  3. have i found my dream job?

    after 2 months of applying to jobs that i didnt really want, i might have found the right one.
    in order to get some money i have to apply a minimum 4x in a month, and in all those 2 months nobody has called me work for them, even though i need a job i say '' thank god!''

    but now my aunt pointed me on THE job that sounds perfect!
    its in my field of interest and its 3-4 days.
    wich is perfect becaus i dnt want to work 5 days in a week! there is more in life then work ...
  4. Next Final Fantasy Reviews are...

    And one by one fiends will die by my hand
    A look at what I've become...
    This fantasy is far from final
    The best has yet to come...

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  5. Top priority stuff.

    I've come up with two potential names for a fish.

    Ganymede vs. Dartagnan.
  6. This Is Ridiculous.

    Whoever the actual smurf is emailing me and continues to do so, I have this to say: Man the chuck up already & own up to what you're doing & stop emailing me.

    I'm sick and tired of having to read the garbage I've been receiving nearly everyday for the last week. I'm not 14 & I'm pretty sure you aren't either.

    Congrats, you've potentially gotten Ghosty out of here when she did nothing to you - or anyone else for that matter. IDK what you're issue with me ...
  7. Query.

    I wonder if I gave everyone the wrong address, because I haven't received any Christmas cards yet

    I got Rantz's (Rantz'?) though. Thanks Rantz!
  8. Death

    Death is on my mind and its not leaving.

    ive been unemployed for a good 2 months now giving me too much time to think and too less distraction.

    some night 2 weeks ago i came to the subject Death.
    realising that 1 day i will die and there is nothing I can do about it.
    it scared me so much that i had a little panic attack and since that day i cant stop thinking about it.
    at night, when im already more emotional then during the day, i can cry about it ...
  9. I've regenerated.

    And apparently hit my head against some glass and started bleeding. I should probably go get that fixed up and have the red eyeball looked at, that can't be healthy.
  10. My Baby is 6! ;_;

    Happy Birthday, my sweet baby!

    I don't want her to be 6! Omg.

    Also.. Found a dog that we may get.. Hopefully these other people don't adopt him.. He's already 80 lbs and he's only 1. XD

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