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  1. 2014 New Year Resolutions.

    okay, so I normally don't make resolutions, but I think I came up with two that I want to keep.

    1. Stop being so negative on myself and think more positively. (This would be easier if my mom stopped talking down on me.)
    2. Start improving my stamina and endurance.

    So, for resolution #2, I'd like some advice and/or tips from my fellow EoFFers who could share some pointers on what I can do to improve my stamina and endurance. I figure I could start running (well ...
  2. ugh

    I honestly feel like such a terrible person. I think I might need a quick break and go away for awhile, let things cool down so I can feel a bit better about myself. It just that my presence online is just making me feel horrible about myself. *sigh* I'll work something out, hopefully. I don't know.

    For serious, I make these kind of blog entries too much. Perhaps I should have a resolution for next year to stop thinking negative and always have a more positive attitude.
  3. 10/10 Scores

    When I started doing reviews scoring things 10/10 was something I struggled with because I cannot for the life of me put my feelings to a number. Every time the doctor asks me how much does it hurt at a scale from 1 - 10 I have no idea what to say. I just can't translate a feeling to a number, there's no way I can do it.

    So I came up with a system I like to think is at least fair to the games I review. My 10/10 scoring is rated by cons. This means I default the game at 10 and subtract ...
    Video Games
  4. Maybe i can get the feedback here..

    I'm on winter break from school. I'm a Game Art student and i need something to model over the break or i will go nuts. Problem is, I'm fried and I can't think of anything I want to do and please no magical girl stuff. I've gotten all sorts of other suggestions on other boards for more sailor moon stuff and I've done a lot of that sort of think lately, so yeah no more of that. Maybe here I can find something that inspires me to model again. So any ideas guys and gals?
  5. Life boat left without me


    Yesterday i got home from the much shorter then i thought trip (hai shorty <3) and my friend who moved away 2 years ago stopped by with her parents to visit.

    we used to go to school together before i had to leave and we kind of knew each other as far back as i can remember

    she started telling me how good school is going and about her friends and i am really happy for her. we said are goodbyes and all that ...
  6. Do Americans like to reply to threads on Final Fantasy forums?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pant Leg Eater from the Bad World View Post
    Yes, but only on the rarest occasions. Juggaloing can lead down a dangerous path of face paint and mediocre music.
  7. January lineup confirmed!

  8. 999

    No, this isn't about Herman Cain's 999 Plan. This is how many posts I currently have on the forum. If I can practice some restraint (quit laughing) then I'll be saving the big 1k for revealing what I got for Christmas this year, pictures and all! I seem to have a big box that is gift wrapped and a bunch of little Christmas bags. I wonder...

    I wanted to sleep and actually wake up ON Christmas morning, but that didn't pan out so well, so I guess I just have to kill the next several hours ...
  9. Away for a while

    just decided to make this blog post so everyone knows why i am not online. we are leaving tomorrow (tuesday) for my checkup and we might hang around for the rest of the week (tell next monday) well my father is off work for xmas.

  10. I have found a name for my pain

    And that pain's name is Ninja Gaiden.

    I've been playing this game all day and I still haven't complete the first level. I'll get as far as the nunchuck man, who can grab me yet I can't grab him, and then be violated like a man who just dropped the soap in a prison shower. In classic Ninja Gaiden fashion there are no continues and I'm guessing I can only save in-between stages or something. It's only the first day so we'll see how the week goes but if this persists this is going to be ...