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  1. Do you like the direction FF games are going?
  2. Final Fantasy females: tomboy, girly-girl, or in-between?
  3. Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light
  4. Merry Christmas Kupo!
  5. wow
  6. Since Tactics take place in the same timeline as XII....
  7. Anagrams & Word Games
  8. order of play?
  9. Linearity!
  10. Dissidia 012 soundtrack has Japanese release date
  11. A Recent Study About FF
  12. Am i too evil?
  13. an idea for Eyes on Plays.
  14. ボスのチーム。
  15. Echoes of Time - multiplayer.
  16. Battle Stages
  17. The Black Mages
  18. New Character or Stage, But Not Both?
  19. Best Final Fantasy Character Tournament
  20. RTFM?
  21. Free reign or Pre-determined?
  22. War of the lions is killing me
  23. Favourite regular battle theme!
  24. The Perfect Tactics
  25. These Abilities are Useless
  26. Dissidia 012 character alignments
  28. Voice
  29. Which Final Fantasy Boss was the hardest (non-optional) up through 13
  30. Winnie the Pooh reference?
  31. Rank the Final Fantasy games (I-XIII)
  32. Deep Dungeon. Spoilers Included.
  33. Examples of voices before FFX.
  34. Anyone else here like "Final Fantasy"?
  35. Tifa has sweaty armpits! LOL!
  36. Which Final Fantasy games will my gameshark work with?
  37. Sequels, Prequels, and Franchises
  38. The Looks of Summons and Monsters
  39. This is just... beautifull
  40. I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change....
  41. What makes a good character?
  42. Things that the FF team(s) are obviously fans of.
  43. Cool Final Fantasy shirts?
  44. Questions about Dissidia
  45. OH. MY. GOD.
  46. Monster Riddles
  47. Now Playable! - FF Yugioh Cards
  48. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Question
  49. Cause it's never too early...
  50. Exdeath is a good guy
  51. It's nice to climb out of the uncanny valley
  52. Who's interested?
  53. What would you like to see in this game?
  54. whos the hottest
  55. What's that song from? It's beautiful
  56. Best 2 player Experience?
  57. Tactics, Crystal Chronicles, or other spin offs, sequals and such
  58. Dissidia Hero Tournament - Semifinals
  59. Goblins!
  60. Count Orlandeau Cidolfus, the thunder god.
  61. Kiss em, praise em, drown em, and give em a cookie!
  62. EVERY Final Fantasy (that I've played) is Star Wars! (spoilers)
  63. Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim Battle Replays
  64. Is this song sampling music from an FF or am I just hearing things?
  65. Why do people like the Final Fantasy franchise?
  66. Should FF1-6 be made into films.
  67. Most difficult boss fights?
  68. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Best Job Combinations?
  69. Dissidia Prologus Thoughts *SPOILERS*
  70. Hard Mode: Would make every final fantasy a million times more fun and addictive.
  71. Duodecim is OUT!
  72. Noticeable Changes from 1
  73. The Wolf Kanno Appreciation Thread
  74. But Who Are they Really?
  75. Does Odin know you raid his stables?
  76. Favorite Character Themes
  77. >> Fun with Camera Editing (Dissidia Duodecim) ..
  78. Aerith + Warrior of Light costume DLC problem
  79. Mustadio
  80. Summons and Summoners
  81. Most Overrated FF game
  82. >> Fav alternate Costume..
  83. >>> Dissidia and FF1..
  84. Favourite BGM
  85. Save!
  86. Mysidia Theme in Other FFs
  87. I've reached the elderly age of 30....
  88. Cloud of Laguna SPOILER ALERT
  89. Lightning in Dissidia
  90. Kefka Sucks. Kuja Is Better
  91. Possible Spoilers Duodecim Discussions
  92. Main Website is up and running.
  93. Final Fantasy with comic book-style superpowers?
  94. Seriously, what is this? A fan-made battle theme circulated as a hoax?
  95. Marathon by Tantalus4
  96. Really stuck on the part where you play as lightning.
  97. Law cards
  98. getting 100%?
  99. Masters of Magic
  100. Favorite Summons
  101. >> Quest/Friend Card exchange (Duodecim).
  102. Future Series Staples
  103. Anyone else feel like this?
  104. Basswards!
  105. What did you like most about each game?
  106. Some things I need to say about Dissidia 012
  107. Downloadable Content Thread
  108. First look at World map and Airship.
  109. Tactics vs Advance vs War of the Lions
  110. Leaked Video showing off Type 0 in action.
  111. Final Fantasy Wiki
  112. Remakes!
  113. The New Grind
  114. Back Into Dissidia Again
  115. specific favorites
  116. Iai Strike Build
  117. AMV Hell 6: Final Fantasy Hell
  118. Final Fantasy Playthroughs
  119. The Spirits Within
  120. Is Crystal Chronicles dead?
  121. DLC help?
  122. So was FFTA-2 any good?
  123. Favorite Alternate Costumes
  124. FF theme songs
  125. Favorite Protagonist(s)?
  126. Petition to Square Enix to create a new 16 bit FF game
  127. Will FFType-0 get an English release?
  128. Final Fantasy theme song?
  129. Interesting interview on FFType-0
  130. Default Favorite Dissidia 012 Character (Poll in thread)
  131. Remon's Magical Challenge! FFT edition
  132. Final Fantasy Rhythm
  133. Combat Experience
  134. Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds
  135. Deadliest Character: Lightning vs. Cloud. WHO IS DEADLIEST!?
  136. Lightning: "Thuuuuundagaaaaa!"
  137. The Spirits Within
  138. EoFF Popularity Poll
  139. Final Fantasy Variant player. Pretty smurfing amusing.
  140. Completing the Fantasy
  141. Can't do an open world? I'm not buying it
  142. EOFF Summer 2011 Census!
  143. Why do Monk classes always know healing and support commands?
  144. Final Fantasy Collection
  146. Question Time!
  147. Map of Oriens
  148. Magic vs Physical
  149. The top ten best battle aspects.
  150. The Expendables - Choose 9 for your Journey
  151. A Summon Tradition
  152. Official Game Package?!
  153. is it just me?
  154. Concepts for Dissidia 3
  155. DLC & FF: A Possible Boon... If SE Ever Catches On
  156. Agito/Type-0 TGS PV
  157. FF Music Theme Tournament
  158. I want to play through all the FFs I own, in order.
  159. Crystal Chronicling
  160. Favorite Regular Battle Theme
  161. Guides and walkthroughs
  162. Type-0 Gameplay Trailer(Final trailer)
  163. What tha? is my game broken? ring of fates
  164. Distant Worlds - Pittsburgh Feb 2012
  165. EX Mode and EX Burst Name References
  166. What Kind Of New FF Character Could Replace Your Current Favourite FF Character?
  167. Moms are... expendable
  168. Looks like Chocobo Breeding is making a comback
  169. Some helpful hints from the development team...
  170. Your FFXV Expectation
  171. Final Fantasy Type-0 Sells Nearly 500,000....
  172. Nobuo Uematsu and his band EARTHBOUND PAPAS to perform at MAGFest X
  173. Are new games less immersive...
  174. which game had the most UNREALIZED POTENTIAL?
  175. Kitase talks about Action RPGs, is this FFXV's future?
  176. More FF poster participation in the Ciddies (forum awards)
  177. what is your favorite character theme
  178. Final Fantasy Series Live Action Cast
  179. How Complete Are Your Dissidia Files?
  180. Can't get enough Final Fantasy?
  182. PSN Load Times For FFV and FFVI
  183. Echoes of Time, anyone play?
  185. to all people with itunes
  186. TYPE-0 running on PS Vita!
  187. Female characters: high-waisted vs low-waisted skirts
  188. Sakaguchi Article
  189. Alexander O. Smith Interview
  190. FFXV Announced in 2012?
  191. Favourite Final Fantasy
  192. Least Favourite Final Fantasy
  193. Help me, nerds!
  194. IGN's Top Final Fantasy Characters
  195. Chocobos vs. Moogles
  196. Map Size
  197. Crashing Cloud's Party
  198. Selling games
  199. Their Tale Can Now Be Told
  200. Name and Birthday effects on starting stats
  201. You are now a mage...
  202. What FF universe would you most want to visit and why ?
  203. Final Fantasy: Full Weapons and Armor set or Weapon/Accessory combination?
  204. Multi-Player
  205. Final Fantasy Brigade!
  206. S-E trademarks "Final Fantasy Dimensions" in US/EU
  207. Opening Credits
  208. 300!
  209. Standard jobs
  210. Oh yeah. It's all coming together.
  211. Gunners don't make sense
  212. Favorite things about the titles you hate
  213. Would you play a main installment Final Fantasy in the Crystal Chronicles universe?
  214. Would you read a Final Fantasy comic book?
  215. Which FF character or class has the most FABULOUS outfit?
  216. Which version is the best quality?
  217. El Presidente
  218. C'mere ya damn newb!
  219. Eyes on Forgetting Females
  220. How many of you lost the first battle?
  221. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
  222. Which one was the most difficult for you?
  223. GRIN's Western FINAL FANTASY
  224. Behold His Mighty Gunblade!
  225. Ranking the FF Vocal Themes
  226. About the FFTA Radio Drama
  227. "The Ten Coolest Moments in Final Fantasy"
  228. Which FF iPhone game to get? Opinions needed!
  229. Characters You Want to See More Of!
  230. Your Overconfidence is Your Weakness
  231. Do you use the A-team? Or the Clone Army?
  232. Marry it, One-Night stand, Avoid it's STD infested carcus
  233. Duodecim = Dissidia ver.1.5
  234. Article: The Majesty of Bards and Dancers Pt II
  235. The Most Underrated Final Fantasy?
  236. FFVI vs. FFVII
  237. Square + Enix = ???
  238. And how would you like your moogle today?
  239. 25th Anniversary Wish list
  240. FF Hits and Misses
  241. What kind of Final Fantasy do you want FFXV to be?
  242. Final Fantasy Music Favorites
  243. Would you like to help contribute to the EoFF site, writing news and blogs?
  244. The Majesty of Bards and Dancers Pt II
  245. I'm way too good for that....
  246. Atmosphere
  247. Children Are No Longer The Future
  248. All FFs on sale on PS Store
  249. EOFF SPRING CENSUS EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!! Gameplay Edition!
  250. Article: Theatrhythm Western Release Confirmed