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  1. Fenix Down
  2. Music
  3. Favorite Random FF Character Poll!
  4. Favorite Villian?
  5. im new to final fantasy
  6. Opiumcloud ranks the entire FF series
  7. Villain Vs Villain
  8. If you could write a catch-phrase for any FF game, what would it be?
  9. Most annoying Uematsu composition?
  10. Weird enemies that heal my characters...
  11. Favorite Final "World"
  12. WHY do Square always use the random encounter system?
  13. Does this sound like a hard boss? *invention*
  14. FF Characters Driving Cars
  15. FF8 Overworld Theme = FF9 Terra Theme?
  16. History of Final Fantasy video
  17. What Happened to FF: Mystic Quest?
  18. Major players in the development and production of the FF series.
  19. Solo Marche (Revisited)
  20. This one guy wants to find a certain Final Fantasy site.
  21. I'm positively obsessed with Final Fantasy...
  22. The perfect save file.
  23. Good idea/bad idea
  24. Best to start with.
  25. Final Fantasy X/X-2 Piano Collections
  26. Monks/black belts need love too
  27. Final Fantasy Espers!?!?
  28. Your first encounter with Final Fantasy
  29. FFT:What are your favorite characters to put in battle ?
  30. Eyes on me
  31. can it be true?
  32. Ritz
  33. FF Music on Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  34. Project Chaos: Sonic 3 & Knuckles remixes
  35. Final Fantasy: The Theme
  36. Sprites
  37. Anthology vs Origins
  38. wich character do u hate?
  39. FFU.
  40. hello everyone!!
  41. Favorite FF Character Theme
  42. FFX - Tidus & Yuna's Theme?
  44. Coolest airship
  45. FF novels
  46. Crystal Chronicles DS scan
  47. Final Fantasy Street Team?
  48. Beaten
  49. Katamari Damacy soundtrack(s)
  50. Difficult time breaking the ice...
  51. Dood, I killed your story!
  52. are they
  53. if you were to say
  54. if you were
  55. You know its a Final Fantasy...
  56. woohoo christmas
  57. Random Guests?
  58. FFCC: Rings of Fate playable at Jump Festa
  59. FFCC: Rings of Fate Teaser Site
  60. good names for FF villens
  61. Square Enix Announces FF Tactics for PSP and Another New FFT Game
  62. Truly, there is a god.
  63. Which moogle do you prefer?
  64. FFCC: Rings of Fate Propaganda(8 of them!)
  65. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Moonless Starry Night
  66. New FFCC:Ring of Fates info
  67. Which do you prefer?
  68. Sequelitis
  69. Crystals, crystals everywhere!
  70. The Final Fantasy Fashion Awards!
  71. Cloud's Guts
  72. Impressions of Tactics Advanced (probably spoilers)
  73. Rurmor FF 13 is the last True or False
  74. Triangles in Final Fantasy
  75. The first final fantasy you played.............
  76. Live action Final Fantasy!
  77. what do you think of the spirits within?
  78. Concerning the DS and Link Cables.
  79. Favorite Nobuo Composition?
  80. Which FF Villian Would be the Master?
  81. I'm Not Ashamed!
  82. FFTastic Unknown Sprites Revealed
  83. Loving Black Magic
  84. Should I get...
  85. How would you rate this find?
  86. Worst game ever!!!
  87. need some final fantasy friends...
  88. Pirate vs Ninja
  89. Job Points Question
  90. Wierd abilities for Enemies to use
  91. what is the coolest FF mob?
  92. Whitch should I play?
  93. Males in FF look metrosexual...
  94. memorable parts of FF
  95. Best Yasunori Mitsuda tracks...
  96. Shiva VS. Ifrit.
  97. Cloud VS. Squall
  98. S.S.H
  99. FFT or FFTA?
  100. Moogles...
  101. FFT/PS2
  102. How many years?
  103. Kefka vs Ex-Death
  104. Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV
  105. Duplicating armaments
  106. FF Bloopers!
  107. Access to Dark Knight.
  108. quick question
  109. Well and truly stuck
  110. Forever Fantasy
  111. Which Final Fantasy game do you like best?
  112. What songs can you play?
  113. Stupid Fans
  114. So what are some of the ways you implement "jobs" in FF games where they don't exist?
  115. Your favourite abnormal main character?
  116. Most Hated Characters!
  117. Reasons to play (AND BEAT!)
  118. The Origin of the Name "Final Fantasy"
  119. Ask a stupid Final Fantasy question, etc. - ONLY ONE QUESTION IN TEN POSTS!!!!
  120. The Most Evil
  121. Utada Hikaru
  122. How do I obtain new jobs?
  123. Final Fantasy Cliches
  124. "To Zanarkand" CHORDS
  125. Who uses Orlandu alone in random battles?
  126. What's the point of having a Hunter with the "Capture" ability?
  127. maybe final fantasy maybe not
  128. Final Fantasy I and II is coming to the PSP to celebrate the series' 20th Anniversary
  129. sheet music.
  130. A surprise character and another new job revealed for the PSP version
  131. "Ultimate magics"...
  132. Predeterrmined jobs or custamizable jobs?
  133. *Sigh* VIII or IX?
  134. Katars?
  135. Best FF Moment?
  136. Summons
  137. Make your own character
  139. The Ultimate Final Fantasy Poll!!!
  140. Final Fantasy Tactics 2 idea.
  141. All the Final Fantasy Villains...Sit Down and Talk
  142. Final Fantasy AMV [BoBD, Sung by Utada Hikaru]
  143. Is the Zodiac Compatibility important?
  144. Karioke Night
  145. Tour de Japon
  146. So what happened with the Grimoire?
  147. Elmdor's Equipment
  148. Stuff I've Noticed...
  149. whats your favourite Final Fantasy moment?
  150. Best dark knight.
  151. Ok the Sanctuary/Passion sheet music arrangements
  152. Final Fantasy Villains Tier (Main Villains)
  153. Game Shark
  154. "This was the darkened Items won't appear."
  155. who?
  156. How are FFXII and Tactics alike?
  157. i see (too many) dead people
  158. Mr. Quote-tasitic
  159. Mr. Quote-tasitic
  160. Quick JP trick..
  161. Whats there to hate about cloud and squall?
  162. An original way to try and sell your Final Fantasy stuff...
  163. Would you like an FF game with real-time battles?
  164. best bad guy poll
  165. FF notes?
  166. The world is donut shaped
  167. the new not anounced squarenix game
  168. What The Hell!?
  169. So, I just bought the FF X Soundtrack
  170. Come on, Dance to that beet!
  171. Hard Work Pays Off..
  172. FFVII and FFX/FFX-2 are linked
  173. Active or Wait
  174. Who is the Best Summon?
  175. Final Fantasy hero get together
  176. Why must the God (or Evil) die young?
  177. Real Life Final Fantasy Battle.
  178. FF Spirits Within: One of the BIGGEST Bombs
  179. Final Fantasy: Insert Stupid RedXIII13 Subtitle Here
  180. Sanctuary -KH2
  181. FFIV or VI
  182. What Final Fantasy characters would say
  183. Mission 87: Free Bervenia
  184. Is it time for someone else to take over?
  185. The Most Loved Character?
  186. Look to find out
  187. VS XII Trailer Song
  188. Favourite Townsperson
  189. psp release??
  190. Why do you think the characters in FF games,have such big weapons?
  191. there is
  192. FFT help!!
  193. Favorite Feature?
  194. What's His Class?
  195. Symphonic Suite vs Piano Collections
  196. Debriefing
  197. More Music Help
  198. weird swords
  199. This day two years ago...
  200. Blue crystals, yellow crystals, red crystals...oh my!
  201. FF7 or FF8?
  202. Amano artwork doesn't change facial expressions
  203. does any body...
  204. When will we ever get another.....
  205. SquareEnix/Final Fantasy Fighting game?-My Ideas
  206. When/what did you guys start
  207. The stupidest monsters
  208. Lancers and the CT delima for Jump
  209. Enemies Using Jump
  210. Izlude's Job...
  211. Which FF game is more debating?
  212. Favorite FF Main Villain
  213. References of Mythology and religion in Final Fantasy
  214. Cloud Confusion
  216. Character Custom. Or back-story?
  217. When breeding, what monsters make other similar monsters?
  218. New FF Tactics PSP Details Announced
  219. Favorite Party Setup?
  220. Which is your favorite Black Mage's Song?
  221. FFTA Quotes
  222. Hair!
  223. Airships and Hammers and Cids Oh My!
  224. summons
  225. Dirty Girls
  226. Legend of the Crystals...
  227. One winged angel: VII or Advent Children?
  228. Beowulf
  229. Most depressing Final Fantasy
  230. Names!
  231. most complicated ff love story
  232. Let's test your loyalty to the Final Fantasy series...
  233. How strong are you?
  234. Games beaten?
  235. Complete Favourites
  236. More Tactical Details Emerge for The Lions War
  237. Weridest Final Fantasy Animation Ever
  238. Boss's or enemy's major attack that you dread the most
  239. Sphere Grid vs. License Board
  240. FF Unlimited - anyone? - NO SPOILERS -
  241. The Perfect FF Game
  242. Alternate endings
  243. biggest snooze fest
  244. What is your fav logo?
  245. if FF was to have a new sport what would it be?
  246. Best job combo in an FF character
  247. Modern, Fantasy, Or Sci-Fi?
  248. Why did it fail?
  249. Cid - O' please!
  250. Who is your faviroute Cid? I can't spell favirote. Why can't I spell that word?