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  1. It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times...
  2. Homage -- it's like stealing but without the sued part.
  3. Assigning Elements to the FFs
  4. Cloud, and Aerith?
  5. Vive La Resistance!
  6. Top 10 BGM/s from the RO soundtrack?
  7. Please, let's refer to the first FF games by their true names...
  8. best ost by square-enix
  9. Sexiest Final Fantasy?
  10. If you could make your own FF game.
  11. Yazmat Lost the First Place
  12. Favorite Ultimate Black Magic
  13. Question.
  14. Define the "FF Experience"...
  15. Most unreasonably disliked FF title! Now with 33% more fan bias!
  16. Final Fantasy VII vs Street Fighter Alpha
  17. Bully's Soundtrack
  18. OMFG! lol this is insane
  19. How is Beoulve pronounced?
  20. Should I get Final Fantasy XI or Final Fanasy XII?
  21. Which group of FF chicks is your favorite
  22. Favorite Main Boss Battle Music in FF
  23. wnich old skool final fantasy group of chicks is ur favorite
  24. Why is Final Fantasy so popular?
  25. Which group of NES chicks is your favourite?
  26. chocobos
  27. The Best Leader - NOT Main Character
  28. That does it! From now on...
  29. Favorite Prelude
  30. The REAL Final Fantasy (Graphics so real lookin)
  31. Final Fantasy IX or Final Fantasy X?
  32. Which Villain Accomplished The Most?
  33. So they have remade FF1/2...
  34. FFTA Challenge : Starter Classes Only
  35. If you were to make FF15
  36. FF music and where to find it...
  37. The new english voices
  38. Sequel
  39. Spells Learned by Demonstration.
  40. "Let's create some Engrish!" game
  41. If there was a hollywood FFVII movie wat stars do u think theyd have?
  42. Secret Mafia Thread
  43. The Spirits Within FAQ?
  44. Kefka vs. Sephiroth
  45. Most enjoyable leveling system in FF!
  46. Final Fantasy III or Final Fantasy IV?
  47. Mini-songs?
  48. What types of battles do you like?
  49. Favorite places to battle.
  50. Best FF Mini-Game?
  51. Who's the most Unbearable?
  52. Own any OSTs?
  53. The Final Fantasy retrospective review
  54. Real life movie?
  55. where are the SMURFING doors?!
  56. Would you name your kids after names from the games?
  57. Sad Tunes
  58. What FF Villains Could Beat Sin?S
  59. YOU know you played to much tactics when
  60. dont like the film!
  61. Which Final Fantasy game is the hardest in overall?
  62. same role call here
  63. Final fantasy/PS3 question(s)
  64. the best ff Villan???
  65. Could any FF Villain beat Zeromus?
  66. Martial Symphony Opus 5!
  67. ff4 or FF6
  68. Apanda, Archaic/ultima demon
  69. Final Fantasy and Religion
  70. Final FantasY VIII Review (also w/FF7)
  71. Chocobos, Moogles, Cids; The Worlds are Connected
  72. Graphics, Music, and Voices: The Art of Storytelling
  73. FF Sheet Music
  74. Rate this song!! Yoko Shimomura - The King Of Dragons - Stage 2-9!!!
  75. Wacky FF Mystery Word Game!!!
  76. FFCC ending?
  77. Best online V.G.Soundtrack dealer?
  78. To Zanarkand vs The Place Ill Return to Someday
  79. The best victory theme
  80. Which game should never have been made?
  81. The FF Reunion
  82. Need Help Plz
  83. Question
  84. If you could have Final Fantasy spells...
  85. Everyone Answer
  86. Back to the age old question, which FF to play next?
  87. 20th Anniversary Logo
  88. ARGH! Effing slowdown >:(
  89. erm...onion knight?
  90. Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
  91. Actual N/A Final Fantasy Games Numbers
  92. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:The Young King and the Promised Land
  93. job prerequisites (PSP)
  94. Not another blonde FF!
  95. A theory about Ivalice, not only in FFTA.
  96. Spoony Bard
  97. how do you pronounce 'Ivalice'?
  98. Video game soundtracks >>> film soundtracks
  99. Dear god
  100. female or male?
  101. Can't download the new War of the Lions wallpapers
  103. Help...
  105. Archers?
  106. Final Fantasy happenings
  107. alot to do in this game =X
  108. Relationships
  109. FF "Sounds"
  110. I am so not getting out of this one
  111. PS1 or PSP?
  112. I've got an Idea.
  113. Final Fantasy Humour
  114. Do you know of any Japanese names for the FF characters?
  115. Your personal Favorite 5 Final Boss battle theme(s) :3?
  116. War of the Lions.
  117. Late in the lab one night~~
  118. FF With The Most Lost Forevers
  119. Final Fantasy Universes: The Writer’s Goal
  120. Hrmmm Sprites
  121. Have you ever/ when was the last time you listened to a full OST all the way through?
  122. Okay so i heard...
  123. Release date for A2 in the US?
  124. Favorite Title's Theme~!?
  125. thieves that cant even duel-wield
  126. Final Fantasy fanvids
  127. Final Fantasy and kingdom hearts Sanctuary
  128. FF14 on psp?
  129. The Ultimate Blue Mage
  130. Challenges
  131. Random Battles
  132. Onion Equipment...
  133. Favourite Chocobo onomatopoeia?
  134. FFT weekly class review #1: Lancer / Dragoon.
  135. Few Questions
  136. Favorite FF?
  137. Game Completion data?
  138. Something that sucks...
  139. FFVI vs. FFVII vs. FFVIII vs. FFIX vs. FFX vs. FFXII
  140. An idea for an awesome FF movie
  141. Sakimoto Hitoshi interview, with footage of his studio
  142. Worst minigame in the series?
  143. whos that!?
  144. Opiumcloud's Ultimate Final Fantasy Test
  145. What's His Class Now?
  146. How many times?
  147. Your Crew
  148. I wish to clarify a very annoying myth
  149. Piano Selections,Anyone??
  150. FFT weekly class review #2: Monk
  151. why is 'fly' reguarded so highly?
  152. Super Mario takes Final Fantasy?
  153. X-Play reviews War of the Lions; name-drops EoFF
  154. Short Books
  155. Favorite Final Fantasy Quote
  156. Nomura's last Final Fantasy
  157. Chocobo knock-off
  158. "Hello, will you take time out of your busy schedule to score a game for me?"
  159. Underrated...
  160. Wich FF is the best?(lets clear a few thing up)
  161. Does anyone know where I can get the ISO for this game?
  162. Which FF aspect would you like to have in real life?
  163. The differences between...
  164. what if
  165. Saved right before Weigraf, and no way of winning?
  166. The Ultimate Main Protagonist
  167. Fight!Fight!Fight!
  168. Am I trying too hard or is it really there?
  169. Creating a protagnist
  170. FFT Class Review #3: Ninja.
  171. Overweight Final Fantasy characters
  172. So I say "Cid"
  173. Fate of This Forum
  174. I Robbed Squall (Or If Only I Could Find Seifer)
  175. How long can I expect a single playthrough of Mystic Quest to take?
  176. X-Play is looking for a huge Final Fantasy fanatic
  177. FFT Class review #4: Bard
  178. I'm buying a PSP! First rpg will be FF I or FF Tactics!
  179. Sequels to older FF games.
  180. you relative you
  181. The most absurd rumours you've heard (spoilers)
  182. Dispel
  183. Final Fantasy completes 20 years
  184. Bought a system for one game?
  185. FFIV NES Version
  186. Decisive Battle!
  187. Ring of Fates release date for US confirmed
  188. FF: Dissdia
  189. Evens or Odds? Which FF set is best?
  190. Dissidia: New V-Jump scan featuring Frioniel and Mateus Palamecia
  191. Dark Knight
  192. Dissidia: New List of Confirmed Villains and Screenshots of Squall and Ultimecia
  193. How did you get into FF?
  194. Pure Hearted FF Characters
  195. Amazing Remix of Terra's Theme
  196. Mystic Quest
  197. Best part of new games
  198. Favorite to Least Favorite
  199. Music videos
  200. FFT class review #5: Divine Knight.
  201. What, you never noticed that until now?
  202. FF Tarot - Seeking Your Advice
  203. Ever played a game with music that seems to stick to a certain tune?
  204. Pervert Black Mage
  205. Final Fantasy Merchandise Updates!!
  206. Final Fantasy: The Cleansing Mission?
  207. cid
  208. Continue the story:
  209. Final Fantasy bloopers (for fun!!)
  210. Job Levels
  211. So, who got the PSP version of this game?
  212. Ending levels [NO SPOILERS]
  213. Favorite Guest characters
  214. Would the games come to NA if...
  215. Must you use Game Boy Advance?
  216. Remake
  218. Kefka > Sephy
  219. Kefka is so evil he even killed the GRASS!
  220. Final Fantasy and Star Wars reciprocate references?
  221. Quick Question
  222. Um.....Wow
  223. what is the esact
  224. Romantic stories
  225. FF anthology?
  226. The Black Mages (BMIII: Darkness and Starlight Coming March 19)
  227. stopping at the next station
  228. Final Fantasy Secrets/Glitches
  229. Single-character limberry steal
  230. And i would've have gotten away with it too if it werent for those meddeling kids
  231. What I like about the FF series (although it makes some of the fans anoying...)
  232. FFT class review #6: Samurai
  233. final fantasy
  234. final fantasy vii soundtrack?
  235. Are Final Fantasy game anti-religious?
  236. A few of my remixes.
  237. Protecting Mustadio
  238. Video Games Live (Concert)
  239. Quite bothered by the PSP version
  240. The secret behind the phoenix down
  241. Final Fantasy AMV's
  242. Huh?
  243. Final Fantasy: Your Greatest Dreams Fulfilled
  244. Acquisition Guide
  245. Favorite and Least Favorite Final Fantasies etc.
  246. Plot holes, contridictions and inconsistancies
  247. Best Fan Made Video
  248. Delita? *Spoiler*
  249. Parrallel to History
  250. Easiest way to beat any level...After Balthier