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  1. Favorite Vocal Theme
  2. Final Fantasy Fallen Heroes
  3. We're halfway there
  4. final fantasy switch
  5. I forgot
  6. It's time for a new Choco Mog
  7. Final Fantasy Switch
  8. Final Fantasy Fighter
  9. Distant Worlds
  10. Kitase: Interested in Letting Gamers Take Part in Movie Scenes
  11. I really really like this game - another FF?
  12. Oum's obsessed
  13. Final Fantasy First Impressions
  14. Classes
  15. Zidane's Voice
  16. Aah Real Monsters!
  17. Bars
  18. Ribbon
  19. Game "completion"?
  20. Musing of the Universe of FF
  21. I need a Song for a wedding!
  22. Straight Party Challenge
  23. Tactics? Who uses those anyway?
  24. HALP!
  25. Ending music, et tu?
  26. Four days until bonus day!
  27. composerrrrrrrrrrrs
  28. we are all the sameeee!
  29. ivalice is merely okay.
  30. Your first Final Fantasy
  31. Solar Fields
  32. General Final Fantasy
  33. She's going to shoot through the wall! Oh dear mother of God!
  34. Ramza
  35. Your favorite ending/credits songs
  36. Battle Characters
  37. What did the various FF parties talk about?
  38. Most underrated Final Fantasy?
  39. Am I the only one who couldn't really get into this game? :/
  40. 'I wish that job class were in the other games!'
  41. Who/what introduced you to the Final Fantasy series?
  42. Biggest Badass
  43. I'd like to have a Griever action figure I guess...
  44. A Heroic and Villainy Ranking Thread
  45. Renditions/Arrangements/Remixes you like.
  46. Playing With Yourself
  47. Why was Sephiroth confirmed first and Cloud (Strife) confirmed last?
  48. Heretical Final Fantasy Admissions
  49. Favorite Designs of Summons/Monsters
  50. You look like...
  51. Which is your favourite villain design?
  52. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest RULEZ!!!
  53. It's Always Dance Time
  54. Hiphoppest Character yo
  55. The Importance of a Dancer class
  56. FFDDDR
  57. Final Fantasy with Class
  58. My character setup is better than yours!
  59. Character build of the Week-ish
  60. Cidolfious the Lamest.
  61. US Release of Final Fantasy Gaiden announced
  62. Furniture
  63. Even a five year old could understand THAT.
  64. Character build of the Week-ish 2: Geomancer
  65. Super Mario Metal
  66. Tried Out Dissidia a While Ago...
  67. Intros: The Good, The Bad & The Stupid
  68. Final Fantasy Gaiden 4 Warriors of Light.
  69. Double KO?
  70. ff chronicles/anthologies broken on ps2 or 3?
  71. Friend Card Exchange
  72. What stat effects the Sword Saint abilites?
  73. Universal Tuning
  74. heh. He Uboar'd.
  75. Most Satisfying Ending
  76. Middle Children
  77. Lights, Cameras, ACTION!!!
  78. Gasaraki
  79. Final Fantasy Battlefront
  80. Delita
  81. Great/terrible Final Fantasy toys!
  82. The Best Moogles~
  83. The ESRB Knows What's Missing
  84. Final Fantasy and other Video Game remixes!
  85. Most Difficult Superboss
  86. Grind-lover Playplan: Useless?
  87. The Only Competent Human is a Party Member! FFXIII SPOILERS WITHIN
  88. I need equipment :(
  89. Unskippable -- FFXIII video
  90. Reality vs. Wishful Thinking
  91. Describe every Final Fantasy you've played in ONE WORD
  92. Emotional wrecks
  93. The tc is ignorant it seems
  94. "Moonlight Sonata" appearing in games.
  95. Oh god, what is he/she/it wearing?!
  96. Who is your favorite Final Fantasy villian???
  97. What are your hopes and expectations for Final Fantasy XV?
  98. Your Final Fantasy Wish List
  99. Women make better final bosses
  100. Dear Tetsuya Nomura: you're so vague, you probably think this song's not about you...
  101. Do You Ship?
  102. Decline, Improvement or Stagnation?
  103. Dissidia on PS3?
  104. When the animations just don't quite work. (Spoilers)
  105. a suggestion please :)
  106. Sidequests =/= Marks
  107. Favourite Summons
  108. Good Luck? Bad Luck?
  109. the FINAL fantasy...
  110. This is *such* a pickle...
  111. Movie sequences in the games
  112. Technology!
  113. >> So how long I`ll have to wait for Dissidia 2??
  114. FMV vs. Diversity
  115. What remix is this?
  116. Favourite Final Fantasy
  117. Least Favourite Final Fantasy
  118. Static or changing party?
  119. Heroes of Light
  120. Love SQ and Chill SQ
  121. "It's too dangerous to stay together!"
  122. Yoshi-taka (heh, censored) Amano is coming to Toronto, Canada!
  123. what FF had the best battle system??
  124. ULTIMATE final fantasy poll! (many questions inside)
  125. who else thinks the square needs to lay off the GRAFIX ENHANCER button?
  126. Favorite FF Sequel and/or spinoff
  127. Favourite princess! (may be spoilers)
  128. Favorite Final Fantasy Females
  129. No More Final Fantasy
  130. Etymologies & Connections
  131. Trivia and Connections
  132. Quotastic
  133. Well At least I'm Not Like Ultros
  134. A2: Brightmoon Tor 3rd Tower
  135. which FF had the best setting??
  136. (insert game title here) Fantasy
  137. Artistic Age
  138. I Killed One Winged Angel
  139. Overleveling stats?
  140. This should totally be Dissidia 2...
  141. Dissidia players that live in LA
  142. Tier list Dissidia (top)
  143. Dissidia tier list (high)
  144. >> Interesting FF related sites..
  145. The SNES may have had the better sound chip......
  146. Dissidia Tier List (Mid-high)
  147. Dissidia Tier List (Lower-mid)
  148. what character is your main?
  149. What's your favorite Equipment Set?
  150. I need the proper theme song!
  151. Final Fantasy VIII vs. Final Fantasy X-2
  152. Best FF pick-up lines
  153. FF-marathon this July!
  154. FF1-3 are the Worst
  155. How many FF's have you played this year?
  156. Tag Team of DOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  157. Worst Ending?
  158. Whenever sang my songs...
  159. PlayStation Network versus original disc?
  160. Who can play FF music in any instruments?
  161. TOP 5 Best Villains in Final Fantasy Games
  162. The Best of Final Fantasy
  163. Make Up A Job
  164. Distant Worlds II Party Gallery with Nobuo Uematsu
  165. New Final Fantasy game announced in Japan
  166. Best Final Fantasy Character Theme: FFIV Edition
  167. Memory Cards
  168. Geomancer
  169. The Black Sheeps
  170. Do you think Final Fantasy Games are getting to serious???
  171. Why does Tetsuya Nomura include pauldrons on the left shoulder and not on the right?
  172. Cosplay
  173. Tell me why I should play this game!
  174. Dancing Mad Lyrics
  175. Dissidia 2 characters
  176. Ramza was just lucky
  177. What we want to see in Dissidia 2
  178. The Shinryu and Omega Weapon Topic
  179. Character Theme Tournament: FFVI Edition
  180. The Black Mages Disbanded
  181. Your middle-of-the-road games
  182. Final Fantasy Re-imagined
  183. Ivalice Timeline. Need Help
  184. Final Fantasy Spoofing
  185. Favorite Final Fantasy Song(s)?
  186. Which Final Fantasy should I beat next?
  187. Character Theme Competition FFVII Edition
  188. Coolest Looking Attacks
  189. Your final Final Fantasy
  190. Which would you rather have?
  191. Does This Sound Familiar?
  192. Items of Our World
  193. Final Fantasy Character Theme Tournament: FFVIII Edition
  194. Character Theme Tournament: FFIX Edition
  195. October Time
  196. >> Face to Face..
  197. Final Fantasy XIV Openning Beta?
  198. Coincidence between Tekken 3 and Johnny Bazookatone...
  199. Final Fantasy Theme Tournament: FFX Edition
  200. How do you walk around when you level?
  201. Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy (PSP) announced
  202. Oh wait, it was that OTHER Final Fantasy
  203. Dissidia duodecim Website <3
  204. Also about cosplay-need advices
  205. Final Fantasy Theme Tournament FFXII Edition
  206. Original vs. Distant Worlds - Melodies of Life
  207. Who are your top 3 FF charecters and why
  208. Artifacts and Their Effects
  209. Mitsuda is making an arranged album of the Xenogears OST
  210. Final Fantasy Character Theme Tournament: FFXIII Edition
  211. Encounters, Encounters, What to do?
  212. a small question on popularity
  213. Create a Job!
  214. Since the original Dissidia told the 13th cycle...
  215. Best Final Fantasy Song Tournament Nomination : Final Fantasy I
  216. Summons
  217. Alternate Outfits
  218. Now On Virtual Console: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  219. Let's Play a Little Game
  220. How do you want Final Fantasy XV to be like?
  221. FF Dissidia vs Soul Calibur! Who With Me?!
  222. Bluelaguna.net?
  223. Ultimate Character Theme Tournament! THUNDERDOME EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!
  224. How much do characters have to develop?
  225. Scott Pilgrim...
  226. FFX and FFXII possibly being remastered for PS3
  227. Why do the FF remakes on the DS have chibi graphics?
  228. Favorite Final Fantasy Ending
  229. Final Fantasy Idol
  230. FFXII's Vaan Confirmed for Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy
  231. You ever get so mad you throw a spoon at a Goblin?
  232. Aerith is an alcoholic.
  233. Echoes of time
  234. Random Encounters
  235. History, it says so little.
  236. I think I just died a little inside
  237. Alternate speaking methods.
  238. FFVIII's "Eyes on Me" or FFIX's "Melodies of Life"?
  239. FFX's "Suteki Da Ne" vs. Chrono Cross's "Radical Dreamers"
  240. There was no FFXII! They skipped a Final Fantasy!
  241. EoFF Final Fantasy Census 2010! REVELATIONS!!!!
  242. Final Fantasy's Victory Fanfare vs. Chrono Cross's Victory Fanfare!
  243. Final Fantasy Character Alignments
  244. Trading Card Game?
  245. There and Back Again: An FF Nerd's Tale
  246. So Squenix, when are we going to see 'curvy' heroines?
  247. Sad video game songs
  248. Woo Grammy
  249. Are the newer releases really getting worse???
  250. Another Final Fantasy Tactics please