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  1. Kingdom Hearts vs....?
  2. Xenogears Remake
  3. Ultimate Battle
  4. Donald and Goofy Playable
  5. What's this?
  6. Kingdom Hearts Worlds [understanding]
  7. KHMMO. IMO. Teehee.
  8. KH/Final Fantasy meets youur favourite TV show
  9. KH3 Characters
  10. Kingdom Hearts BBS The Truth
  11. KH 3 Thoughts
  12. Kingdom Hearts for Wii
  13. Dragon Quest V Wedding
  14. Level Grinding( kh1)
  15. KH Music Video
  16. Xion's Transformation [spoiler]
  17. Was it all for Pride?
  18. Did they pretty up the sprites?
  19. So how many of you knew about this one?
  20. Frog's Do Not Have Belly Buttons
  21. Oathkeeper
  22. Keychains
  23. Let's do the Time Warp again!!!
  24. Sometimes... Its isn't a small enough world after all...
  25. KH2 help
  26. Ye Casters of Magic, Bow to the Prince
  27. gets and donts
  28. What if?... and this is a big IF...
  29. Team Builds
  30. Project Kid?
  31. Chrono Cross art appreciation thread!
  32. Favourite CT Ending
  33. Grah! Chocobo Tales...
  34. Huzzah!!!
  35. Does anyone think that Chrono Trigger is really good?
  36. The Horrible Reward Of Beating Sephiroth :o
  37. Ah, Memories...
  38. [Help Request] Temporal Flux (Chrono Trigger Editor)
  39. 358 /2 days
  40. The Kingdom Hearts II Underworld Tournament Scoreboard!
  41. Star Ocean: The Fifth to Last Hope
  42. New Teaser
  43. TWEWY's Ending *Obvious Spoilers*
  44. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
  45. Remember the KH trading card game?
  46. We Need More FF9 Characters
  47. Xenogears
  48. Ivalice should be in KH3
  49. KH3? *Maybe Spoilers*
  50. the game.
  51. Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections
  52. Simple and Clean Violin Sheet Music
  53. Which DQ character has the most similarities to Aeris Gainsborough?
  54. What Took You So Long Square-Enix!?
  55. Chrono Cross tune used in rap song?
  56. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Thread~
  57. Square Enix Wants 8 Flagship IP's
  58. 358 investigations
  59. Come on, Geno
  60. Chrono Cross Questions...
  61. Fortress
  62. The Nature of Kingdom Hearts
  63. Chrono Cross troubles on PS3?
  64. How can Kingdom Hearts appeal more to mainstream Disney fans?
  65. Director's Secret Report XIII
  66. Vagrant Story -> Euro PSN
  67. The World Ends with You HELP!
  68. Gyromancer
  69. I found something I liked about KH
  70. Rku's memories? (spoilers)
  71. So, I feel like the worst gamer in the world right now..
  72. Zack (FFVII) in Birth By Sleep...
  73. I had a dream...
  74. Hayden/Brittany or Alyson/Meaghan as Kairi/Namine?
  75. Do you think Square is deliberating suppressing
  76. New commercial for Birth by Sleep
  77. rank your favorite FF and KH games
  78. How are those Dragon Quest games?
  79. Jump Festa 2010 Birth by Sleep Trailer!!
  80. FF Remake?
  81. Does Axel love Saix
  82. Please refresh my memory. (Obviously, there will be spoilers.)
  83. KH2 Help - Hollow Bastion ->Radiant Gardens
  84. Star Ocean 4
  85. CoM Musical
  86. Fantasy Earth MMO
  87. Final Fantasy Gaiden 4 Warriors of Light
  88. Old SNES Square game I don't know the name of.
  89. star ocean 3 nel the best character?
  90. new opponents on struggle?
  91. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
  92. World Locations
  93. Squenix is finally putting some use to Eidos...
  94. Parasite Eve anyone?
  95. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen
  96. Almost thought we were going to be passed over on this one...
  97. Dearly Beloved
  98. How about some Taito reppin' here?
  99. Fishy fun!
  100. My Ivalice Circle Isn't Complete
  101. Clueless
  102. Intro Improvements!
  103. Retro Look: Brain Lord
  104. The Princesses of Hearts
  105. Where in the world
  106. Magic's got nothing on me!
  107. the bouncer
  108. pre vii
  109. Threads of Fate sequel, please!
  110. Live A Live
  111. Summons in KH/KH2
  112. Hey, let's fly around in our hubba-bubba sponsered ship
  113. So how many of you DON'T mash attack?
  114. Best General Square game?
  115. [Spoilers] The overall Kingdom Hearts story.
  116. KH2
  117. Chrono Trigger
  118. Kingdom Hearts Riddles IV
  119. KH III Depends on Versus Sales
  120. In this thread, a person more powerful than every FF character
  121. Final Fantasy Legend II Seven Sword
  122. Little Details
  123. Total Playtimes
  124. Quick, Hit the Tri-rangle!
  125. Playa Maker
  126. Chrono Cross Opening FMV
  127. Where would you live?
  128. Ask any KH question, get the answer in this thread
  129. Square Enix: What Games Do You Want On PSN?
  130. I finally finished 358/2 Days
  131. Fantasy Earth Zero
  132. "Tell me why he picked you!"
  133. Does Riku have a Nobody? (Possible spoilers)
  134. Chrono Trigger Marriage Proposal
  135. Hashimoto updates :bad news and good news
  136. A story of Vagrancy!
  137. citan uzuki
  138. Dragon Quest V: Who's your woman??
  139. Threads of Fate on PSN! Now go make a sequel please!
  140. Dreaming of Sora
  141. Squeenix teasing about game with Yahoo
  142. "ONLY Macho Protagonists Sell... in America!" -- Square Enix
  143. Fantasy Earth Zero, Square Enix's other MMO (before FFXIV).
  144. 1999
  145. I think I might *gulp* be a DQ fan.
  146. Most wanted FMV
  147. Front Mission
  148. New Deus Ex:HR trailer
  149. Do you approve of Square Enix's acquisition of Eidos?
  150. Chrono Trigger
  151. Square-Enix at E3 2010
  152. Chrono Cross
  153. Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded coming to America on the DS!
  154. Birth By Sleep E3 Trailer
  155. Organization XIII housekeeping and cooking?
  156. All Square Enix Games are Going Online
  157. New FFXIII: Versus scans.
  158. Pixar in my Kingdom Hearts?!
  159. So I'm Gonna Bite the Bullet
  160. Winnie the pooh!
  161. Shop Moogle
  162. Favorite Organization XIII member ?
  163. Star Ocean: Until the End of Time
  164. An FF World in Kingdom Hearts...
  165. [BbS] Nomura interview !
  166. [ Famitsu ]TACTICS OGRE on PSP !!
  167. Dragon Quest IX
  168. Does Aqua have romantic feelings for Ventus or Terra?
  169. Gaston needs to be in KH3
  170. Will Vanitas return in Kingdom Hearts III?
  171. New Mana games (sort of)!
  172. PE and PE2 on PSN?
  173. Possible New SaGa game coming out...
  174. Nomura reveals a sliver of TGS 2010 list.
  175. Shirtless Ventus and Aqua's lower back: a double standard?
  176. Chaos Rings
  177. SE wishes to "Illuminate" the future.
  179. [BbS]Recommended setting
  180. Loving Star Ocean: First Departure on PSP
  181. Ventus: Paladin in the making?
  182. Lightning and Aya Brea will share each other's outfits!
  183. Original selves of OXIII members IX-XII?
  184. Castle of Dreams [bbs]
  185. Thoughts on BBS ending, Blank Points, and the possibilities for KHIII *SPOILERS*
  186. KH III 2013 Versus XIII 2012
  187. Your Chrono Trigger end game party
  188. Has ff gone down hill since Square Enix
  189. Estimated ages of Ventus, Aqua, and Terra?
  190. Star Ocean : The Last Hope - SP Problem
  191. Squenix Facebook Games
  192. Welcome to RIDDLE HELL!!!
  193. Secret of Mana Port!
  194. Can you guys help the Dragon Quest fans?
  195. Should SE mix things up and allow a western developer make the next FF?
  196. Who does Roxas like more, Namine or Xion?
  197. Chrono Cross
  199. Possible Chrono Cross on PSN!
  200. Theories about Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Hercules, and Hades
  201. Financial Woes for Square Enix
  202. Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation to be released this february
  203. Front Mission 3 on PSN three days ago.
  204. SE just sold me a PSP (Four PSOne classics on the PS Store)
  205. KHII cheap tricks and exploits?
  206. Six Seconds of Kingdom Hearts 3D Footage
  207. Random Questions *Major Spoilers*
  208. Unreleased Aliens Game
  209. BBS Leveling up Tips / Keepers of the Arena
  210. "CHOOSE WHATEVER ORDER YOU WANT!" but it should be ven, terra aqua (bbs)
  211. Kingdom Hearts 3D
  212. Does Anyone Remember...
  213. You know, as long as Square is on a remake streak...
  214. Birth by Sleep: Final Mix New Secret Ending
  215. Fighting Vanitas in Ven's story: who the fuck designed this battle I want to ARRRGH
  216. Greatest Villains (Non FF/DQ/KH)
  217. melding commands [bbs]
  218. Secret Reports
  219. New Dragon Quest Wii game(s)
  220. Xenogears coming to PSN this week
  221. Thank you Squenix
  222. Tactics Ogre
  223. The appreciation thread. (SPOILERS)
  224. What worlds would you like to see in the next KH?
  225. Rank the DQ games
  226. Chrono Cross > Trigger?
  227. DX: Human Revolution release date announced
  228. Biggest tear jerkers (possible spoilers)
  229. Parasite Eve tips, please!
  230. Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity
  231. Star Ocean
  232. -MYTH- Xenogears Orchestral Album
  233. Xenosaga Episode II: Jeseits von Gut und Böse
  234. Did Ventus figure out that Terra, Aqua, and Eraqus were oppressing him?
  235. star ocean. till the end of time
  236. How are those SaGa games?
  237. Ishii (Mana) involved with Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3Ds
  238. This should make Jessweeeeee happy...
  239. Chrono Trigger Coming to PSN
  240. Using Yuri Horii's name in Dragon Quest - but what counts as his first name?
  241. Final Fantasy vs. Other Square RPGs
  242. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time!
  243. This Guy Are Sick: The Rise of Square Localization
  244. Vagrant Story
  245. What makes a world 'vast'
  246. Is ATB Dead?
  247. Wada: Development has become weaker than expected...
  248. Square Enix to announce a new MMO this fiscal year.
  249. The DQ Loto Arc to be released as an Anniversary Collection for Wii