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  1. chocobo breeding (and some materia stuff)
  2. New locations
  3. Poor, poor Zack...
  4. master materia
  5. battle square tactics
  6. I need help!!!For FFVII Of course I'm not crazy
  7. Final Fantasy VII: The Musical
  8. Rumor: Final Fantasy VII is confirmed it's coming for the PS3 Network
  9. FF7 Millionaire!!!
  10. Final Fantasy VII Help
  11. W-item missed!?
  12. The post-Shinra Turks
  13. Cloud Strife the drag queen
  14. Sqaure Insider confirms VII is coming.
  15. Is his name "Don"?
  16. Two CC Clips with English Voices
  17. Help With Wutai (RAAPS)
  18. Midgar tunnel?
  19. New information about the Final Fantasy VII remake
  20. Why we won't see a remake Sorry guys, it's not going to happen.
  21. Waste of Ideas?
  22. If Sephiroth really had died...
  23. the angel statue (or watever it is)
  24. the ending?
  25. Stealing Huge Materia
  26. It's Not a Remake, but...
  27. Why the Forgotten Capital?
  28. Element Materia
  29. Need a huge favor from someone here
  30. Must... Resist... Hype...
  31. 255 Stats ?
  32. Materia Combinations That Don't Work
  33. For PURE defense which armor is best?
  34. What would happen?
  35. Camera angles during a battle...
  36. Omnislash Question
  37. Someone at Square definitely thought this out
  38. Is Sephiroth actually Jenova?
  39. The wolf is Zack Fair
  40. If you could bring Aeris back...
  41. Would Sephiroth have a chance to return?
  42. Favourite song from the Final Fantasy VII OST
  43. Crisis Core
  44. When you think "jenova"...
  45. I have problems installing Final Fantasy VII for the PC
  46. The music is OK, but the sound effects are too low...
  47. Vincent's Vices.
  48. FFVII BS or Crisis core BS?(Battle System)
  49. FF7 PC "Please insert game disk" but it's in there...
  50. Petition to get Crisis Core its own subforum
  51. Petition to get Crisis Core its own subforum
  52. FF7 Crisis Core Thread of Front Site Contributions and Good Times
  53. Crisis Core Gameplay Qs
  54. Gil versus Exp
  55. Who is that?
  56. I made a Crisis Core Review.
  57. Return from North Crater
  58. Cannot Beat Godo - Yuffie Sidequest
  59. Why Sephiroth killed Aerith...
  60. Hair Materia
  61. Vincent the gimp
  62. Crossdressing Cloud
  63. The biggest mystery that FFVII asks us to ponder
  64. Materia in Advent Children
  65. Who else deserves their own game?
  66. How did you setup your characters with Materia?
  67. better hero?
  68. does anyone else think the same?
  69. Final Fantasy crisis core Boss:Minerva/hardest boss in the game
  70. If Aerith hadn't died...
  71. FFVII - Possible new discovery and mystery theory (Man in sector 5 slums)
  72. Final Fantasy VII-2: Inevitable?
  73. red 13 and aeris, what IF ......
  74. FFVII band name
  75. Second playthrough FFVII:CC confirms remake?
  76. Phoenix Downs: WHERE???
  77. Quick Queston.
  78. Whats up with the end of Crissis Core!
  79. If there was going to be a FF7 remake just for the ps3 would you buy a ps3 to play it
  80. Sound Files
  81. Jenova similar to the alien in the movie "The Thing"
  82. Someone help, I've been stuck for 2 hours!
  83. Hello all
  84. I Am All That Is Man!
  85. WTH Amazon!
  86. Well It's Officially Garbage...
  87. *SPOILER* Enlighten me! *SPOILER*
  88. Huge Materia
  89. Final Fantasy VII LIVE ACTION film?
  90. Important new game info!
  91. I'm enjoying my new copy of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  92. What next?
  93. Northern Crater screenshots needed
  94. Name Suggestions!
  95. Funny honey
  96. Pin-stripes? P-lease!
  97. FF7 Avalanche game
  98. Crisis Core Cissnei_??
  99. How did Tseng survive the Temple of the Ancients?
  100. Disaster
  101. ok
  102. The most pointless thing you have ever done while playing FFVII
  103. Chocobos!
  104. A Crisis Core-related question
  105. What next?
  106. Materia Madness
  107. did the have soome ZIG AH ZIG AH!?
  108. WTF! guys?
  109. Cosplay!
  110. Many things where "7"...(spoilers)
  111. "Final Attack" Materia!!!
  112. Limit Breaks Comparison
  113. Banora in original FF7??
  114. Young Cloud
  115. Sephiroth's father
  116. Cid Highwind Limit Break
  117. a better ff7
  118. Is it just me?...
  119. Big announcement for Final Fantasy VII very soon
  120. I need town pics!!
  121. I can't wait for the Blu-Ray release!!!
  122. Level up idea! Plus you can become a Gillionare!
  123. Get the Moet out, SB™ has done it (eventually)
  124. a little help please, concerning Weiss
  125. Favorite Party Combinations
  126. Those Who Fight.... Arranged Version???
  127. Cid
  128. If VII Is Remade, What Happens to the Value of the Copy I Already Have?
  129. Crisis Core Help!
  130. Final Fantasy VII: Overrated?
  131. Crisis Core Help! 2
  132. Okay, For A Second Let's Just Say The Plausible Becomes Fact...
  133. Either this is true, or a VERY cruel hoax...
  134. Breaking news!: Remake confirmed for late 2011.
  135. My ultimate challenge
  136. Battle at Junton
  137. Could this mean something?
  138. Favorite summon
  139. My first time through, so far...
  140. What would be the best Materia Combinations for Cloud/Tifa/Yuffie?
  141. Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Announced In August
  142. Black Chocobo + Materia Cave=Bang**?
  143. Come up with some weird and unusual but fun Materia combos here
  144. Love story or Restoration?
  145. FF7 Crisis Core
  146. Why isn't there a Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core sub-forum?
  147. About the remake of Final Fantasy VII
  148. getting yuffie
  149. Who's that girl?
  150. did Tifa get a breast reduction?
  151. How the hell
  152. FF7 remake Best Buy
  153. I just finished making my FF7 walkthrough!!
  154. A little help..
  155. trick to make learning enemy skills easy
  156. Loveless....
  157. chocobo breeding in's out's/need info
  158. Compilation Clearup
  159. Not another remake thread...
  160. Final Fantasy VII concept art @ high resolution
  161. HELP: FF7 - Material Keeper
  162. FFVII FX: halp!!
  163. Keeping Cloud at level 7
  164. FF7 hardcore Mod is done! (Beta that is)
  165. summons question
  166. would they ever port dirge of cerberus to pc?
  167. Two mysterious hidden Materia...
  168. hero drinks
  169. back into the world of FF7
  170. Just Noticed Something
  171. it's posible for a psp remake!!!!
  172. Yuffie didn't steal all of my materia
  173. Final Fantasy in K-pop
  174. Great Gospel
  175. What would you do with Honeybee Inn if you were in charge of the remake?
  176. what the heck
  177. Best Freakin Quote EVAR
  178. For Crisis Core Completers (spoiler)
  179. This is the closest thing to a remake lol
  180. The voice in Cloud's head (spoilers)
  181. Saved Games for PC
  182. Tifa bug
  183. Game keeps freezing
  184. Doom of the Living VS All Creation
  185. Bawls i suck
  186. Preferred format of Rerelease
  187. Sp master the steroids of crisis core
  188. New FFVII Advent Children Complete Images?
  189. Midgar Zolom, damnit
  190. Interesting!
  191. Johnny
  192. Advent Children Review
  193. CC:FFVII lols
  194. Again again! *possible spoilers*
  196. FF7 in recent movie
  197. Made a youtube video
  198. Possible Connections...? SH/FFVII
  199. Final Fantasy VII in Guitar Hero
  200. Sephiroth
  201. >> So how the hell did you got Vincent?..
  202. Continue the story of FF7
  203. New ACC Trailer
  204. Parasol
  205. Complete
  206. Question regarding tips for battles in FF7
  207. I think I got it! The script got switched around, right?
  208. yuffie and the wutai quest
  209. The "Out Of Date" Elixer
  210. What's Up, DoC?
  211. Interesting points!
  212. is it possible to get cloud Lv8 omnislash ?
  213. Everyone knows Vince from ShamWow commercials, right?
  214. Double Helix of sephiroth
  215. most hits limitbreaks
  216. The Huge Materia missions where fairly pointless...
  217. Cissnei
  218. Murder! Now its time to find killer
  219. Sephiroth (Possible SPOILERS, Sorry)
  220. Final Fantasy Advent Children COMPLETE Pre-order!!
  222. permant all luck 7's
  223. Hardest boss in the game
  224. The Official FFVII Remake (That Is Not Likely To Happen Anytime Soon) Thread
  225. 7 7s of 7 years and 7 days in FFVII a.k.a.: FF7, or the 7 obsessions
  226. Another ghost appearance [Spoilers]
  227. Best Guide (book form) V1 or V2?
  228. Something I never got about Cait Sith (spoilers)
  229. New ACC Trailer from Jump Festa
  230. double heli of yuffie
  231. FFVII parodies
  232. Sound Problems (FFVII PC)
  233. Johnny
  234. I took the stairs.
  235. Knowledge of the Lifestream
  236. Disc 1, Shinra Building, floor 68, Hojo's lab
  237. the double helix of aerith
  238. EoFF Plays Trivia, FFVII style!! <(^_^)>
  239. An FF7 forum-based game!
  240. Scenes you wish you could skip good gawd
  241. Steals
  242. PC Version
  243. In Celebration of Eyes on FF Plays: FFVII...
  244. Which date is Cannon?
  245. I'll name you Aerith, so Cloud can finally "ride" you...
  246. The Death Thread
  247. Ruby/Emerald Weapon Strategy Thread
  248. MISS
  249. Cosmo Canyon Crash again
  250. Final attack