• FFXIII Reviews Galore

    In predictable market fashion, a news outlet has finally gotten its grimy little hands on a copy of Final Fantasy XIII, the newest main-series installment.  As any paper-based media would require, there are scans of the review and the news feature.

    In other news, FFXIII composer Masashi Hamauzu has announced that he is leaving.  This follows the pattern of the departures of several others in the SE music department.  What will happen, only time will tell.

    Finally, it is also worth noting that FFVIII will be coming to the European Union's Playstation Network.  Enjoy your polygons.

    Ohh, and uhh, enjoy this old FFXIII: International trailer.  Apparently, the game was made more lightweight for a reason other than broken promises.  It was the money!


    Source: FFXIII.net, FFUnion (Composer, FFVIII), Magic Box

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