• The Port and The Starboard

    It would appear that previous reports of the XBox360 port of FFXIII being inferior to the PS3 version have not been exaggerated.  In what is not surprise to many, the Xbox360 port has noticeably poorer graphics than its PS3 counterpart.  But, one could guess that this is the price of non-exclusivity?

    In other news, there is yet another review of FFXIII that has been made available to the people, only this time, it's meant for the Norwegians.  A translation of the bonus interview that accompanied it may be found in the link.

    And at last, for those with an investment in PlayOnline resources (XI and future XIV players), there is a feedback survey.  If it affects you, it may be a good idea to invest some time.


    Source: Sankaku (NSFW), FFXIII.net, Square Enix

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