• Kingdom Hearts 3D Update

    Look at that cute face! How can you not squee about that? 3D Sora! COME ON! It's to be released in only 11 days in Japan and we haven't been squeeing! I am ashamed!

    Famitsu just released a bunch of screens and info about Kingdom Hearts: [Dream Drop Distance]. Even loved to mention a new mini game in it. It seems reminiscent of CoM, in my opinion. It's called Flick Rush! You pick three Dream Eaters and then go head to head with your opponent over a local wireless connection. You then use cards to make your moves. It makes an arena type battle by the looks of it. When you win, you get medals which will allow you to get recipes and new commands.

    There's soooo much info!

    • There will be about 50 dream eaters you can "catch" to work with you. That's not including the bosses. Dream eaters of course, are the new enemy.They are either Spirits or Nightmares.
    • Treat your Dream Eaters right and they will grow, treat them badly and they well... wont.
    • Your fighting style changes based on what Dream Eaters you use.
    • You can name them! (Sqaure enix is just filling my fangirl need to customize cute things. First XIII-2 and now this? Hehe)
    • The combat is suppose to be a mixture of Re: Coded and Days. So not the BBS route.
    • The game itself is clocking in at about 35 hours. Of course more if you do all the sidequests and whatnot.
    • Although Goofy and Donald will be in the Musketeer world, they wont be in the rest dream eater worlds because they aren't keyblade wielders.


    And one of the most exciting bits of news from all this that came out about a week ago for me personally is the Tron: Legacy Level screenies that were posted to the squeenix Facebook pages.

    A few months ago they showed some screens for another world. The Hunchback of Notre Dame World! I was wondering if they'd ever do that one.

    Ever want to be a musketeer? WELL YOU CAN! That world is there too!

    Pinocchio's World will be visited as well.

    KHInsider has loads of the screens all compiled there so take a look. From everything I've read and seen so far, this seems like it will be a lead up to a full blown KH3. I do hope it makes it back to the consoles. Handhelds are great but I want my 55 inch tv to be graced with Sora and the gang again. Although, 3D Sora is pretty dang good too.

    To get in the KH mood, try some music!

    Now that we've got a lot of that out of the way, it's time to get our Squee on! Are any of you squeeing about this? Why aren't you
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      Mercen-X -
      I'll probably be 50 by the time I'm able to play a new installment of KH or FF. I only managed to play Days because my dad got my mom a DS for her birthday and so I able to ask for Days as a Christmas present despite knowing I'd have to constantly borrow my mom's DS to play it. Luckily, she's only into games that involve "Hidden Object" objectives and got very little use out of the DS anyway. Now it's pretty much mine by default since she's never asked for it back. Maybe when a new Hidden Object-style game is released for 3DS, I can steal borrow that too.
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