• Goodies from E3!

    So E3 is finally over and polished and everyone had a joly good old time. What about our beloved Final Fantasy series you ask? Well, let's get some quick hits on information!

    Final Fantasy Dimensions

    If you were a fan of the older 2D FF games you're in luck! Coming out for iOS and Android this summer is Final Fantasy Dimensions. E3 showed us some screens as well as gameplay! Old school meets new touch screen technology. The story is completely new and original with all the themes that have held true throughout the series such as darkness, crystals, and light!

    Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

    You love the Final Fantasy Soundtracks? You've been to Distant Worlds? You just can't get enough? Square Enix has heard your pleas and made an interactive game called Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. They showed off a trailer with the adorable graphics. It shows off the three different modes of event, field and battle. Events pertain to the story attached to the songs, field takes you to the end of the level and battle is well battles! Get your tapping and swiping skills up to par before this one comes out.

    The Last Story

    Mistwalker made an appearance too with the English trailer of The Last Story for the Wii! They aren't making any difference between the European and NA versions so expect a lot of British accents. Just one more reason for the fangirls to squeal. The game supports the motion controller and nunchuck but works best with the Wii Classic Controller. It's slated for a summer release without a definitive date as of yet but they promise we'll have it later this summer. With the Wii U coming out soon, it may be the last new Wii game you'll buy!

    FFVII on the Vita

    Do you have a vita and don't know what to do with it since it has such a small selection out? Fear not! Guess what is ported and works extremely well on the system! Final Fantasy VII! You could originally have it on your PSP but there had yet to be any ports for it on the Vita, but they fixed that problem. There will be a PSOne classic store opening up this summer with many more old favorites for the Vita.

    Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

    Tired of waiting for the new KH? Try the Kingdom hearts 3D game on the 3DS! The english trailer was shown at E3. All the original voice cast is back. Pick it up when it comes out later this summer! BUT WAIT! According to the austrailian Kotaku, co-director of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Tai Yasue mentioned how he'd love to see Pixar in the next KH game.

    “Personally — and this isn’t an announcement — I would really love to do a Pixar world,” Yasue said. “A lot of us do.”
    Maybe they'll finally bring KH3 back to the consoles and give us some amazing Pixar worlds! Toy Story would be super fun in the Kingdom Hearts universe!

    Final Fantasy XIV 2.0

    FFXIV had a rocky start but that's not stopping Square Enix. They've been hard at work to change and fix the game. They didn't show any trailers but they did give a whole plethora of information and screenshots. (Check some of them out!) What does that information contain? CHOCOBO RAISING. I know, I'm excited too. They'll be adding in new crafting mechanics, high-end instanced raids, Primal summoning (worldwide events), and Chocobo Raising!

    Agni's Philosophy

    This tech demo really stole the entire E3 show. Join in our ongoing discussion! We're very excited about this one much like the rest of the gaming community.

    Final Fantasy III

    Just after E3 was over they announced they would be bringing Final Fantasy III to the PSP! The version seems to be based off the DS remake but with elements of the iOS version.

    There was no sign of XII Versus but I wouldn't be surprised if they were saving that for TGS (Tokyo Game Show) in Sept. Of course there were more games shown by Sqaure Enix such as, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, and Hitman. Which all deserve a bit of attention themselves.

    What are your thoughts on all the E3 Goodies? Feel free to chat away about them at our forums!
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      OOPS Deleted the article trying instead of editing it. MY BAD.
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      Did they have anything on the game bravery default? I really want to hear about that game it looks good. One thing in japan they have been doing with that game is giving out demos and asking fans for their input with the game. A cool idea from square.
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      Did you delete it because of my comment?
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      Yes HC, It's all your fault. You should feel very horrible right now.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Freya View Post
      Yes HC, It's all your fault. You should feel very horrible right now.
      No, you're horrible for covering it up!

      Anyhoo, Dimensions looks AWESOME!!!
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      Wow, all of these games look great. I want them all!
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