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    Warrior of Light

    The Warrior of Light is an interesting character who is well worth your attention. He has a very impressive HP stat, coupled with a high STR stat makes him a very capable Tank. His unique ability, Class Change, reduces damage by 50% after managing a 70 chain in a BMS stage and coupled with Protect (LV3) can reduce alot of damage. However, WoL is also very powerful if you put Focus (LV3), Strength Up (LV3) and Strength Up(LV2) on him. This is simply one of the strongest DPS set-ups in the game. While his strength will cap early with just the Strength Up (LV2), the BMS x1.5 and x1.3 boost to damage just makes the WoL a force to be reckoned with.

    My friends tossing around rumors of a Final Fantasy fighting game, trying to convince me that they were true. Those idiots, I thought. Who are they trying to convince? My curiosity getting the best of me, and looking up a gameplay video. Needless to say, I knew I had died and gone to heaven.

    Lightning is Serah's older sister. Three years ago, a Pulse fal'Cie gave her a Focus - an order to destroy Cocoon. Alongside her companions, she resisted her assigned fate and protected her floating home, saving millions of lives.

    Shortly after the events of Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning disappeared. Many believed that she gave her life in return for Cocoon's salvation, or that she was trapped in the crystal pillar with Fang and Vanille. Serah, however, has a clear recollection of seeing her in the aftermath of The Fall - and firmly believes that Lightning is still alive.