• Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XLIII

    Is it Final Fantasy XIV? No, its just a chest full of gold. Damn.

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer Naoki Yoshida has released his 43rd Letter from the Producer. These are certainly coming at a furious pace now, with the next Live Letter even due next Friday. Which is good for us, because that means more juicy info!

    As we already announced, the beta version of FFXIV will begin on February 25th. Yoshi-P admitted that this is about a week behind the original roadmap schedule, but Im sure well be able to survive that extra week (maybe). Yoshi-P promised that the extra time has allowed them to prepare even more content for beta testers to play around with.

    Just like with the alpha, FFXIVs beta will be limited to the areas around Gridania. Main scenario quests will be available starting in phase 1, but they will be limited, as later quests involve traveling to other areas after level 15. Side quests will also be limited, as they are designed to follow the main scenario. The upshot is it may be a bit difficult to level up after hitting 15, but there will be plenty of new things to play around with.

    Speaking of new content, Yoshi-P discussed some other content that will be newly available for the beta version. One such new system is the Full Active Time Events (FATE), which appear randomly throughout the world in non-instanced areas. They seem to simply involve giant monsters or other enemies suddenly appearing and the nearby players having to vanquish them. Players can be involved in these FATEs just by being nearby when one starts; theres no requirement for the participants to form parties. Rewards for these events will be automatically distributed once the foes are dealt with. Here are some screenshots of FATEs from the beta development:

    Fighting off a Marlboro.

    I have no idea what that thing is, but it is big and ugly.

    This one appears to have multiple foes.

    Other new content will also be available. The behest system from FFXIV 1.0, which involved monster-fighting quests that started regularly at certain aetheryte camps, has been completely revamped and is now called the guildhest system. Yoshi-P cautioned that adjustments are still being made and so guildhests may not be available at the beginning of phase 1, but they are due in the near future.

    Another piece of new content is a new instanced dungeon designed for level 30 players. Yoshi-P included a few screenshots which may or may not be related to that dungeon:

    An imposing building to come up to at night.

    Who the hell trims bushes like that?

    Check out the lighting effects and the environment details.

    The media tour is still underway, the next Live Letter starts in one week, and the beta version is released the following Monday. Its an exciting time to be an FFXIV fan!

    [Source: Letter from the Producer, XLIII (02/15/2013)]
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    1. Ouch!'s Avatar
      Ouch! -
      In the Alpha you could visit just outside that building, but could not enter. So while it appears that we will be limited to the area surrounding Gridania again, it also seems that we will have more of it to explore.
    1. The Summoner of Leviathan's Avatar
      The Summoner of Leviathan -
      FATE system sounds interesting though reminds me of Guild Wars 2, in a good way.
    1. Ouch!'s Avatar
      Ouch! -
      The comparisons I see most common are the titular rifts from Rift. I never played the game, so I'm not terribly familiar with how those functioned differently, but the general consensus is that ARR seems to have done it better.
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