• Eyes on Final Fantasy Cosplay - An Interview with Askaroth

    Hello again. Sadly this edition was delayed as well, I wonder if it will become a running thing that the interviews will be delayed!

    Last time we looked at some fearsome Sephiroth cosplays and asked you to vote on which one you thought was the best. Well, we have a winner! None other than Askaroth! Like Liliana, the winner of our Terra cosplay vote, he's agreed to sit down with us for a chat.

    If you have any other questions feel free to reply and hopefully we'll get Askaroth to drop by at some point and reply to them.

    Hey Askaroth, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and congratulations!
    Oh I am so happy that I won! I want thank all the readers and voters!

    Q. How did you get into Cosplay?
    A. I got into Cosplay because of an old friend of mine. She talked about costuming for an event and I asked her why she wanted to do that. Then she told me about cosplaying and conventions. It sounded so interesting, that I asked her if I could go with her to that event. After that event I was so enthusiastic that I decided to begin with cosplaying too .

    Q. What made you decide to Cosplay as Sephiroth?
    A. I have a preference for villains and who is one of the greatest villains of all time? Right, Sephiroth! He has such a mysterious personality, that i really wanted to "play" as him.

    Q. What's your favourite thing about Sephiroth as a charakter?
    A. For me, of course, his personality. He is a mysterious charakter,which you'll never precisely estimate. Oh and i forgot the evil smile

    Q. Roughly how much did the costume cost to make and how long did it take?
    A. I mean all the materials cost around 250 and i needed around a month to make the costume.

    Q. What was the most challenging part of the Sephiroth costume to make?
    A. Definitely the armour It was also the most expensive because I used various materials and the armours should look good but also be movable.

    Q. Have you Cosplayed as any other Final Fantasy characters?

    A. Yes, I have made Emperor Mateus Palamecia and also Nero the Sable. But the second is very very old
    Q. Is there another Final Fantasy character you'd love to Coisplay?
    A. Yes, definitely! Final Fantasy has so many amazing characters. I would love to cosplay as Nero the sable again, for example. Or also Vincent Valentine in Chaos-Mode. My next Final Fantasy Character Project is already planned, but who it is still secret

    Q. What's your favourite Final Fantasy?
    A. I would say I liked Final Fantasy VII the most. Then comes Final Fantasy VI and IX.

    Q. Are they any Cosplayers you look up too in the community?
    A. Of course! For example I really like Yuki le Fay.Her posing,costumes and photos are always so great!

    What advice would you give to someone who wants to start Cosplaying?
    My advice would be: Give the best you can! Never sit put yourself under pressure because the wig or the coat, or maybe the weapon does not look perfect in your eyes. Cosplaying is a hobby in my opinion, what you are doing for years when you like it You will learn so much in the first month or years that you should never lose the fun because something on your costume was going wrong.

    Now a bit of a curveball: Would you say you share any personality traits with Sephiroth?
    Oh this is a really hard question xD Surely I am not evil or filled with rage, but I would say one personality trait that is similar to Sephiroth: willing strength. It may sound funny, but in my past there where so many things that I would have never reached without that personality trait because things are not always simple ^^* Ooh, I hope this don't sounds very self-pitying xDD.

    Thank you for joining us Askaroth and we look forward to seeing more of your Cosplays in the future. If you want to see more of his work be sure to check out his Cosplay.com gallery.

    If you've found a Final Fantasy or Square Enix related Cosplay you think should be featured in a future edition then be sure to drop me a Mognet Message.

    Our next edition may be delayed by a week or too due to other things I have to attend too. However, to give you a few more clues as to who it could be: this girl has done it all; from saving the world to singing and dancing.

    See you next time!

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