• Eyes On EoFF: Number #21!

    Hello again and welcome back to another community update! This week, has seen the amazing interview with Askaroth in the Eyes on Cosplay series! It's a stunning read. But perhaps the most interesting development this week is a little programme called Game of Thrones, and it has taken EoFF by storm.

    Hoping you had a chocotastic birthday...
    Absolutely no one

    Quote Of The Week!
    Last week's quote: Minwu from FFII

    "That's Shadow! He'd slit his mama's throat for a nickel!

    • ​As previously mentioned, the lovely Aulayna had a interview with Askaroth, the winner of Eyes on Cosplay for Sephiroth. . I have to say, his images are all incredibly convincing and suit the role of Sephiroth! If you want to hear how he made the costumes, what inspired him etc, then read the interview now
    • Final Fantasy X was quite a popular entry, and now it's being rewarded by a HD version of it on the PS Vita! Square Enix has been very tight-lipped, but several screens shown recently at a PS Vita event which shows that progress is being made. The game is also based on the International version, so Americans can finally get their Dark Aeons!
    • The indomitable Game of Thrones have overflowed from the lounge into the rest of Eyes of Final Fantasy. Many of our members have been infected with the GoT virus. Harrowing symptoms include changing avatar and signatures, as well as custom user titles indicating their house allegiance. The source of the infection appears to be in this thread. Be warned...
    • Finally, the debate of whether Squall is a great protagonist or not is yet again under question in the VIII sub-forum. Voice your ire or admiration now!
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    1. Slothy's Avatar
      Slothy -
      No mention of my Mystic Quest LP? You forgot the only thing of value on this forum.

      Best game ever by the way.
    1. Goldenboko's Avatar
      Goldenboko -
      I have no idea who said this one. Locke? I'm so bad at this
    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      Oh, yeah, sorry Vivi! I shall remember to include it in this week's one!
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