• X + X-2 HD bundled for PS3

    Hello readers! Perhaps by this point you were already pretty geared up for the HD release of Final Fantasy X? Now there's even more swirling in the rumor mill to get excited about.

    Rumors have been churning that Final Fantasy X-2 will be included in the same disk as the FFX HD title. This rumor has seemingly been confirmed by a screenshot of Jump Magazine. This exciting news states that the game will also be available on the Vita, on a different cartridge.

    Sounds like we haven't heard the end from YRP

    Although there is still no official release date for this game, it is good to hear information continue to trickle out after months of silence. This is the first mention of the X-2 being included in the remake! Could this last bit of information be the precursor to an official announcement on the game? Time will tell! Until then discuss if this affects your view on purchasing the FFX HD bundle on our forums!

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    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      Ah, if true, that's very good!
    1. ShinGundam's Avatar
      ShinGundam -
      Quote Originally Posted by Formalhaut View Post
      Ah, if true, that's very good!
      It is.
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      It is.
    1. DMKA's Avatar
      DMKA -
      It's true, and I'm very excited about it.

      Oh man, if they use the International Version of both games for this release, that would be AWESOME.
    1. Shauna's Avatar
      Shauna -
      I knew we should have waited a while before getting the PS3! xD
    1. Pheesh's Avatar
      Pheesh -
      Sweet, never did play X-2 so this will be my excuse to do so.
    1. Aulayna's Avatar
      Aulayna -
      This is sexy news.

      I can't wait to get my Sphere Break on again!
    1. Goldenboko's Avatar
      Goldenboko -
      Maybe I'll actually manage to finish FFX-2.
    1. Teek's Avatar
      Teek -
      We can finally play the International Edition. I am extremely happy.
    1. metagloria's Avatar
      metagloria -
      Two of my top 10 favorite games of all time. And if they're the international versions...wow. This is the second-best thing Squeenix could pull off (we all know #1).
    1. Karifean's Avatar
      Karifean -
      I'm starting to wonder if this is the game they "didn't announce" at the PS4 Event.
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      Why would it be?
    1. The Summoner of Leviathan's Avatar
      The Summoner of Leviathan -
      SE, just take my money already. While you are at it, take some for KH1.5HD.
    1. nirojan's Avatar
      nirojan -
      There were some questions earlier if FF X-2 was HD or not. Weekly Shounen Jump confirms that it is HD:
      Yes, Final Fantasy X-2 Is Getting An HD Remaster, Too | Siliconera
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      Please god let it be 1920x1080.
    1. Nebulance's Avatar
      Nebulance -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mirage View Post
      Please god let it be 1920x1080.
      I hope so, but it seems that even 'regular' PS3 releases tend to be 720p -- The Uncharted Series isn't 1080p, which never made any sense to me. Correct me if I'm wrong.

      Although, the only game I own in 1080p is Metal Gear Solid 4. (I don't think Rising: Revengeance is 1080p).
    1. Mirage's Avatar
      Mirage -
      MGS4 is not 1920x1080, it's not even "1080p". It is 1024x768 scaled to 1280x720.

      In either case, the game not being a "regular" PS3 game makes it 1080p more likely, not less. PS2 games have lower texture resolutions, fewer polygons and fewer "special effects", making the games easier to run at a higher resolution than "real" PS3 games.

      Graphical resolution is normally a technical limitation, not a budget limitation.
    1. qwertysaur's Avatar
      qwertysaur -
      It looks like Square Enix is finally realizing that people in NA want to play the extra content in the international/final mix/last mission/ whatever they call it releases.
    1. Cloudane's Avatar
      Cloudane -
      Aw man, all kinds of awesome. Will look forward to both!
    1. Karifean's Avatar
      Karifean -
      FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster Announced for North America ? PlayStation Blog
      FINAL FANTASY X and FINAL FANTASY X-2 coming soon to PS3 and PS Vita ? PlayStation.Blog.Europe

      On the Playstation Blogs of US and EU, Yoshinori Kitase, Producer of the HD Remakes and Benjamin Bateman, Central Community Manager posted news about the upcoming X/X-2 HD bundle. While Kitase gave away rather little information, Benjamin Bateman was very informative; not only did he confirm that both games will come with their International features, but he also said that a trailer will be released on March 25th. Bateman also stated that it is scheduled to be released in Europe still this year.

      Loads of screenshots in the links!

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