• Nobuo Uematsu Makes Classic FM Hall of Fame

    I know how much we all love Nobuo Uematsu here at Eyes on Final Fantasy, and I'm very pleased to announce to you all that the absolute genius himself has made it into the Classic FM 2013 Hall of Fame. Now not only did Uematsu make it into the Hall of Fame... He also came third. What a bloody legend!

    Beating some classic classical in the Top 100 like 'Schindler's List' by John Williams, and even Williams' 'Star Wars' theme, Uematsu also raced ahead of timeless composers like Bach and Mozart. I suppose what makes this so special, is that it finally gives video game soundtracks the recognition they deserve, with Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule coming in fifth.

    2013 was the first year that two video game soundtracks made it into the top 5, which is pretty amazing don't you think? It did spark a lot of discussion however, with many classical music fans arguing that video game music is 'non-traditional' and that the Hall of Fame was 'hijacked' by social media this year. Do you think these comments are fair? I do wonder if any of these Classic FM listeners have heard 'Aeris's Theme', or 'To Zanarkand' - both standout tracks from Uematsu's work.

    Video game music is stirring up a lot of controversy, and becoming a more available medium though - as proven by the fantastic success of the Distant Worlds concerts. In my opinion, Video game soundtracks are a way in which to get the younger generations enthusiastic about classical music, but also the older generations too. For what exactly is it that is different about film and television soundtracks - why do video game soundtracks still get shunned by classical music 'purists' and 'snobs'? Should this really be an issue in 2013? What are your thoughts?

    Anyway, a big congratulations to Nobuo Uematsu for this, and to Jeremy Soule too! For well and truly putting video game soundtracks on the map and out there into the public ear! Just as a treat for you all, here's a rather underrated track... 'Theme of Love' from the Final Fantasy IV Soundtrack! What are your favourite tracks?

    Source: Hall of Fame | Classic FM
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    1. Old Manus's Avatar
      Old Manus -
      Well that hasn't done much for Classic FM's credibility.
    1. VeloZer0's Avatar
      VeloZer0 -
      I guess I probably would have more of an opinion of this if I knew what classic FM was prior to this. Though any recognition video game music can get is a good thing.
    1. Ultima Shadow's Avatar
      Ultima Shadow -
      This is pretty awesome. More VGM for the people!
    1. Jinx's Avatar
      Jinx -
      He's not classical music. Classical is a period, not a genre. He's orchestral.

      That being said, Nobuo Uematsu is a musical genius, and really deserves recognition and appreciation from more than just the video game world. When it comes to Final Fantasy and the games he's worked on, his music is the one factor that has always been consistent. Consistent int that it is AMAZING. His music really involves you in the game. Even when I was 8 and played FFVII for the first time, I thought the music was stunning.

      So, while his placement on this list is incorrect, good on him for getting the recognition he deserves.
    1. Dr. rydrum2112's Avatar
      Dr. rydrum2112 -
      What exactly is on the list? is it one piece of music, an album, or a body of work?

      Also just because you define classical as a time period- doesn't mean everyone does (and clearly the people at that site don't). In fact the first definition of "classical music" doesn't even have a time period associated with it: "Serious or conventional music following long-established principles rather than a folk, jazz, or popular tradition."
    1. Night Fury's Avatar
      Night Fury -
      It was just listed as "Final Fantasy Soundtrack" so not one piece, but not his work from other games.

      I dunno, I think Classic FM as a station is quite... 'contemporary classic'. So they play a lot of film soundtracks, a lot of 'classical' (so your Beethoven, Mozart etc etc) and then the odd VG soundtrack pops up now and again, I'm sure I've heard Aeris's (Aerith's?) Theme get played once or twice, and do believe that made the top 10 or something once...

      Yes, her theme came number 16 in a Top 300 of individual tracks. http://halloffame2012.classicfm.co.u...l/?position=16
    1. Renmiri's Avatar
      Renmiri -
      I believe "commercial" artists like John Willians - in the past - and Uematsu now are every bit as talented and as good as Beethoven or Bach in their times. People seem to forget Beethoven or Shakespeare sold their art in theaters and are those venerated high falutin "masters" now, 200-300 years after their deaths but were considered popular entertainment "junk" on their time, by a lot of the self appointed experts of the time.

      Eric Satie, which is one of my top 10 composers was considered tin eared and inferior 100 years ago. Nowadays he is venerated. I'm glad Uematsu and John Williams are getting some of the veneration they deserve while they are still alive!
    1. Aulayna's Avatar
      Aulayna -
      2nd year in a row his music has made it into the hall of fame. Not bad at all!
    1. LadyJuxtaposition's Avatar
      LadyJuxtaposition -
      Big congrats to the musical genius; he deserves it very much!

      My thoughts about the discussion: there are some factors that influence us of what we think in music, like our taste in genre and types and how we gain and retrieved music through social media or personal gatherings. Those factors greatly affects us in our way we think of music sometimes depending on the music we hear or know about. Either way, Uemastu's songs are original and well-thought out, and even beautiful when I get to hear the Theme of Love again. Congrats again, Uemastu!
    1. nik0tine's Avatar
      nik0tine -
      I think I saw an interview once where Uematsu said he "could not" write classical music. I don't know if I'd be so fast to say that he "can't" write this style of music, but he certainly doesn't.

      Admittedly, it sounds like classical music, but it's more like a caricature of the genre. The incessant looping in video game music does not lend itself to any classical forms. In fact, the looping is a lot closer to folk music and peasant dances and so Uematsus music fits Dr.rydrums definition awkwardly at best.

      That said, I consider Uematsu one of the greatest living melody makers. It takes real talent to keep a listener interested while still giving them the notes their brain is expecting, and that is exactly what Uematsu does in every single track he has ever composed for games.
    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      My main man Uematsu
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